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How Much Does Utility Pole Installation Cost? (Explained)

Utility pole installation is a tiresome task. It might take both time and money. If you want to install a new utility pole or telephone pole, you must hire engineers and other experienced people.

If you’re one of them who has enough experience doing so, you can install it.

But that’s not possible for everyone.

Here comes the cost and other factors. The utility pool is big, and it’s a wood or metal-made pool. Therefore, the installation process is also complicated.

How much does utility pole installation cost?

The utility pole installation cost will be around $300. But it’s not constant, the cost might be increased, and it could be $1800 depending on the installation process and the area. Maybe you need to hire some engineers and some experienced laborers to get a proper installation.

Since installing a utility pool depends on the types of utility and other related factors, you need to have some clear ideas about them.

For example, the private power pole is a type of utility tool. And the installation cost of the private power will be around $799 to $1400.

On the other hand, the wooden utility pole installation cost will be similar. It will cost around $350 to $1000, depending on the size and lifespan of the pole. When you buy the pole, you need to have all the required information to estimate the installation cost.

You might get other types of poles that might have a different lifespan. Maybe they are coming in different sizes as well. You will get a 30-70-foot utility pole.

If you need a bigger size pole, you will also get it. But the price and the installation cost will be different.

You have to consider both the labor and carrying costs while calculating your installation costs. Otherwise, those factors will add extra costs to your budget. So, it’s better to identify your required pool size and lifespan.

Then, you can easily calculate the overall installation cost within a while. Several service providers are willing to give you the installation service. You can book them online and get the service from sitting at home.

What cost factors are Involved in Installing a Utility Pole?

Installing a utility pole involves some cost factors, including direct labor, installation material or equipment, subcontracted cost, and more.

Direct Labor Cost:

Installation cost must include direct labor, and it is the most significant part of the entire installation process.

More than half of the investment goes for the direct labor cost. When you buy and get the pole delivered to your land, you cannot move it an inch.

Only the labor can come with their essential equipment and start the installation process. They need to be a group, and they use different tools to stand the pole and prepare it for the installation. The laborers do both physical and mental work.

Therefore, they take most of the installation cost. Sometimes, they might take 80% of the entire cost, and you have to bear it.

You might wonder what the agency or the service provider does. They mainly connect you and a group of workers who have professional experience installing the utility pole.

Related Material Cost:

When you go for the pole installation process, you have to bear additional costs, including wires, ropes, and indirect labor.

You cannot stand your pole alone without connecting wires to it. If you buy the pole for electric or telephone purposes, you have to connect the wires.

Sometimes, the material costs are included in the installation cost; sometimes, they are not. It depends on you.

Since you have to calculate all the expenses related to it, you should never skip the material cost; otherwise, it will be an extra burden.

You may have to buy some strong ropes to let your labor stand the pole. It is impossible to stand the pole and make the balance.

Since the labor will create a large hole in the land, they must need ropes to stand and place it into that hole. Depending on the pole size, the ropes and wires will be around 10-20% of the entire installation cost.

Carrying Cost:

Those two are the direct cost of the pole installation. But you have to do some indirect costs as well.

Among them, the carry cost is a notable one. When you buy the utility pool from the dealer, they won’t deliver it to your home without the carrying cost.

Some dealers may offer you that they are going to take a certain carrying cost. If you allow them to take the cost, including the pole price, you don’t need to pay for the next time.

You can manage the labor and a large truck to get your pool delivered if they charge high.

In that case, the carry cost needs to be paid once the pole is delivered. It might be around 5% of your pole price. If you add this with the installation cost, the overall cost will be much higher than the actual.

Now, it’s up to you whether you get the product by yourself or ask the dealer to deliver it to your house.

What are the specifications and requirements for installing utility poles?

Some specifications and requirements are there for installing utility poles. You have to meet them; otherwise, you won’t get any connection from the authorities. Let’s see what they are.

Specification or Material:

All the materials or components you use for installing the utility pole have to be approved by the Underwriters Laboratories.

You need to use waterproof switches and main connections so that the rainwater doesn’t cause any accidents. Moreover, the wire must be either copper made or Aluminum wires.

Moreover, the conduct size should be standard, and you have to use the underground copper wire to install your utility pole.

When you ask the agency or the dealer to install the pole correctly, they will do it by maintaining all the roles. Still, you have to be cautious and take care of everything.

Qualified Electricians:

You cannot hire an electrician from local hardware and ask him to install the utility pole.

A qualified electrician must be there to install the pole; otherwise, you won’t get permission from the authority. It’s a precondition of installing the utility pole.


All the wiring must follow the National Electric Code, and they have to be approved by the certified agency.

You cannot use any wires and hope to get approval along the way. The certified wires and the related papers need to come with the approval of the National Electric Code.

Authorized Personnel:

You cannot connect the service line, remove the metal yourself, or hire a local electrician.

You have to ask for help from the authorized personnel. They will come and give you the connection accordingly. It is for safety issues.

Pole Size & Material:

You must buy the standard sized pole to install it in your land, and the material must be either wood or metal.

You cannot go for anything else. Typically, the wood pole size comes 25-120 feet long. So does the metal pole.

You won’t find any other pole. You must go for the metal pole if you have the budget, but the wood pole is also a good and safe choice. Always try to buy the pole from authorized dealers. A third-party dealer is not a safe option.

Why Are Utility Poles So Expensive?

Utility poles are made with either wood or metal, so the utility poles are expensive. Another factor is the size. Typically, the wooden-made utility pole size differs from 25-120 feet. So, you cannot expect to buy such a long pole at a low price.

You have to invest a good amount to buy the pole. The wood pole might be around $500, whereas the installation charge will be about $300.

You have to buy the additional components and take permission from authorized agents. Therefore, it becomes an expensive investment.

How long does it take to install a utility pole?

It might take around 10-20 hours to install a utility pole. These are the working hours that might differ along with the size and material of your pole.

If you buy the largest pole, it will require a deep hole into the land. Not every land will support your pole to stand securely.

Therefore, the engineer will come and taste the soil whether it can support the entire pole or not. Then, the laborers will start digging and make a safe one. For these reasons, the installation time is lengthy.

Final thoughts

The installation cost of the utility pole might be $300 for an average size pole. If it’s large and metal made, the cost will be $1800. Sometimes, the installation cost may be more than the price of the pole. There is nothing to worry about because the installation process is lengthy.