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How Many Pillows to Put on a Sectional? (Complete Guide)

Sectionals are top of the list when decorating a living room. They are like a more luxurious version of the couch. They consist of several connected sofas. Sectionals always make you think of pillows. It is important to match the pillow with the design so the room looks good.

How many pillows to put on a sectional?

An average size sectional requires between seven and ten pillows. It is recommended that the pillows are reduced at the same rate as the sectional increases or decreases in size. Sectional couches typically have throw pillows. You may place as many pillows as you choose.

The sectional is an essential component of a modern living room. Sectionals allow family members to hang out, guests to sit, whatever else you need. You cannot leave a sectional blank. You don’t want to overload it with pillows. 

Generally, the number of pillows you keep on the sectional depends on its size. Sectionals of the average size range in size from 80 to 120 inches. For a sectional of this size, you can keep seven to ten pillows. 

In other words, each 10 inch-sized sectional can have one pillow arranged in this proportion. Based on the number of people sitting in a sectional, it can be estimated how many pillows are needed. The number of pillows should be two to three times the number of people.

However, there is no definite number of pillows in the sectional. A lot depends on the size of the living room and your preferences. You can keep as many pillows as you want until it looks messy.

Can you have too many pillows on a sectional?

It is possible to have many pillows on your sectional. Having too many pillows on sectional in your living room might take away from its beauty. It is not known how many pillows you can keep without being too much. 

This means that what you consider extra may not be seen as such by others.

Pillows are available in a range of sizes. A typical throw pillow measures about 20 × 20 inches. Even a small number of pillows on a sectional will feel extra if you place a pillow larger than the average size. 

However, when you keep a small size pillow too much does not seem at all excessive. The trend of having a lot of pillows is also on-trend and compatible with your tastes. The sectional should not have too many pillows, however, to blend in with the design of the room.

Where to put pillows on a sectional? 

The pillow should be placed according to the sectional shape. It is necessary to place pillows in three places on an L-sized sectional. The three places are the corners. Every corner on the sectional should have pillows. 

If you are using an average size sectional, you should place three pillows in the middle. You should place two pillows in each of the other two corners. Place the pillow in the following location. You can also place pillows in the middle. 

And the pillows in the corners need to be different sizes. Do not keep pillows that are the same size or color together. This makes your room look cluttered.

How to arrange pillows on a sectional? 

Your choice of pillows on your sectional reflects your personality. What is important is how you like arranging it, not how the tutorial says. However, when you arrange your pillows on the sectional, there are a few common factors to consider.

Colors and Design of Pillows:

Avoid solid colors when choosing the color of the Pillow. Think beyond the basket when choosing the color. Consider creating a palette of colors. Don’t stick to one color. Avoid making all the pillows the same color. Mix several colors. 

It is recommended that you use three different color combinations. You may use the last five colors, if more than that may not look good. Be sure that the color of the pillow matches the sectional and other elements of the room. 

You can mix and match different patterns without following a specific design. You can even use multiple styles of pillows

Creating Focus point:

A sectional does not have pillows everywhere. Pillows are placed at specific locations. Sectionals have three focal points, which can be called focal or focus points. Sectionals have a main focal point. 

Most of the time, the main focal point of an L-shaped sectional is the point between the corners. The other two ends of the sectional can be called secondary focal points. Basically, pillows can be arranged at this focal point.

Putting the pillows:

A focal point usually includes three to five throw pillows. Place one in the corner at the beginning. A large pillow can be 22 inches to 26 inches. Now place two relatively small pillows near it. You can use two pillows 20 inches in diameter. 

Place two smaller pillows in front of the previous two if you are using more than three pillows. For your lumbar pillow, you may keep it smaller.

You can use two throw pillows and two lumbers for each side. In the second row, place two pillows of the same size on either side of the main focal point. Next, place a small pillow beside it. It is optional to add another pillow on either side. 

On both sides of the sectional, you can use the same design for the pillows. Alternatively, you can choose a different design. Ultimately, it is up to you. Make sure it is in line with current trends. 

How to choose pillows for sectional?

It is not difficult to choose the right pillows for your sectional. To ensure that you don’t make the wrong choice, you must maintain some basic guidelines. Below are some tips on how to do so.

Categorize your pillows:

As a first step, you need to divide the pillow into four categories. For the largest size, you will use pillows with a large-scale pattern. Pick embroidery or any other design. Then, you may choose any solid color for secondary-size pillows. 

However, we have a suggestion to save some designs without using solid colors. Select a pillow with a relatively small pattern if you need a third-size pillow. Choose a solid color for the latest lumbar pillow.

Choose the colors:

Pick pillows without focusing on a specific color. There are a few factors to consider when selecting a color. They are the color of the sectional, the color of the room, the color of the coffee table, and your personal preference. 

Pick a color based upon all of these factors. Ideally, you should use at least three different colors. However, if you want, you can use five colors.

Choosing the number of pillows:

Depending on the size of the sectional, the number of pillows will vary. For the main focal point, place at least three pillows. In that case, two additional pillows can be used in the remaining corners, bringing the total number of pillows to seven. 

When you use lumbar pillows, you will have ten pillows in total.

What is a good size throw pillow for a sectional?

It is recommended to choose the size of the sectional pillow according to the size of the sectional. A medium-sized sectional will also have a medium-sized pillow. Medium pillows usually measure 22 square inches

22 *  a 20-inch pillow can be considered medium if you do not use square measurements. The size of pillows is reduced by two inches from the largest to the next. Accordingly, the next smallest size pillow should be 20 * 18 if the largest size pillow is 22 * 20. 

This reduces the size by 2 inches for each case.

A smaller sectional means a smaller size pillow. Likewise, a larger sectional means a smaller size as well. 

You can use pillows of 26 * 24 or larger for larger sectional sections. Throw pillows are typically square. Lumbar pillows, however, are rectangular. For a medium-size lumbar pillow, its size should be approximately 12 by 20 inches.

Final Thought

You can place as few as five to as many as ten pillows on your sectional, including throw and lumbar pillows according to the size of your sectional. If your sectional is larger, you can increase the number of pillows. When arranging the cushions, you should use a variety of sizes and colors.