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Does Lime Remove Odors? What Kind of Lime Is Used?

Lime powder is calcium hydroxide and has many uses in cleaning and purifying. Lime is also one kind of citrus fruit with a strong fresh smell. But how effective are they to remove odors? Let’s find out how they work as odor absorbers and how to use them.

Does lime remove odors?

Lime and lime powder can remove odors effectively. The strong smell of lime does not mix with other smells. It can reduce most smells effectively. But if the odor is too strong, lime or lime peels may not work that effectively. Lime powder works better to cancel out stronger odors.

Bad odors are very uncomfortable and irritating for the people who are constantly exposed to them. Often your mood depends on what you are smelling. 

But getting rid of bad odors is not so easy for many people. Such as, those who have pets and those who work in the kitchen.

But lime can be a quick and effective solution for odor controlling. It’s easy to use and available everywhere.

So how do you use it? After eating the lime, don’t dispose of the peel. You can store peels in your refrigerator. It will keep your fridge fresh and absorb other smells. 

Then, if you get an odd smell, find the source and put a few lime peels over it. The peel will absorb the odor. 

If the odor is too strong, apply some lime powder over it. Lime powder helps to cover the odor source and absorbs the odor.

Lime powder is more effective than lime peels. Check out if lime can remove these odors.

Basement odor:

Basement odor can be removed using lime. Basement has a very unpleasant musty smell. The smell comes from different fungus and molds that grow in the dark.

Mix lime powder with baking powder in a 1:1 ratio and apply it in different places in your basement. You will get a fresh smelling basement in a few days. Apply it every one months to get consistent results.

Sewage smell:

Sewage smell can be removed by lime powder. Spread lime powder in the place where the smell is coming from. 

However, lime powder only absorbs the odor but anything smells like sewage can have various pathogenic microorganisms. So, be careful of sewage waste and anything that comes in contact with sewage waste.

Body odour:

Lime is very useful to control body odor naturally. Just cut lime in pieces and rub in your underarm and other parts of your body.

It removes odor-creating bacteria and helps to control sweat. Moreover lime can remove the darkness from your underarm.

Rotten animal:

Yes. Lime powder can absorb the rotten animal smell. First, remove the animal from the place. Make sure to bury the rotten animal in the soil.

Use a face mask, eye cover, and hand gloves to handle rotten animals. Then, spread some bleach and lime powder where the rotten animal was. This process will help you to get rid of the rotten animal smell.

Will lime absorb odors?

Lime powder is commonly used as an odor control agent in farms. Those are called agricultural lime. Lime powder found in shops also works well to remove odd household smells.

Keep lime peels inside your dustbin, it will stop spreading odor. Keeping lime peels in different parts of your house will help to keep the air fresh.

It’s also possible to make air freshener from lime. Cut lime into pieces and boil them in water for one hour. 

Discard the boiled lime and store the water in a spray bottle. The air freshener spray will remove odor almost instantly.

Lime can be used to remove various household odors. Keeping some lime peels will remove the musty smell. Storing lime peel in your shoe rack will effectively absorb odor.

But don’t keep the lime and lime peels for more than two days. It may attract flies and molds if kept longer.

What neutralizes a bad smell?

Bad smells can often be neutralized with simple ingredients around you. Here is a list of the most useful items that neutralize bad smells.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is probably the best item to remove odors in terms of effectiveness and availability. Pour baking powder in smelly places like your carpet, shoe rack, or dustbin top and wait for the magic.


Vinegar is another useful item for odor control. Make a solution of water and vinegar and keep it in a spray bottle.

Spray the solvent on a stinky surface. Vinegar evaporates and leaves no mark on surfaces.

Coffee ground:

To keep a closed place like fridge, cabinet, microwave fresh, coffee ground works well. Coffee ground is a great odor neutralizer for other smelly parts of your house too.

Vanilla extract:

Vanilla extract helps to neutralize bad odors. Just put a few drops of vanilla extract in cotton balls. Keep them the places that become smelly often. 

Essential oils:

Essential oils are good odor absorbers. Peppermint, ginger, lavender oils will work best as odor remover. 

Take a half-gallon of water in a spray bottle. Choose the essential oil you like and pour 7 drops of it. Close the bottle and shake. 

Spray the solution to get rid of bad smells. Make sure to shake the bottle before use.

What kind of lime is used for odor removal?

Hydrated lime is used for odor control and purification. It is an alkaline product produced from limestone. It has been used for cleaning and odor control for thousands of years. There are agricultural lime and household lime. Both are the same product but agricultural lime comes with a large bag.

By heating limestone into 2000°F, powder lime is produced. It’s a compound of calcium that has powerful odor-absorbing abilities. 

When you think about lime that helps to remove odor, it becomes a bit confusing. Both lime fruit and lime powder have odor-controlling abilities.

Let’s talk about them in detail.

Lime powder: 

Lime powder is a chemical method to remove odors. It is a cleaning and purifying agent and also very effective against odors.

Lime fruits:

Limes and lemons are not that effective as lime powders but they can also be used as an odor reducer. It is a natural way to get rid of household odors.

What does lime powder smell like?

Lime powder has a mild muddy smell but should not try to smell lime powder.

Lime powder can easily get into the nose and cause breathing irritations, coughing, and sneezing. Inhaling lime powder can be dangerous for sensitive people.

Keep the lime powder away from pets and children. Consuming lime will also create a problematic situation. Keep the lime in an airtight packet.

How do you use lime for odor?

There are several ways to use line and lime powder for odor control. Read them all to control different types of odor using lime.

Place in garbage disposal:

Keep lime peels in garbage or dustbin to get rid of the rotting smell. Spreading some lime powder also works well.

Place in pet litter box:

Add some lime powder to your pet’s litter box. It will block bad smells.

If your pet pees on the carpet, it’s not possible to start washing instantly. In this situation, you can use lime powder to stop the odor.

Place in fridge:

Keep some lime peels in your fridge. It will help to reduce the bad odor. 

Often all the smells of various foods mix and create a very unpleasant odor. If you keep food without a lid, the food’s smell will also be affected.

Lime peels are useful to stop the mess. You can also use the peels to stop odor in other places but a fresh one works the best.

Place in shoe rack:

Keep some lime peels in your shoe rack. The peels will absorb the unpleasant smell from the rack. 

Boil lime peel:

Boil some lime peel with water for 1 hour. The water can be used as room fresheners by spraying.

Rub your body:

Cut lime into slices and rub it in your body. It will reduce body odor and sweat. It also removes the cells from your skin.

Pour in smelly area:

Pour some lime powder whatever is causing odor (don’t use it on pets, and the human body). 

Place in oven:

Your oven smells bad? Take some water in an ovenproof bowl. Drop some lime slices in the bowl. Microwave it for 20 minutes to get a fresh-smelling oven.

The stems of lime-boiled water will absorb foul odors from your oven.

Final thoughts

Lime powder and lime fruits are useful items to keep your household fresh-smelling from odors. They both can save you from unpleasant smells in different situations. But remember, no matter how effectively they work to hide odor, don’t forget to clean up the odor source.