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Does Grout Dry Lighter or Darker? (All You Need to Know)

Grout is a mixture of water, cement, and sand. It fills the gap between walls and tiles. Thus, it attaches to them perfectly.

However, we use wet grout, and it takes time to dry. In general, grout takes 24 to 48 hours to dry and be ready to be used properly. Within this time, it changes the color.

Here comes the user’s question. People want to know: does grout dry lighter or darker? If you’re looking for the same, you are most welcome.

We will explain everything about the grout and its color. It would be best to read the entire write-up to get your answer.

Does grout dry lighter or darker?

Grout dries lighter. Usually, the wet grout is darker than the dry one. As we know grout is a mixture of water, sand, and cement. When you mix them together, it becomes darker. After 24-48 hours, it dries and becomes lighter. However, it helps to attach the wall with tiles.

Moreover, there are different types of grout you will find. We have also seen some frequently used grouts. It’s time to get to know about all the other groups.

Mapei grout:

You will hear the brand Mapei when you talk about grout. It’s a brand that makes ready-made grout. Usually, Mapei grout only needs the water to make a mixture.

When you add the water, it becomes darker. But Mapei grout dries lighter. So the answer is yes, Mapei grout dries lighter than samples.

Grey grout:

Grey grout is another type of mixture that also becomes darker when wet than dry. However, the grey grout becomes lighter than the samples in most cases.

Users claim that the grey grout becomes white when it dries. Keep it in your mind and paint accordingly.

Tile grout:

Tile grout becomes lighter when it dries. And it turns darker when wet. And the sample is also darker than the dry one. Moreover, tile grout helps the surface to keep moisture.

Premixed grout:

Premixed grout is a typical grout that becomes lighter when it dries and turns darker when wet. However, premixed grout has become popular recently.

It quickens the process as you can use it anytime and anywhere. All you need is to use the water and mix the premixed grout.

Wet grout:

Wet grout is darker than dry one. And it’s the sample, of course. So, the sample always gets darker when mixed with water.

Grout dries lighter than the samples always. Here the sample is the wet grout.

White grout:

White grout is less popular than the other grout and tiles. But when you add water to make a mixture, it turns darker. After 24 to 48 hours, it becomes lighter again.

White grout is usually lighter in its original color. And it dries lighter than the sample since the sample is darker as it contains water.

Black grout:

Black grout is an excellent way to make your kitchen and bathroom look beautiful. However, you can use black grout in some remarkable way, turning it into a fantastic color.

Black grout also turns lighter when it dries. But it becomes darker when it is wet. Therefore, black grout is lighter than the sample, and it fades away after some days. 

Unsanded grout:

Unsanded grout is the mixture of only cement and water. There is no sand. People use unsanded grout to fill up the grout lines.

However, unsanded grout turns darker when you mix the water and becomes lighter when it dries. And, it also dries lighter than the samples.

Polyblend grout:

In today’s world, polyblend grout is becoming famous for its quality. It’s a cement-based tile grout. So, when you add water into it and make the samples, it becomes darker.

After 24 hours, it dries and becomes lighter than the samples and wet. It’s better you know the fact before you apply the polyblend grout.

Prism grout:

If you want to know an exceptional grout that ensures quality color, then you must know about the prism grout. The main reason is the water. You don’t need to add any extra water.

Therefore, you will get the original color as the samples. It doesn’t fade away or become lighter when it dries. So, it remains like the samples. Moreover, the prism grout doesn’t dry lighter.

Fusion grout:

Here comes another excellent grout that gets lighter when dried. Mainly, fusion grout is not a cement-based grout. Therefore, it doesn’t change the color or fade away either

Furthermore, you will find the fusion grout as its samples. If you have a budget and want optimum color accuracy, go for the fusion grout.

Why is my grout drying lighter in areas? Why is my grout drying in different colors?

Most of the grout is drying lighter in all the areas. There are some primary reasons behind it. You will find different colors when the grout dries. Here you go with why they turn into lighter and other colors.

Water changes the color:

Grout is a mixture of cement, sand, and water. When you add water into the mixture, it becomes darker. Here the water changes the color.

However, when it dries and water goes away, the grout becomes lighter; in some cases, the grout becomes different colors. 

Uneven drying:

Uneven drying is another reason why you get different colors. When you let the grout dry, be sure to dry it evenly.

Improper cement hydration:

Improper cement hydration is another concern. If you don’t use quality cement, it will fade away soon. As a result, you will get different colors when it dries.

How much does grout lighten when dry?

Grout lightens almost 50% to 60% when it dries. You need to add water to make the grout. In that case, the water plays a key role here.

Water turns the grout dark and changes the color by 50 to 60 percent. For that reason, when grout dries, it loses that exact amount and becomes lighter.

Sometimes you will get a 100% change color from the original grout color. So, be careful and make sure the grout color meets your expectations.

Does grout darken when sealed?

Grout doesn’t darken when it is sealed. But you will rarely find authentic, sealed grout. Therefore, you need to make sure that the grout is sealed.

However, the unsealed grout changes its colors when adding water to it. And, it’s prevalent. To avoid such an incident, be sure to seal the grout properly.

But sometimes, the grout darkens when sealed if you remain unsealed. In that case, you need to be careful.

How to keep dark grout from drying lighter?

Keeping the grout dark is a difficult task. But yes, you can do it without redoing the job again. In that case, follow these steps.

Enhancing sealer:

Applying an enhancing sealer is best to keep the grout dark from drying darker. Most people use the enhancing seal and make their grout darker again.

Use the sealed grout:

If you haven’t started the process yet, you can use the sealed grout. Sealed grout is another best way to keep the original color of the grout. So, it is a fantastic way to keep the grout from drying lighter.

Color Sealing:

Color Sealing is another way to keep the grout dark and help it from drying lighter. Color sealing is an excellent way to give the grout your favorite color. You can try the other shades and colors as well.

Replacing the grout:

Replacing the grout is the most challenging way to make the grout darker and keep it from drying lighter. But it takes time and effort as well.

First, you need to unseal the grout or break the grout layer. It might damage the surface as well. If you can successfully do that, you can apply the dark grout and seal it.

Can you change the grout color after it dries?

You can change the color of the grout after it dries. But it is difficult. It would be best if you replace the grout when it gets dried. Also, you may apply the grout color to make things easier.

There are more ways to change the grout color after it dries. You can follow our above steps too. They will also assist you in changing the color.

Usually, you cannot change the color of the grout once it has dried. Since the water evaporates and the grout becomes dry, it becomes the original color. You cannot change the color unless you replace it.

Final Thought

When you add water to the grout, it turns darker. But when it dries, it becomes lighter. The main reason is the water itself. Water changes the color, and when it evaporates, the grout becomes dry. As a result, it dries brighter than the wet grout. It takes 24 to 48 hours to dry the grout.