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Can You Use Rustoleum on Concrete? (Explained)

Rustoleum paint has many advantages starting from covering your area in fewer quantities to resisting any sort of peeling or fading. Also, the paint is highly used for its ability to get dried in a small amount of time.

Apart from all the benefits you get from Rustoleum pain, in this article, we are going to discuss whether you can use Rustoleum on concrete.

Can you use Rustoleum on concrete?

Rustoleum can be used on concrete as it ensures a solid finish, better durability, and can withstand the weather. It is mostly preferred for outdoor concrete as it does not fade away easily. The concrete surfaces like walls, floors, or any other block surfaces can be painted with Rustoleum.

Rustoleum 2x:

Rustoleum 2x paint is used for getting much better coverage in minimum time and less effort. It can be used in concrete as it provides a great finish, and better durability and can protect the concrete surface from weather and UV. Since a large area can be covered for its 2x feature, any kind of work or project can be finished in a minimal time.

Rustoleum sprays paint:

Rustoleum spray paint can be used on concrete as it is easier to apply within a very short time. The spray can be applied to each and every part of the concrete surface evenly. It lasts longer and gives glossy look to the concrete surface.

Rustoleum protective enamel:

Rustoleum protective enamel is generally used on concrete to provide a protective layer or coat. The coat is transparent and it gives a glossy finish to the concrete surface. Since it is oil-based, it is mainly used in outdoor concrete as the topcoat.

Rustoleum oil-based paint:

Rustoleum oil-based paint is generally not preferred to use on concrete. It gets peeled off and fades away within a very short time. It does not provide resistance to harsh objects, walkways, and so on. Since it does not last long, so it is not used on concrete.

Rustoleum painter’s touch:

Rustoleum painters’ touch is not considered ideal for using concrete. Though it gives a smooth and solid finish, it does not provide resistance to harsh weather. It also does not ensure better durability.

Black Rustoleum paint:

Black Rustoleum paint can be used on concrete. It bestows resistance to weather and better durability. It does not fade away easily and provides a glossy and shiny finish. Since it is oil-based, it can be used as an excellent coating. This paint can convert the dull concrete surface into a much more attractive one.

Will Rustoleum spray paintwork on outdoor concrete?

Yes, Rustoleum spray paint will obviously work on outdoor concrete. Usually, Rustoleum paint is used for outdoor concrete. But, if someone wants to use Rustoleum spray paint, it will do the work. Besides, if we use Rustoleum paint on the concrete and later want to use Rustoleum spray paint to make the concrete look glossy and shiny, it is also possible. It is a faster way to apply and provide a better look and finish to the concrete surface.

 Generally, the outdoor concrete gets damaged and dull due to weather within a very short time compared to indoors. So, Rustoleum spray paint can make the dull concrete look like something extraordinary and attractive. It protects the outdoor concrete from UV and weather.

4 reasons why you can use Rustoleum on concrete

Rustoleum is easy to apply and very much friendly to the environment. Rustoleum paint works well on concrete such as floors, walls, etc. It can be used both indoors and outdoor. It gives an attractive and royal look to the concrete. There are some significant reasons for which we can use Rustoleum on concrete:

Helps concrete withstand UV and bad weather:

Rustoleum can be used on concrete such as floors or walls both inside and outside. It is mostly used by people to paint the outdoor concretes. It protects concretes from UV and bad weather and helps the concrete to remain attractive for a much longer time.

Provides resistance to fading and stains:

When the concretes are painted with Rustoleum, the floors and walls do not get discoloured and stay for a very long time. The colour does not fade away easily and it gives a better and more attractive look to floors and walls. Stains and rust also cannot harm the concrete and thus, the surface looks new for a long period.

Better durability:

Rustoleum provides better durability to the concrete as it prevents the damage occurring from any kind of harsh objects, sharp tires, grease, gasoline, and different kinds of oils. Since Rustoleum paint prevents stains and does not vanish easily, it is very longer-lasting and stays the same for a very long amount of time.

Provides a great finish:

Rustoleum provides a great finish to the concrete. It gives a matte finish which is important while painting the outdoor concrete. It hides the dirt and gives a better look to the exterior concrete.

How long does Rustoleum striping paint dry on concrete?

Well, Rustoleum striping paint does not take much amount of time to dry. The painted surface looks a bit dry 35 to 40 minutes after the application. Since the main element of this paint is water, about 8 to 24 hours might be needed to fully cure.

In the meantime, no traffic is allowed to walk through the painted surface. In rainy and cool weather, it may take a longer time to dry than usual. Rustoleum striping paint gives a better and more attractive outlook to the concretes. It can tolerate very harsh weather and thus, it does not fade away easily.

How to apply Rustoleum concrete etch?

The application of Rustoleum concrete etch is an easy process. It is applied by mixing with water over a surface. It should be applied very carefully by maintaining all the steps required. Here we have given the step by step guidelines for the application of Rustoleum concrete etch:

Step 1:

In the first step, we should prepare the surface in a very well manner by removing all specks of dust and dirt. The oily stains should be removed fully.

Step 2:

In the second step, we should take a big plastic can or container of two gallons. Then, we should add one gallon of Rustoleum etch with one gallon of drinking water in the plastic can.

Step 3:

In the third step, we should take the can in hand. Then we should apply the solution evenly over the surface (500 square feet area) so that all parts of the surface are covered. Then, we should scrub the solution over the surface with a push broom brush. We should scrub gently for a minute or two. The solution will fizz for some time after being scrubbed. After the fizzing of the solution stops, we should wash out the solution with water.

Step 4:

In the fourth step, we should ensure that the solution does not dry on the surface. We should keep the surface wet with water. After some time, we should again scrub the surface with a push broom brush and we should repeat the process at least three times until the solution is completely washed out from the surface.

Step 5:

In the final step, we should ensure the surface is rough and water absorbs onto the surface very quickly. Then, we should allow the surface to dry. After 30 to 60 minutes, we should apply the coating.

Keep in mind that, we must not apply the Rustoleum concrete etch to the concrete surface that is already painted or stained. It will give no result.

What paint works best on concrete?

Concrete paints are really important as it increases the beauty of concrete such as floors and walls. It removes any kind of stains, and discolouration from the surface and lengthens concrete life by minimizing future damage. As the paints are environmentally friendly, it is used widely all over the world. When the concrete has gone older, painting on the concrete brings it to the life.

The concrete looks fine and attractive and increases the beauty of the floor or walls. There are different kinds of paints available that are long-lasting and provide resistance from stains, and fading. Different paints have their features.

Some paints are durable while some paints can tolerate harsh weather. Again, some paints are best for top floors while some paints are best for the basement. A list of some best paints that work best on concrete are as follows:

  • Epoxy Paint
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Latex Paint
  • Masonry Paint

Final Thoughts:

Rustoleum has many benefits of being used on walls, floors or any other surfaces. Therefore, you can even use it on concrete surfaces as Rustoleum will offer proper durability and a better finish on the concrete surface. Also, the Rustoleum enamel will get dry on concrete in minutes.