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Can You Use Fabuloso on Vinyl Floors? (Quick Facts)

Vinyl floorings are modern floor options that are now very popular. These floorings increase the aesthetics of your residence and give it a rustic vibe. They are versatile and used for various purposes.

Can you use fabuloso on vinyl floors? 

You can use fabuloso on vinyl floors. But you cannot use any cleaner that has bleach in it. And the use of fabuloso on vinyl floors should be in the exact ratio. Follow the instructions in the bottle to clean floorings. Otherwise, the cleaning will not be proper, and it will cause problems.

Vinyl has its varieties. There are affordable and expensive vinyl floors in the market. The quality of the floorings decides if you can use fabuloso on them or not.

Vinyl wood floors:

In comparison with hardwoods, vinyl floorings have extensive use. You can use these floorings in your kitchen, bathroom, and garage as well. It can tolerate moisture and water contents, unlike wood.

These floorings are firm and tolerate moisture to some extent, unlike actual woods. So, you can use fabuloso on it.

Vinyl plank floors:

Vinyl plank floors are similar to wood planks. These planks are receptive to many cleaning materials as fabuloso and use.

You can use it to decorate your house in various places. You have to glue them together to form the flooring.

These planks are easy to install and use. Cleaning them is also simple.

Luxury vinyl floors:

Woods are expensive and cannot tolerate moisture. But the look-alikes of woods in cheaper yet better construction are the luxury vinyl floors.

These floorings look exactly like woods and do wonders more than it. They are synthetic with a thick core.

The price of the luxury vinyl floors is in a high range. But their floors are unique and beautiful yet durable. You can use fabuloso on it.

Vinyl tile floors:

Vinyl tile floors resemble wooden and stone floors. They are affordable and not expensive, like authentic stone or marble tiles.

And the finishing of these floors is clean as well. It gives them a chic look. But you have to be careful while cleaning and maintaining these floors. Be careful to use fabuloso on it.

Tile floors require more details and proper finishing to look the best. They add aesthetics to your simple house and make it look more splendid.

You have to be very careful while selecting the vinyl floors. Consider your uses, installation process, and requirements before deciding to buy vinyl floors.

Is fabuloso safe for vinyl floors?

Fabuloso is a cleaner that serves many purposes. This cleaner is famous for its versatility. It is a neutral cleaner, which a pH value of 7.

Owing to the neutral pH of fabuloso, you can use it on a wide range of surfaces without any harm.

Vinyl floors are durable and strong. They are known for their receptive quality. Many types of cleaners are compatible with vinyl floors. You can use a lot of methods and cleaners to clean vinyl floorings.

Fabuloso is safe for vinyl floors. You can use it to clean vinyl planks and floorings. They give you the best result when you use them properly. Use fabuloso to clean vinyl floors as instructed in the product.

If you do not use it according to the instructions, it can cause problems with your flooring in the long run. Moreover, the floors might feel sticky if you use more fabuloso than instructed. So, be careful while using and maintaining the procedure of using it.

Can you use a fabuloso bleach alternative on vinyl plank flooring?

Fabuloso is a brand of cleaner that has varieties of options. The all-purpose cleaners are common in most places for their usage.

Fabuloso bleach alternative cleaner is available in the market. These cleaners are bleach substitutes with no chlorine. This cleaner can make your floors clean. But they are not disinfectants.

There are other options of fabuloso cleaners available that are ideal for vinyl floors. Those are milder than the fabuloso bleach alternative ones.

The bleach alternatives do contain some negligible amount of bleaching properties in it. It incites the chances of ruining vinyl floors.

Vinyl floors are not resistant to bleach and similar cleaners. So do not use fabuloso bleach on it. These ingredients corrode them and make them rough. 

Vinyl planks are sturdy and receptive. You can use a lot of ingredients on vinyl floorings at ease. But some elements do not incorporate with these floorings.

Do not use any material that makes your floors shine on vinyl floorings. It deteriorates the floorings.  

What happens when you use fabuloso on vinyl floors?

Fabuloso is not a vinyl floor disinfectant cleaner. But it can do wonders in cleaning these floors.

The all-purpose fabuloso cleaner is a versatile product. You can use it by mixing the cleaner with water. A small amount of fabuloso cleaner along with a gallon of water is the ideal mixture for cleaning vinyl floors.

You can take 25% of a cup of fabuloso for this purpose and then mix with adequate water. Then mop your floors using this solution.

Your floors will be clean and fresh. But, if you use it less or more than necessary, it can cause problems.

If you use less amount of fabuloso, it will not clean your floors and only make them wet. And if you use more of it, the floors will become sticky. It can leave behind some residue as well.

So, use it in perfect ratios to get the best cleaning situation. And give your vinyl floors some freshness using this multi-purpose cleaner.

How to clean vinyl floors using fabuloso?

Cleaning floors with fabuloso is not an intense task. It is easy to follow the instructions and do the needful.

Fabuloso and water mixture can clean your floors and make them fresh. You can also use it on coarse surfaces to remove any stain or grease.

Steps on how to clean vinyl floors using fabuloso are:


You can start by dusting the dirt on the vinyl floor using a dry sweeper or mop. It will remove the excess dirt on the floor.

Preparing the solution:

Then, make the fabuloso solution with water.

Take a gallon of water at room temperature. Do not take hot or cold water.

Pour one-fourth cup of fabuloso in the water and mix it. The solution is complete.

The solution is effective in removing dirt, dust, and mild stains. So, combine them well for the best results.


Then, take a clean mop and insert it in the solution to make it wet. Remove the excess water from the mop before cleaning the floor. Else your vinyl floor will become slippery.


Use the mop to clean your vinyl floor and repeat the process. Clean until the floors are fresh and spotless.

Other uses:

You can also use this cleaner on sponges. You can spread fabuloso directly on it and scrub on the hard stain.

And you can use it on spray bottles mixing with water.

Vinyl floors are not resistant to bleaching agents. Do not use any cleaners that contain any hint of bleach to make your floors last longer.

What not to use on vinyl floors?

Vinyl floors can receive a lot of cleaners. But some agents are not ideal for cleaning vinyl floors.

These floors use glue to stick them in place. The glue bond is very strong.

But some materials can make it lose and wary. Moreover, the use of some chemicals can leave stains on your floors for good.

Things to avoid while cleaning vinyl floors are:


Detergents are not good for vinyl floors. It has the characteristics of the base. It can harm your vinyl floors and fade them. Mild acidic products are good for vinyl floors.

Scrubbing materials or tools:

scrubbers or similar materials can make your vinyl floors rough. It can also scrape off some surface materials from the floor. And it will give it a coarse texture.

Only water:

Do not use excessive water to clean vinyl floors. Water can harm the bond of the floors. The strength of the glue can come off and make your floors lose.

Wax polish:

Never use wax materials to clean vinyl floors. Vinyl and wax are not compatible.

Wax paste does not clean vinyl floorings. It rather disintegrates its quality.


Bleaching agents that make floors shining and clean are not safe to use on vinyl floors. Bleach and chlorine are not good choices for cleaning vinyl floors. They can destroy the surface texture of the floors.


Ammonia products also leave behind a film or stain surface. It can stain your vinyl floors and make them look unpleasant.

Final Thoughts 

Vinyl floorings have different parts joined together. These floorings are receptive to many cleaning materials. You can use fabuloso to clean these floors. But you have to mix it with water in instructed ratio to make the solution. Excessive or insufficient amounts will not give you better results.