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Can You Use Duct Tape for the Dryer Vent? (Explained)

Duct tape is a well-renewed household product that can almost fix anything. But is it really wise to use it everywhere?

Dryer vents have to transport heated air and moisture outside, the pipes are pressurized and most of the time made out of metal. Now imagine there is a leak in the vent and you go for your trusty old duct tape to fix it. What will be the aftermath? Let’s find out.

Can you use duct tape for the dryer vent?

The dryer vent should not be sealed with duct tape. Although duct tape is multifunctional and widely available, it is not ideal to be used in the dryer vent. The warm air flowing through the vent will instantly dissolve the duct tape adhesive while also melting the plastic covering.  

Duct tape material cannot withstand the high heat of the dryer vent. So, it must not be used there. But, can it be used in the different parts of the dryer vent. Let’s find out.

Dryer vent pipe:

Most dryer vent pipes are made with lightweight materials such as aluminum. The metal pipe will be pretty efficient in transferring the heated air and moisture outside of your home.

However, aluminum and other metal pipes won’t go well with duct tape. Metal vent pipe outer surface would be too smooth to get a grip on for the duct tape and the most important thing is the thermal conductivity, it will surely be a great hurdle for the adhesive to work in such conditions.

Dryer vent hose:

The dryer vent hose is an essential attachment that keeps heat and lint out of your home. You may buy flexible, foil-like hoses that are particularly designed to offer the greatest results.

Any ordinary duct tape will not be able to repair a leak in a dryer vent hose. The high temperature and the material composition of the vent hose will prevent the duct tape from bonding to or being fastened for an extended period of time.

Gas dryer vent:

This kind of dryer can have carbon dioxide as a byproduct and the chance of mold build-up is pretty high.

So the gas dryer vent is specifically designed with a smooth inner & outer coating and relatively dense metal pipes are used for handling the high pressure and temperature.

Regular duct tape won’t be able to tolerate such high temperatures and pressure.

Is it safe to use duct tape on the dryer vent?

No, it’s not safe to use duct tape on the dryer vent. The duct tape won’t provide the necessary protection to cover up any leak nor will it sustain itself.

There would be steady air pressure in the dryer vent, and if there was a leak, there would be plenty of hot air attempting to push its way out.

The adhesive in duct tape does not react well with heat, thus putting duct tape on the dryer vent will cause the glue to wear out.

The heated air will also melt the plastic layer of the duct tape, you will now have to figure out how to deal with the unpleasant odor of burning plastic as well as harmful gasses such as dioxin, VOCs, BCPs, mercury, and others.

So using regular duct tape on the dryer vent will only add on more trouble for you and it also possesses a great threat to your health.

Can duct tape withstand heat? Is duct tape flammable?

Duct tape won’t withstand heat. In the presence of high heat, the adhesive components of the duct tape will give up on its integrity and lose all its effectiveness.

Now about duct tape being flammable, the polyethylene coating and the rubber-like adhesive are non-flammable but the mesh fabric part is quite flammable.

In normal circumstances, duct tape can withstand temperatures of 140°F to 160°F (60°C to 71°C); however, when the temperature reaches 180°F (82°C), the mesh fabric may begin to burn, although the polyethylene coating and rubber adhesive may come to the rescue, but it might not be enough to prevent damages.

“3” Reason why should not use duct tape for dryer vent

There are multiple reasons why you should not use duct tapes on dryer vents. Check below to know them.


Applying duct tape on the dryer vent will not bring any fruitful result, it won’t seal any leak or provide any sorts of benefits.

For starters, the duct tape adhesive isn’t strong enough to handle the heat, so it will wear away as warm air passes through the vent. It will be a waste of time and effort if you try to put duct tape on the dryer vent.

Catching on fire:

Because of the polyethylene layer and rubber adhesive, duct tape can not catch fire as rapidly as other materials, but the mesh fabric can cause a lot of problems.

The mesh fabric may come in handy for providing additional strength but it has a low burning point compared to other components of the duct tape, and it was never designed for working in crucial conditions.

If you use duct tape on a dryer vent, the stickiness will eventually wear off, and in the worst-case scenario, the mesh fabric will catch fire.

It may not be too much to handle, but when it comes to fire, nothing is certain. So while fixing any leak in the dryer vent, avoiding duct tape will be a wise decision.

Health risk:

At this point, you know that duct tape isn’t effective enough to fix or hold onto any dryer vent leak, also the mesh fabric of the tape can catch on fire but what if the danger isn’t visible?

The heated air flowing through the vent can certainly melt the duct tape’s polyethylene coating over time.

The aftermath of burnt polyethylene is quite devastating, it will release a bunch of toxic gasses( dioxin, carbon monoxide, VOCs)  which can certainly cause harm to your health.

What kind of tape to use for the dryer vent?

There are many types of tapes available in the market to use for dryer vents. Check the list below to choose the perfect one for you.

Aluminum tape:

Most dryer vents are made of aluminum, it’s a flexible metal with high thermal conductivity which makes it perfect for the job. It will make sense if you try repairing any leaks with the same material.

Aluminum tape or foil tape is flexible, sustainable, well suited for working in high heat. You can use aluminum tape on both the inner and outer surfaces of the vent without any worries.

Being made of the same material, the aluminum tape will bond pretty effectively with the aluminum vent pipe and hose. The heat and moisture won’t be an issue for the aluminum tape, also it won’t compromise the integrity of the vent.

Nashua 322 HVAC Multi-Purpose Foil Tape, 46m Length, 48 mm Width, Aluminum

Stainless Steel tape:

A multipurpose heavy-duty tape that provides high-performance is going to be more than enough to fix any leak in your vent.

Stainless steel tapes are so reliable that they are even considered nuclear grade. It will be your best bet to use stainless steel tape on your dryer vent.

3M 3361 Silver High-Temperature Stainless Steel Tape - 1 in. x 9 ft. Non-Magnetic Acrylic Adhesive Foil Tape. Safety Tapes

How to tape dryer vents?

With some easy steps, you can easily tape the dryer vent. Make sure that you follow the steps perfectly to avoid unwanted situations.

Find the root of the problem:

Putting on some aluminum or metal tape will not solve all of your vent problems; if the system is jammed or the installation is not done properly, you will wind up with more than a leak.

So first you need to identify and solve the root of the problem then think about fixing the leak.

Using the right tape:

Not all tapes are designed to perform in high pressure and high temperature. Duct tape, electrical tape is easily available but not the right choice for the job.

Aluminum tape and stainless tape are highly recommended but they may not be available near you or it may be too much to afford. Sometimes it’s cheaper to change the vent pipe and hose than to apply a large amount of metal tape.


It’s better to disconnect and clean the dryer vent, it will provide you with more visuals of the total damage. A total system cleaning will also be beneficial in the long run.


If there are more holes in the vent pipe than you can count on one hand, it’s time to replace it. Taping is only useful for closing tiny leaks.

However, even a single leak might jeopardize the pipe’s overall integrity and cause small, undetected rips in the pipe, perhaps leading to numerous leaks in the future.

So It is strongly encouraged to apply tape not only to the leak but also to the area around it. 

Final Thoughts 

Putting duct tape in the dryer poses an unnecessary health risk. The warm air that passes through the vent will easily dissolve the duct tape’s glue and melt the plastic covering. The dryer vent should not be covered with duct tape. It is not recommended for use in the dryer vent.