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Can You Put Fabuloso in Diffusers and Humidifiers?

If you too have used Fabuloso at your place then you surely have noticed the refreshing and soothing smell it leaves. No doubt it does a great cleaning but more than its cleaning ability, users are mesmerized with its fragrance.

Consumers are so fond of its fragrance that many of them want to know if they can use Fabuloso in their diffusers and humidifiers. This question sounds weird but we surely have a solid answer for the query, that too with enough explanation and information.

Can you put Fabuloso in a diffuser?

You can put Fabuloso in diffusers depending on what type of diffuser it is or how you’re using it. Fabuloso can make the place smell nice for a longer period. Since diffusers dispense scents evenly, pouring Fabuloso in some specific diffuser won’t harm. 

Fabuloso is popular for its 2-in-1 service. It does its cleaning job very well while leaving a nice fragrance. This cleaner smells so reviving that people want to put this in their diffusers which is fine as long as they’re choosing the diffuser carefully.

Fabuloso in oil diffuser:

Fabuloso can be poured into an oil diffuser to make the house scented. Oil diffusers don’t need to be heated so cleaning liquids like Fabuloso can be poured in without any hesitation.

Fabuloso in air diffuser:

Similarly, Fabuloso can be used in air diffusers. This diffuser uses ultrasonic technology and disperses the cleaner into the air slowly to fragrant the area.

Fabuloso in reed diffuser:

Putting Fabuloso in a reed diffuser is the safest of all. It doesn’t need any electrical connection or any heat. Slowly but it can spread the scent of Fabuloso everywhere.

Heating Fabuloso can create health issues. So you have to avoid diffusers that use heat to use this cleaner.

Can you put Fabuloso in a humidifier?

You can put Fabuloso in a humidifier but you must be careful while using it. Fabuloso will not cause any damage to your health if it’s diluted rightly. It will keep the house fragrant and moist for a longer period. But frequent usage can make you hurt in the long run.

Humidifiers are used to add moisture to the air. It keeps the humidity level of the air balanced on cold and dry days. Besides moistening the air, it’s also used for scenting a place while pouring air freshener.

Though Fabuloso is a cleaner, it has a great fragrance that lasts almost a day. So it’s fine if you have a humidifier and want to put Fabuloso in it for a good smelling environment.

It works harmlessly in humidifiers when the liquid is diluted perfectly.

Also, you need to keep your humidifier at a distance while using Fabuloso. Putting a hose in the humidifier when the cleaner is in it makes it more non-toxic.

So basically it’s fine to put Fabuloso in the humidifier. It can keep the air fresh no doubt. But frequent use is not recommended. Otherwise, it can cause health issues like allergies, breathing difficulty sometimes.

CPM53041 - Fabuloso Multi-use Cleaner

Why can you put Fabuloso in diffusers & humidifiers?

Well, there are several reasons to support the idea of putting Fabuloso in diffusers and humidifiers. Some of the core reasons are: 

It smells great:

Though Fabuloso is labeled as an all-purpose cleaner, users love it more for its refreshing smell that comes in lavender, citrus, and ocean breeze flavor. Moreover, the smell of this cleaner stays much longer compared to usual fresheners.

It’s available everywhere:

You don’t need to ship this amazing perfumed cleaner from another city or country. As a popular cleaner, it’s found almost in every store near you. So you don’t have to wait for that limited stock freshener anymore.

It’s multipurpose:

While used in a humidifier Fabuloso spreads an amazing fragrance as well as moisten the air. For the diffusers, it works great as evenly disperse the scent. However, it can be used for cleaning your devices too since it can wipe germs and dirt away. 

It’s harmless:

Fabuloso is a safe choice to put in a diffuser or humidifier until you heat the product. It can be used to smell a house nice in an oil diffuser, reed diffuser, or a humidifier if kept at a safe distance.  

What are the ingredients in Fabuloso? Does Fabuloso have harmful chemicals?

Fabuloso contains various ingredients as a multi-purpose cleaner so the question of whether it contains any harmful chemical arrives from a lot of people. Let’s see what’s inside this cleaner and which one can be harmful:


Undoubtedly the safest element in the bottle with more than 90% of presence.

2 Phenoxyethanol:

It can disturb your breathing if heated or breathed in too closely.

Sodium Hydroxide:

Sodium Hydroxide is toxic and when the cleaner is boiled or gets in the eye it can cause a burn.

Propylene Glycol Propyl Ether:

It’s harmless unless you smell it intensely or touch the liquid bare hand.

Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate:

It’s the key ingredient of Fabuloso and if gets in direct touch with the body it can cause irritation and damage in the respiratory system.

Besides, it contains colors, fragrances, and coolants that aren’t proven to be toxic.

As a cleaner, it’s obvious that Fabuloso will contain some toxic chemicals. But they aren’t harmful as used in lower percentages.

However, these chemicals don’t get triggered until they are heated or boiled. Also unless you breathe in them from close or ingest them, it’s not likely to harm. 

But it’s better to be conscious while using this in diffusers or humidifiers for too long.

Is Fabuloso dangerous to inhale? How poisonous is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso isn’t dangerous to inhale in general. But since this is mainly a cleaner, it contains different chemicals and some of them can be harmful if they get in direct contact. 

So if you use Fabuloso in a diffuser or humidifier you must keep the device far away and avoid frequent use. Also, make sure you dilute the liquid nicely.

Fabuloso contains toxic chemicals like Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Sodium Hydroxide, 2 Phenoxyethanol. These are poisonous when used directly in larger portions without any solvent and harm body parts for a long time.

But in Fabuloso they are used in a certain percentage so are less likely to cause any harm unless the cleaner is boiled or heated. Also, it won’t disrupt breathing if you don’t inhale it from too close. Still, constant use is discouraged.

Is Fabuloso toxic to pets?

Fabuloso thankfully isn’t toxic to pets that roam around your place. Though Fabuloso contains some chemicals known to be toxic they are used under expert surveillance in the correct amount. 

In Fabuloso the ingredients are balanced and so they don’t cause any harm to the pets. Unless your pet ingests the cleaner in a large amount they are safe around this cleaner.

How long does Fabuloso smell last?

When it comes to the fragrance, Fabuloso holds the top place. It has an amazing and refreshing smell that makes users re-purchase it. On top of that, the smell of this cleaner doesn’t go away in an hour like other cleaners. 

It lasts all day actually when used for cleaning in a good amount. However, the flavors can vary the duration from 8 hours to 12 hours.

What can you put in a diffuser or a humidifier to smell good?

We know how much you love the smell of your favorite cleaner, Fabuloso. Surely it has a soothing fragrance but it’s always better to use things for the reason they were made. Since it’s a cleaner so relying on it always isn’t a good idea.

So we’d suggest you a few things that you can put in your diffuser or humidifier to smell nice all day!

Essential Oils:

The best thing you can put in your diffuser or humidifier is essential oils. They are available in multiple scents and are very convenient to use. Also, you won’t need to be extra conscious while using them.

Fruit juice:

The orange or lemon lying on your kitchen table can be a great air freshener. They are natural and have strong flavors to make your place smell fresh all day.

Extract or Essence:

The vanilla extract or peppermint essence whatever you got at home works great when used in a diffuser or a humidifier. They are scented and contains no toxic ingredient.


You can put herbs or spices by diluting them in a diffuser to give yourself aromatherapy. They can be used in humidifiers as well to add fragrance to the moisture.

Final Thoughts:

You can put the Fabuloso in a diffuser or a humidifier to fragrant the air. Fabuloso contains chemicals in lower parentages so it’s endurable to inhale when poured in a diffuser or humidifier. Also, it lasts long. However, that’s not encouraged to do often.