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Can You Put a Dishwasher in a Corner? (All You Need to Know)

The utility of a dishwasher is well known and among households the demand for this appliance is ever increasing. With the growing popularity and more and more innovation, dishwashers have become a new “must have thing” for families.

Despite the popularity of the appliance, only a few can put dishwashers in places according to their need. As it is obvious, many houses built long ago don’t have space for putting the dishwasher in the right places!

So if you want to know where you can put the dishwasher, let’s explore the place and reason behind the decision.

Placing a dishwasher in a corner

Dishwasher can be put in a kitchen corner. If a kitchen has adequate space in the corner and has access to water and garbage disposal nearby, it will not be a problem to put the dishwasher in the corner. However, only small sized dishwashers for households and kitchenettes will fit in the corner.

Modern day has made people more dependent on technology than anytime in the past. All households now a days own some evidence of technology that was only a dream even a few years ago!

So the change has led by innovation aiming at easing labor intensive jobs.

Dishwasher has become a true innovation that has been accepted all over the world by households and kitchenettes, due to the immense output of the machine. But it is also true that, not long ago, people had no idea of such a thing.

Thus, many homes and kitchens do not have a specified area where they can put the dishwasher without worrying about other attributes.

Attributes that impact largely is the room space for accessing the machine freely. Also, water supply, drainage and garbage disposal cans play a key role, so you need to have all of them near the location where you want to put the dishwasher.

As most people cannot make the best use of the corner spaces in a kitchen, it is often neglected and left unused. In such cases, a corner is the best place where you can use a dishwasher if there’s adequate presence of aforementioned attributes.

Pros and cons of placing a dishwasher in the corner:

Kitchens are now filled with many appliances and machines. All of them are as important as the other ones. It leaves a little room for a dishwasher. Placing it in a corner have following effects


Making the best use of an unutilized space:

In most kitchens, the corner space is neglected and left unused.

As it requires a large room for the dishwasher, placing it in a corner helps you save some valuable space in your kitchen. And also, allow you to use middle sections for other important reasons.

Room for other good stuff:

Kitchen space is very expensive in terms of the little we get to use on our daily basis. So putting the dishwasher in a corner enables us to use the room for other uses in kitchen spaces.

Smaller in size:

In most cases, people tend to buy smaller dishwashers for the corner. As much it saves you some bucks, it is also appropriate for the kitchen space.


Limited Space:

In the corner of a kitchen, there remains very limited space to place a dishwasher.

Only a small dishwasher would fit in that small space. Even if it fits, the inner space is also limited. You would not be able to locate plenty of dishes there. For the proper ventilation of the dishwasher, ample space is required.

Troublesome movement:

Outside space will also be limited if you place your dishwasher in the corner of your kitchen. In a big kitchen, the space is sometimes ok but in a small kitchen you wouldn’t be able to move freely.

Cleaning hassle:

Another problem is as it is at the corner, it’s difficult to clean. You may not reach every corner of it to clean well. In that case you would need a long water supply line to clean.


Placing a dishwasher is not an easy task. You would need to make several measurements of your kitchen and then find the suitable dishwasher. It is often hectic to find the suited appliance.

You would need a side opening door for your dishwasher in the corner. Otherwise it will not fit.

Space needed for a corner dishwasher:

Dishwashers usually come in standard sizes. But depending on the use and your need, there are plenty of variations among the dishwashers. Usually, smaller houses need small dishwashers for households and kitchenettes.

A corner dishwasher is placed at a corner of the kitchen. That means the machine can be accessed from only one side, and so the space needed for such a dishwasher is way less than the ones located in the middle.

However, for a Corner dishwasher you might have to install additional pipework and so on.

Usually, you have to leave 2 inches from the wall in the corner for dishwashers to stand alone and not get touched by the wall.

On top of that, there is a need for space to open the door and usually it is 27 inches. After that, you have to consider the room you need so that you can move easily.

Measure the dishwasher, its door size, you’ll get the horizontal space needed for the machine.

You may have to measure its height for accommodating into a cabinet and depth to match the depth of the countertop. Altogether, it may sound difficult but in reality this is a very easy process.

Things to consider before placing a dishwasher in a corner

Placing the dishwasher in the corner might seem inappropriate to some extent but this is not impossible. Through certain measurements and structures, corner dishwashers can also function effectively.

For better functionality of a corner dishwasher, the following things should be considered-

Door opening:

The most important thing to consider before placing a dishwasher in a corner is the door opening. Only the side opening door can fit in the corner. Available space is also necessary.

Measure the available width of space and accordingly look for a dishwasher. Small in size is recommended here.

Surrounding space:

Along with the door opening, enough free space is also necessary for easy movement and cleaning.

As it is in the corner, it should have enough space to reach every corner of it while cleaning. For this purpose, ample space is required in front of it.

Besides, proper ventilation is required to avoid certain overheating and damage to the kitchen.

Long water supply line:

Check whether your water supply lines are long enough otherwise they would not reach the corner. In that case, you might require to install a new plumbing with additional cost. 

Where is the best place to put a dishwasher?

The position of a dishwasher plays a major role as it enhances the functionality of your kitchen. A dishwasher should be placed in a convenient position to have easy access whenever needed.

The kitchen sink, dishwasher, and storage should have the right alignment to conduct kitchen work efficiently. However, the following things might help you to identify the perfect space for your dishwasher.

Keep your dishwasher next to the sink:

It is obvious to place the dishwasher adjacent to the sink. It helps to rinse dishes easily and load them off. Besides, plumbing becomes easy.

Also, placement should be made considering the use of the dominant hand. A right-handed person should place it on his left so that he can easily scrap, rinse and load and vice versa.

Place your dishwasher close to storage:

Storage is another important factor to remember.

If you place your dishwasher close to your crockery and cutlery storage, it would be very much convenient for you to store them in the right place.

By placing your dishwasher close to your sink and storage, you will reduce your work load in the kitchen

Keep your dishwasher near garbage disposal:

Before putting your dishes into the dishwasher, you must through out the leftover into a trash bin or garbage disposal.

Therefore, it is required to keep the dishwasher and disposal close to each other.

Usually, the garbage disposal is placed alongside the sink. So you can easily place your dishwasher, sink, and garbage disposal in an alignment. If you use a trash bin, then keep it just near the dishwasher to make your work easy.

Keep enough space around your dishwasher for easy movement:

There should be enough space in front of your dishwasher. You should not place your dishwasher below the stove where someone would stand to cook.

You would require to open the dishwasher door multiple times in a minute. It would not be convenient if someone is standing in front of it. So make sure, there is ample free space at the door opening.

Final thoughts

Putting the dishwasher in the corner is quite ok. In fact, corners are one of the less utilized resources in the kitchen space. If there is water supply, sink and garbage can nearby, you can verily put a dishwasher in the corner of your kitchen. But access to the dishwasher needs to be considered.