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Can You Place an Area Rug Under the Coffee Table Only?

Among the thousand ideas of decorating a place, you may find it tough to choose one style that magnifies the beauty and is also comforting. But if you own an area rug, we guess you’re halfway there!

An area rug can be used anywhere in the house. But the most unique is to place it under a table. Maybe under the coffee table near the fireplace?

But before you decide, you may ask whether area rugs can be put only under a table or it’s a wrong move. To clear your confusion, here is our answer!

Can you place an area rug under the coffee table only?

It’s a great idea to style an area rug only under the coffee table. It highlights the piece of furniture and blends the whole look seamlessly. An area rug in the right size and color can enhance the decor of a room. Moreover, it defines the space when placed under a coffee table.

An area rug is a bit different from the regular rugs as it only covers a small area of a place. Like usual rugs, they aren’t meant to use wall to wall, still a classy piece of decoration tool for any home.

Many people who want to give a touch of coziness and luxury to their home wonder if they can put an area rug only under a table. Well, the answer is a big yes.

You can put a rug under a table as it instantly brightens the appearance of your furniture, defines the space, and makes the environment relaxing.

Now let’s know what type of rugs are usually ruling the market and which of them you can use for your coffee table!

Round rug: 

Round shape rugs are one of the most comforting and stylish rugs to place under coffee tables. They adapt with any shape of the table whether it’s rectangular or circular.

Sheepskin rug: 

Made for sheep’s soft and rich fur these are a bit expensive but worth every penny as they last long. A piece of the right size sheepskin rug is a luxury and satisfaction at the same time.

Small rug: 

Small rugs are more useful as matt rather than rugs. They can be used at the entrance of a house or under showpieces.

What size rug is under the coffee table? How big should a rug under a coffee table be?

Choosing the right-size rug to place under a coffee table depends largely on the tables’ measurement

Usually, coffee tables are 36 to 48-inch-long and 18 to 24 inches wide. Your rug should be a few inches larger than the table. For example, for a 36”x18” table, a 48’’x30’’ rug is the perfect pair.

Choosing the rug half or 2/3rd of the sofa’s size is another good technique to find the best-sized rug. This way the balance in the decoration is maintained.

The rug under your coffee table should be big enough to cover the tables’ dimensions plus more area around it to ensure a comfortable leg space. Thus the room looks larger and brighter. 

So the rug under the coffee table should be a minimum of 12 to 24 inches bigger than your table

Three things to consider while placing a rug only under coffee table

Before you choose your rug to place beneath the coffee table don’t forget to consider the things mentioned below:

The rugs’ shape is complementing the tables’ shape: 

Not every shape of the rug blends well with any shape of furniture. So when you’re going to place a rug under the table you must notice the shape of your table. 

Depending on the tables’ shape you have to pick a rug that matches. Like, if you have a round minimal coffee table, choose a furry rectangular rug to tie them together.

A good color combo is maintained: 

The color of the coffee table can twist your mind while choosing a rug to décor under the table.

Since a rug beneath the table pulls the attention towards it, it must not look overpowering or odd. For instance, if the coffee table is in a dark shade, such as dark brown, choose mid-toned bright color rugs such as beige, light brown, red, or gray. These will create an elegant vibe. 

The placement is correct: 

You cannot place a rug randomly under the coffee table as it can throw cold water on all your hard work.

While placing a rug under the coffee table, place all the legs of the chair on the rug or only the front two. Thus a comfortable and leveled sitting is ensured. Also, notice if it’s settled in a good spot, not in the middle of anywhere.

What is the proper placement of an area rug?

Placing an area rug might seem a simple job until you know what can go wrong. Styling a classy coffee table with a piece of warmth beneath must follow some placement rules to make it worth it.

A good placement method is to leave a space of 18 inches minimum around the rug exposing the floor. But you can experiment with other styles too.

An area rug when placed under a chair or sofa, should have either the front two legs of the sitting arrangements on it or all four legs. Or you can just leave all the legs out of the rug. 

Area rug when put under a coffee table must accommodate the table fully and still have some leg space. In bedrooms, area rugs can be placed under the bed covering a larger space around or in the sideways. 

How to place a rug under a coffee table?

If you’re wondering what unique style you can bring out with a rug, you must be overlooking that nice small coffee table in the corner. You can place a rug under it to have some warmth beneath also to make the decoration cozy and classy.

Here are how you can place a rug under a coffee table in easy steps:

Choose the perfect rug: 

According to the table and the space you’ll be using, choose a rug that goes with all the furnishing there. Concentrate more on the tables’ design and shape.

Don’t forget to measure the table to get the proper-sized rug. 

Finalize the spot: 

A rug under a table will call for attention no wonder. So choose a spot in the room that won’t be bothered with that extra attention. Place it somewhere where it fits seamlessly and brings other things together. 

Avoid walking ways and entrance while choosing the space.

Place the rug and table: 

Place the rug on your selected spot and then make the coffee table sit on it. Put the table in the middle and make sure the rug is still large enough to cover some more areas around.

Place the chairs: 

While setting the chairs put all their legs on the rug or keep only the front two legs over it. If you want some space between the rug and sitting, keep the chairs out of the rug leaving some space in between.

How do I choose the right size rug for my coffee table?

Choosing the accurate size rug needs to be followed by some steps. We’ve mentioned some steps to let you know how you can select a rug that’s right in size:

Measure the coffee table: 

To find out the perfect size for a rug, you need to first take measurements of your table. So with a measuring tape take notes of the table’s exact length and width. 

Go for larger rugs: 

A tiny or fitting rug under a coffee table will look funny rather than classy. So never settle for smaller rugs. 

As you already know your coffee tables’ dimensions, select rugs that are at least twelve to twenty-four inches longer and wider. If possible, consider more extra inches for a rug.

Keep the chairs in mind: 

If you’re going to put the chairs on the rug, you will need more space. In that case, take measurements of the table with the chairs inside and out of the table. 

Then, calculate the total area keeping at least 12 inches in between the coffee table and sit.

Calculate leg space: 

The piece of soft thing beneath the table will not be able to provide you warmth and comfort if you don’t calculate how much space you’re going to leave to rest your feet. We’d suggest keeping 18 to 24 inches at least for a comfortable sitting.

Following the steps above can bring you the right size rug undoubtedly!

Final Thoughts

An area rug can be placed beneath only the coffee table to style it. Area rugs are perfect to brighten up any furniture and match a rooms’ furnishing smoothly. So you can certainly use an area rug only under a coffee table to define the space. However, ensuring the right size rug is important.