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Can You Melt Wax in an Oil Burner? (Helpful Tips)

Generally, people use an oil burner to burn different types of oils and fuels. Oil burners can be of many types. Even electric oil burners are also pretty useful. However, people use oil burners for different burning purposes also.

So, you might be thinking about whether you can melt wax in an oil burner or not. Well, you might think that melting wax in the oil burner is pretty simple. But if you have to know the details requirements and safety for using oil burner for melting wax.

Can you melt wax in an oil burner?

You can melt wax in an oil burner if the oil burner is not electrical. Generally, oil burners are not suitable for melting wax. But some oil burners have both functions of burning oil and melting wax. But oil burners use high temperatures to burn oils, melting wax in the oil burner can be dangerous.

Generally, oil burners have both electric and non-electric types. So, while using non-electric type oil burners for melting wax, it’s pretty safe. But if you have an electric oil burner, it might be dangerous sometimes.

Besides, wax doesn’t need high temperatures to melt. But oil burners have a temperature-raising feature. So, if you use high temperatures for melting wax, it might not be safe.

But you can literally melt wax in an oil burner. Many oil burners have wax melting features too. If the oil burner is suitable for both jobs, you can melt wax in it.

Even you can use an electric oil burner to melt the wax. But you must have to follow some processes. Moreover, wax melts don’t evaporate. So, they are pretty different from oils.

So, while melting wax in the oil burner, you have to be careful and follow the step-by-step method.

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Can I use Scentsy wax in my oil burner?

You can use Scentsy wax in your oil burner. But this is not recommended. Generally, Scentsy wax is pretty different from essential oils. Scentsy wax has a low melting point.

Generally, oil burners use comparatively high temperatures than wax warmer. So, when you use Scentsy wax in the oil burner, it will melt initially. Moreover, it will get more temperature and the properties of the wax might decrease.

Moreover, if you use Scentsy wax in your oil burner, the wax might not perform optimally. So, you can melt any wax in the oil burner but you should not do this if you want your wax to perform better.

What is the difference between an oil burner and a wax burner?

Many people use an oil burner and a wax burner interchangeably. But these two are not the same. They have some differences that make them two different types of burners. So, let’s see the basic difference between an oil burner and a wax burner.

Main function:

Generally, an oil burner and a wax burner have two different names because they are used for different elements. You can burn oils and fuels in the oil burner. But you have to melt wax on a wax burner.

Though many burners have the ability to burn and melt both, many are not suitable to interchange.

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Temperature range:

You might know that wax is like candles. They melt at a low temperature. So, while burning or melting wax, you will need a low temperature. So, wax burners use low temperatures to burn or melt the wax.

But oil burners use comparatively higher temperatures than wax burners. So, operating temperatures are different for these two burners.


Both oil burners are wax burners are effective in their own ways. But when you interchange them, the efficiency of wax burners will be less.

Because you can use a wax burner in the wax burner and reach the temperature that the wax needs to melt.

But if you use oil in the wax burner, the burner might not be effective fully. Moreover, you will not get a good performance.


An oil burner is not safe like a wax burner. Generally, an oil burner uses high temperatures. Moreover, oil burners can build mold and mildew in the burners from the essential oils. This can be pretty toxic.

But wax burners are comparatively safer from these aspects.

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What can I use if I don’t have a wax warmer?

Wax warmers are pretty convenient and easy to melt wax. But you might don’t have a wax warmer. So, if you want to melt the wax, you can follow either way too. So, let’s see what you can use if you don’t have a wax warmer.

You can follow the stove method which is the easiest. You have to warm some water in a medium-size pot. Then you have to place another small size pot in the warm water. You can now put wax in the small pot and wait some minute until getting the aroma.

You can also microwave the wax cubes in a microwave-safe bowl. You need to keep the bowl of a wax cube for 10 seconds in the microwave oven. If the wax is not melted yet, stir it and keep another 10 seconds. You can also melt the wax cubes in the oil burner.

What do you burn wax melts in?

Wax melts are so convenient that you can use them in different ways. Generally, many people use wax melts to get the aroma and other people use them for different purposes. You can burn wax melts in different ways. So, let’s see what you burn wax melts in.

Wax Warmer:

Wax warmer is basically made for melting wax. You have to follow the instructions and put the wax melts or cubes in the warmer. After some time, you will get the wax melted in the warmer.

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Oil burner:

You can also burn the wax melts in the oil burner. If the oil burner is electric, you should avoid it. Otherwise, using wax melts in an oil burner is pretty simple.

Stove method and microwave:

You can also burn wax melts in the stove method. You have to put the wax melts bowl in the hot water pot and wait until the wax melts are melted fully. Otherwise, you can microwave the wax melts for some seconds to burn them.

How do you use wax melts on an oil burner?

You might have heard a lot about melting wax in an oil burner. But while doing this, you have to be careful. So, here is a process that you can follow to use wax melts in an oil burner.

  • You have to put one or more wax melts on the oil burner upper bowl.
  • Put on the candle of the oil burner and place it in the lower bowl where the candles are placed. Keep a distance from the burner since it is very hot.
  • Wait until the wax melts are melted.
  • Let the aroma spread off and keep the candle on until the wax melts are fully melted. Once melted, you can put off the candle.

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Can you use wax melts in an electric oil burner?

You can use wax melts in an electric oil burner. But using wax melts in electric oil burners is not recommended.

Many manufacturers offer both functions of oil and wax burning. So, you can use wax melts in those burners after ensuring with the instructions. But regular electric oil burners use high temperatures. Wax doesn’t need that high temperature.

Wax melts at a low temperature.

But wax doesn’t evaporate. So, you might not get a good performance from the wax. So, you should avoid using electric oil burners to use wax melts.

How long do wax melts smell for?

Generally, wax melts smell for 6 to 12 hours. The time depends on the quality and size of the wax melts. The regular-size wax melt single cube can last up to 10 hours.

But if you use a high-quality and large-size wax melt, it will smell for 12 hours or more. So, the time is not definite. The average time for spreading smell is from 6 to 10 hours.

How many times can you relight wax melts?

How many times you can relight wax melts depends on the use of the wax melts. Generally, wax melts don’t evaporate. So, the wax melts will not go away. But the smell will dissipate.

So, you can relight the wax melts as much as you can until the smell is dissipated. But you should use new cubes of wax melts and not mixing the old and new ones together.

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Final Thoughts:

You can melt wax in an oil burner with care. If the wax gets warmth, it will melt. So, you can use any high temperature. But if the oil burner is electric, you have to be very careful. Moreover, if the oil burner is suitable to use both oil and wax, you can melt wax in it.