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Can You Leave a Box Spring on the Floor? (Answered)

People buy bed bases as per their flexibility. Solid Bases, slat bases and box spring is quite popular.

Box springs are cheaper than other bed bases. Box spring is kept inside of a wooden frame, and it has spring inside of it. Let’s find out if the box spring can stay on the floor.

Can you leave a box spring on the floor?

One can use their box spring easily on the floor. If you have a box spring, you don’t need to put your mattress directly on the floor. If you put your mattress over your box spring, it will increase the height of your bed. A bed frame will provide more advantages to your box spring and mattress.

When buying a bed, there are so many things associated with it. A mattress, a good bed base, and different layers of clothing over the bed.

It is pretty hard to afford all the things at once. Yes, it is necessary to have a good sleep. And for a good sleep, you need to have a comfortable bed.

For that reason, people look for the proper value for money options. Buying a mattress and leaving it on the floor will not provide you with the comfort you want.

Generally, mattresses are made to put over bed bases, such as box springs, solid bed bases, adjustable bed bases etc.

So, without regular maintenance, putting your mattress on the floor may ruin your mattress eventually. Moreover, there is a high chance to have mold on the mattress.

But after putting the box spring on the floor, you can put mattresses on it. Also, it will be a cheaper option in the first place.

Keep the area neat and clean so that your box spring always stays dust-free. Make sure that your mattresses are compatible with the box spring.

If there is a bed frame underneath the box spring, that will be even better for the box spring. Whether it is a metal or wooden bed frame, it will lift the box spring slightly higher. So, it will make the bed cosier and have more room for ventilation.

Is it ok to put your box spring on the floor?

Yes, it is entirely safe for box spring to put on the floor. Box spring is a bed base; it facilitates proper ventilation and absorbs a good amount of pressure. So, the box spring helps the mattress over it to prolong its lifetime.

If box springs are set on the ground, always keep the place neat and clean. Any sort of dirt or dust particle may stick with the box spring.

It will cause your bed base to perish faster. Box spring has a steel spring inside of it. These steel springs help as shock absorbers.

Box spring surrounded by a wooden or metal frame will provide more utility. The bed will rise, and air will pass through easily. And the dirt and any sort of mold infestation can be stopped through this procedure.

Instead of putting your mattress on the floor, it is highly advised to use a box spring.

Three reasons why you can leave box spring on the floor

The reasons to leave a box spring on the floor is given below:

The bed frame protects the box spring: 

The bed frames generally lift your box spring up from the floor, preventing coldness directly from the bed in winter. It also helps prevent the box spring from being damaged by moisture and bedbugs.

As a bed frame, a box spring can be kept on the floor, and using a be frame increase the beauty of the room. 

Relief in summer from heat:

If the spring box is kept on the floor, one can enjoy a sound sleep in the summer despite the hot. Since the spring is connected to the floor, the cold temperature gets transferred from the floor to the bed.

One can save the electricity cost of running an air conditioner because of the coldness gained from the floor. 

Kids and the small pet can get easily on the floor:

If the box spring is kept on the bed, it becomes too high. Young people can easily get into it, but it becomes a hurdle for the kids to get in bed.

And the infants those are 6 months to 1 year old generally crawl, and they can even fall from the bed and get hurt.

If the box spring is kept on the floor, the kids can easily get into the bed and play. Pet can easily jump on the mattress if placed on the floor.

Can you sleep with a box spring on the floor?

It is completely safe to sleep with a box spring on the floor. Box spring is quite old technology to give you a comfortable sleep.

It is fully functional on the floor. It can be placed over the solid bed frame if anyone intends to extend the height of the bed.

Box spring keeps the mattress cool by improving the airflow. Also, it absorbs most of the weight and helps reduce some pressure from the mattress.

The box spring’s height and mattress are perfect for anyone. It lifts the height as a box spring is seven to nine inches high. So, after adding the height of mattresses, the conjugated height becomes about 20 to 30 inches.

And a regular bed’s height is 25 inches. So, it can provide the same feeling as a regular bed. Which is costlier than regular box springs and mattresses.

Do you need a bed frame if you have a box spring?

No, no bed frame is needed for the box spring. The function of the bed frame is to support the box spring. The box spring generally gives a shape to the bed, and it generally looks good when a bed frame is added with the box spring.

The bed frame generally lifts the box spring up, and the air can flow below the box spring. But the box spring can also be used without a bed frame. In this case, the box spring will have a direct contract with the floor, and it is beneficial in the summer.

Direct cold temperature is transmitted from the floor to the person’s body. It also saves air conditioner bills in the summer season.

But winter could be a bit hectic because of the coldness from the floor. It is better to use the bed frame because it protects the box spring from moisture.

Where can you store a box spring?

The ways are given below:

In a storeroom in the house:

The box spring can be stored in the storeroom of a house. Before storing, the mattress should be covered with a plastic wrapper or any covering bag. And while removing it should be taken care that the spring is not broken.

The box requires space to store. If one does not have a storeroom but wants to restore the box spring, one must follow alternative steps.

But to totally hide it is better to keep it in the storeroom or any spaces beside the house where it can be preserved safely.

By making a space below the bed frame:

A compartment can be made below the bed frame to preserve and store the bed box spring. The box spring should be properly wrapped with plastic or covered with the bag before storing it.

It should be aligned with the original be above; otherwise, it may look weird. The bed skirt should be made to cover the stored box spring below the original bed frame.

By hiring a free space around:

If there is absolutely no space around and the person wants to store the box spring, he should hire a free space around him.

Keeping it in the wrong place can spoil the beauty of the house. Or the person can give the box spring to anyone to use it for the time being.

Final Thoughts

A box spring can be used with the bed frame or without the bed frame on the floor. It is good to use it with the bed frame because it keeps the box spring in a good state for a long time. One can also replace and store a box spring very easily. For the summer season, box springs are best.