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Can You Have a Stove or Cooktop on the Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands are hugely popular nowadays. Not only for the look they offer but also for the versatile uses it has.

From cooking to organizing your stuff, the kitchen island all works so much easier. Usually, with these uses, a lot of questions arise in the user’s mind.

Placing a stove or cooktop on the kitchen island

You can, of course, place a stove or cooktop on the kitchen island. It is understandable to try to design your kitchen island with the most essential thing for yourself. Though you are free to experiment on your own, don’t forget you might need to take special safety precautions for this.

The aesthetic the idea sounds, the reality can be harsher. For this reason, designers and interior experts often suggest taking this decision wisely. Owing to lots of factors, the entire scenario might change.

Consider the design of your kitchen island. Not all kitchen islands are spacious enough to handle those long hours of cooking. Here, cooking means not just cooking; cleaning and preparation include too.

To come up with the greatest solution, you should choose the most suitable and magnificent design for your kitchen island. Don’t just go for one with beauty, look for the functionality before the final verdict.

For large families to average ones, this idea can work best. However, a family with a lot of members might struggle to cook and do everything on the kitchen island. And this comes as a savior.

Apart from the troubles, it may arise, some of the designs are worth a shot. Mixing with creativity and practicality, the kitchen island can be turned into awesomeness.

Pros and cons of stove or cooktop in kitchen island

As you are thinking to have a stove or cooktop on your kitchen island, you must get aware of what this idea would really cost you. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Likewise, with myriads of benefits, drawbacks are inevitable.

Therefore, before deciding users must know the pros and cons of placing the stove in the kitchen. This might save you from a great hassle in the future.


More Spacious:

The cooktop installed directly onto the kitchen island frees up a lot of space. You can save a lot of space doing this and keep other useful stuff like blenders, or kitchen utensils.

For large families, this is the ultimate solution to avoid chaos. Get everything super easy and ready in one place. A dream of every cook!

Sociable cooking:

Are you a fan of cooking while gossiping with friends or guests? Well, then without any doubt, the cooktop on the kitchen island would be best for you.

This allows the user not only to get the open room view but also gives them the chance to share their feelings and regular talks. This move is actually life-changing.

Quick cleaning:

You know cooking is more like a large proportion of cleaning and preparation. This is actually the harsh reality. So, no one should go for any messy options while cooking.

Luckily, cooktops prevent you from this trouble. Rather, it helps users to easily clean and organize everything in one place. And that’s what matters most.

Organized place:

The layout allows the kitchen island to organize all of your kitchen items in one place. This is great accessibility for anyone. No wonder, this is the most important and appreciated plus point of cooktops.

Exposure to light:

A common complaint of the users is they cannot see the cooking properly for the light. The lighting in the kitchen can be misleading sometimes.

If you’re also someone facing from this problem, installing a cooktop on the kitchen island would solve the problem. This should be the must-try option for you.


Expensive to renovate:

The idea sounds very elegant but the price it cost is no less. To be honest, it is the one that would cost you hundreds of bucks.

Don’t think this is the actual amount. It is just an assumption. Your cost may vary with the items you want to add and renovate.

Safety concerns:

There are a lot of safety precautions the users have to take when they decide to install the cooktops on the kitchen island. You can’t imagine how much trouble it can bring you!

Like catching fire to curtains, clothes, and papers, this might create wrecking havoc. Not to mention, the children’s negligence can make the matter worse. Thus, without being totally sure about it, one must avoid this.

Less space for eating:

As much as the cooking space is extended, the eating space decreases as well. Therefore, before doing this one must look for this factor.

Less designing flexibility:

With the renovation, you will get limited design opportunities for sure. Again, there are lots of placement codes that must be maintained. At the end of the day, these things become frustrating.

Improper ventilation:

With the cooktop inside your home, ventilation becomes hard to assure. As a result, a filthy room with smell and odor becomes quite normal. And preventing them is quite tiring work indeed.

Things to consider before putting a cooktop or range on a kitchen island

After considering the pros and cons you need to decide what suits your needs. It is an excessively hard decision to make. Why not consider some main factors before choosing it?

To decide between a cooktop and range, you need to have a clear concept of what each one brings for you. That’s why it is necessary to look at the factors to consider. Here this goes.

Space of the kitchen island:

The space is the primary factor when choosing it. It depends on the square foot of your island. If it lacks space compared to others, the range is inevitably a better option.

On the other hand, if you have a handful of space lying there, you can use it to remodel with a cooktop.

Number of ovens:

The number of ovens is also something that you might consider. How much flexibility in the number of ovens you need is most important in this case.

As you already know, cooktops allow more ovens, this might be your call to move on to them. But, in case you don’t need it, why not choose the range?

Number of cooks:

Another interesting fact is the number of cooks. As the number of family members increases, the number of cooks increases too. Thus, to fulfill the demands more than one cook is needed.

To save you from that trouble, cooktops are essential. A range can never suffice that demand.


Your creative mind deserves attention too. Hear what it says before deciding between the range and the cooktop.

For a focal point design, choose the range. As it looks better that way. Nonetheless, have an ergonomic design with the cooktop design.


The cost of installing both varies a lot. As the renovation and design increase, so does the price tag. Thus, if you are worried about the budget make a decision wisely.

For example, installing a range cuts down the cost to 50% which seems a really good deal. Though it offers somewhat less flexibility. If the budget is not an issue, you can stick to cooktops.

Installation process:

The process of installation is also strikingly different. It is your call to decide which one you want – a hassling cooktop installation or an easier range set up.

However, if you can manage a professional and the cost does not matter to you, the cooktop on the kitchen island seems a better option. Also, you are free to use range as it reduces half of the work.

What type of stove goes on a kitchen island?

Well, as the user decides to place the stove or cooktop on a kitchen island, a new question arises. What type of stove goes on a kitchen island? The question is quite normal and the answer is also not tough.

Typically, a downdraft cooktop goes on a kitchen island. They work best with the infrastructure and layout of the kitchen island. No doubt about that.

It is so helpful because it aims to solve the most common problem of ventilation. Fortunately, these stoves have a downdraft ventilation system for the users’ flexibility.

As you know the ventilation problems are the major drawback of cooktops on the kitchen island. It really feels good to eliminate it. Plus, no extra vent is needed to install. At least, you could save some money.

Final Thoughts

So generally, you can surely have a stove or cooktop on the kitchen island. Indeed, it has several goodies like creating more space, multiple cooking, and a modern house. However, don’t forget it may limit some options and may cause serious safety concerns if not monitored properly.