Can You Burn Painted Wood? (Quick Answers)

Burning wood is so common nowadays that we burn wood in different sectors. Even sometimes, we burn wood in our fireplace. So, we must know about different types of wood. Many of our furniture and other items are made of wood and those woods are painted.

So, you might be confused about whether you can burn painted wood or not. You have to know about the consequences and drawbacks of burning painted wood. Moreover, you also have to know the right place to burn painted wood. So, let’s see details about burning painted wood.

Can you burn painted wood?

You can’t burn painted wood because burning painted wood can release toxic fumes. When the wood has a painted coating, the paints will also be melted when you are burning the wood. So, all the toxic chemicals will come out in the air and make the environment polluted if you burn painted wood.

So, you can’t burn random painted wood. You have to know which wood you can burn and which you can’t. So, let’s see the painted woods and whether they can be burned or not.

Lead painted:

You might know that you should not burn painted wood. But when it comes to burning lead-painted wood, it can be dangerous. Generally, lead is a toxic material for the environment.

If the elements of the environment get polluted by lead, it will be harmful to breathe in the air. So, lead-painted wood will release lead gas when burning the wood. This gas is highly dangerous to breathe in. So, you can’t burn lead-painted wood anywhere.

Latex painted:

Burning latex-painted wood is also not safe. When you burn latex-painted wood, it will release toxic chemicals and additives into the air. This polluted air is pretty harmful to humans and animals. So, you can’t burn latex-painted wood without any preparation or caution.

Spray painted:

Like most other paints, spray paints also contain chemicals and additives. Moreover, spray paints also contain volatile compounds that are dangerous to breathe in. so, when you burn spray-painted wood, it will release these toxic materials.

So, you should avoid burning spray-painted wood also. Otherwise, it can cause pollution and instant health issues to humans and animals.

Acrylic painted:

You should not burn acrylic painted wood also. Though acrylic paints are pretty safer than other paints that are used in woods. But when you burn painted wood, it must release some fumes that have chemicals no matter what paint was used.

So, for being on the safe side, you should not burn acrylic painted wood.

Is burning painted wood toxic?

Yes, burning painted wood is toxic. Even you can’t burn random wood without knowing which paint is used on the wood. Most paints are made of chemicals. So, paints have different types of chemicals and additives.

Paints might be safe when you use them on wood. But when you burn the wood and paint also gets close to the fire, it will release the chemicals and volatile compounds with the fumes. So, the fumes will be dangerously toxic.

Even you should not breathe in an environment where painted wood is burning. It causes air pollution and this toxic fume is both dangerous for humans and animals. So, burning painted wood is unsafe.

What happens when you burn painted wood?

You might have already known that you should not burn painted wood. But you might don’t know the actual reason behind it. Here are some consequences of burning painted wood. Let’s see what happens when you burn painted wood.

Toxic fume:

When you burn painted wood, the paint on the wood gets melted and comes out with the fume. Generally, when we burn wood, carbon dioxide releases.

But when we burn painted wood, along with carbon dioxide, many volatile compounds, and toxic chemicals are released.

Environment pollution:

Another consequence of burning painted wood is environmental pollution. The toxic materials that come out of painted wood while burning pollute the air and soil. Even the air is so polluted with toxic gases that you should not breathe in that area.

Moreover, the soil also gets polluted where you burn painted wood. If you burn painted wood in a place continuously, that soil might lose its fertility.

Health problems:

When the air is polluted with toxic fumes of burning painted wood, we can face many health problems. For example, we can face breathing problems instantly. Moreover, many other respiratory problems might arise in the long run.

Besides, this polluted air also affects the animals. So, if you have pets in your house, they might be affected by your mistake of burning painted wood.

How to dispose of painted wood?

Now you might think that if you can’t burn painted wood, then how you will dispose of the painted wood. Well, some solutions are available for disposing of painted wood. Here are some ways that you can follow to dispose of painted wood.

Give away:

You can give away the painted wood to the local landfill for disposal.


You can reuse the painted wood in different sections of your house.

Scrap the paint:

You can scrap the paint before using the wood for other reasons, but you have to know the appropriate instructions for scraping the paint from the wood.

Home improvement project:

You can use the painted wood for your next home improvement project.

Donate or sell:

You can donate the wood or sell it to other people.

Where can you burn painted wood?

You should not burn painted wood. You might have already known a lot of reasons why you should not burn painted wood. But if it’s essential to burn painted wood, you can’t burn it in an open place or a random place. So, let’s see where you can burn painted wood.


You should not burn painted wood in the woodstove. Burning painted wood in a woodstove can damage the woodstove. Even it’s dangerous and illegal too.

Woodstove might not be in the open place but the toxic fume will come out from the chimney. So, you should never burn painted wood in the woodstove.


You should also not burn painted wood in the fireplace. Generally, most fireplaces are inside our house. Besides, we know that painted wood burning will release a huge amount of toxic fume.

So, we can’t breathe in the polluted air in our house. This will be pretty dangerous. So, we can’t burn painted wood in the fireplace.

Log burner:

You should also avoid burning painted wood in the log burner. The log burner is also not safe to burn painted wood. Painted wood will release toxic chemicals and fumes no matter where you are burning the wood.

Is there a way to remove paint from wood?

Yes, there are a couple of ways to remove paint from wood. The most common way is to sand the wood. Sanding will remove paint and varnish from the surface of the wood. But you have to rub the surface evenly so that the wood is not damaged.

Moreover, you can also remove paint from wood an electric hot air gun. But a hot air gun will only remove the paint. It will not remove varnish. Besides, you have to be very careful while using the electric gun.

Another way to remove paint from wood is to use chemical stripping. This process is faster than the other processes but you must ensure the highest safety. So, some ways are available to remove paint from wood.

Can you burn coated wood?

You can’t burn coated wood. Like painted wood, coated wood can also release toxic chemicals and fumes from the coat. It will make the air toxic and polluted.

Generally, the coating is done on wood with polymeric materials. You must know the impacts of burning plastic. So, you better not burn coated wood.

What can I do with old painted wood?

You can reuse old painted wood. Whatever you want to do, you can, but never burn old painted wood. You can also give old painted wood to the local landfill.

Moreover, you can decorate old painted wood and keep it as a decorative material. Besides, you can paint the wood again and reuse it for the same purpose. Even you can keep the wood safely to use on the next house development project.

Final Thoughts:

You should not burn painted wood. It doesn’t matter which paint is on the wood. Most paints contain chemicals that release toxic compounds when you burn. So, it will spread toxic fumes when you burn painted wood. Moreover, many health issues and air pollution will arise from burning painted wood.