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Can Mice Come Through Vents? (Explained)

The presence of mice in your home can cause a lot of problems as they are excessively harmful rodents. They can cause damage to a variety of things at home, that includes food and furniture. In this article, we will discuss if mice can come through vents. 

Can mice come through vents? 

Generally, the mice like to move along the dark areas, that includes the fireplace of your home, exhaust vents as well as the attics of your home. These are considered as one of the most preferred routes for them to move inside the house. They can come through the tunnels and cause you trouble.

Generally, the mice are considered a harmful type of rodent that moves along your house and causes damage to the food as well as the furniture of your house. 

Although you may think of closing the doors and windows to prevent the mice from coming inside your house. But they can get through your house, even from the smallest hole that exists from the outside to the inside of your house. 

They generally use the heating ducts of your house with no movement. Apart from that, they can also use the exhaust vents to come up inside your house and cause trouble. 

Generally, the mice can fit through any type of pipe or vent and move inside your house. If there isn’t much room for the mice to walk inside the house through any vent, they will simply crawl through them and reach your house.

In some cases, the mice may come up inside your house and cause you trouble by eating the grains and foods inside your house. They can also cause damage to the wooden furniture by slicing them with their teeth. 

In some cases, they may steal food from your house and transport them through the vents or exhaust pipes. The remaining food inside the vents or pipes may rot inside them and cause you to have a bad smell inside your house. 

Generally, the mice use the darker places for their movement. That is why the ducts and vents are the priority for them. They will cause serious smelling problems inside your house if any mouse gets eliminated inside the vents or ducts. 

That is why you need to take some measures to prevent the mouse from traveling through the vents, pipes, or exhaust systems of your house.

Can mice live/hide in floor vents? 

Mice are a harmful rodent type that can live anywhere. Generally, the mice like to live in dark areas that include holes and vents. But in most cases, the mice may decide to live inside the exhaust vents, pipes, and even the attics. 

If you consider closing the windows and doors to prevent the mice from coming inside your house, they will still find a way to get inside your house by crawling through the exhaust vents, pipes, or heating ducts. 

In some cases, the mice use these routes to steal food from your house and take it back to their home. Once they decide to do this regularly, they can even start to live inside the floor vents and cause you serious smelling trouble. 

If any mouse gets eliminated inside the floor vents, it will slowly rot inside the event and the bad smell of it will spread throughout the house. The floor vents are the most preferred paths for the mice to move as well as to start living.

3 reasons why mice come through floor vents 

There are so many reasons why the mice want to come through the floor vents inside your house. Generally, food and the furniture of your house attract the mice a lot. As a result, they want to get inside your house in any way available. 

So, if you think of closing the doors and windows to prevent them from entering your house. They will choose to come using the most complicated way, that is the heating vents, and pipes of your house. 

They can cause you serious trouble by stealing and eating your food as well as slicing down the furniture with their teeth. Below is a brief discussion on a few reasons why mice come through the floor vents: 

They prefer darker roads: 

Generally, the mice prefer to use darker roads for their movement. They are commonly seen in the dark corners of your house including the fireplace, exhaust vents, and attics. 

That is why the mouse prefers to use vents because they are dark which they think is safe. 

The safest exit: 

Generally, you can easily spot the mice if they move through the doors and windows. It also makes it risky for them to move. That is why they use floor vents because it is safe and you won’t be able to have any idea of their movement.

Has plenty of rooms to live in: 

The floor vents have plenty of rooms to live in, as well as move. That is why the priority of the mice is to use the floor vents to travel from one side of the House to another.

How do mice get into floor vents? 

The mice have a strong-smelling sense that enables them to figure out the right path by smelling contents from a certain distance. 

That is why, if you want to prevent the mouse by locking your doors or windows, they will still find a way to enter your house just by smelling. In addition to that, they like to move through dark places. 

That is why the floor vents are the perfect choice for them. Here are some steps to get a clear idea about how do the mice get into floor vents:

They search for the disconnections: 

The common procedure the mice follow to get inside of your home is to search for the disconnections inside the floor vents. The easiest way for them to enter your house.

They squeeze through the vents: 

Once they find out about the disconnection, they try to squeeze themselves to get inside the vent. Generally, adult mice can get through a hole that has a size of a dime. 

They locate the exit using their smelling sense: 

The strong-smelling seasons of mice help them to get out of the vents very easily.

They usually try to smell the source inside the vents to get out of it easily. That is why most of the time they use the route to move inside of your house safely.

How do I keep mice out of my floor vents? 

Inside your house can cause you big trouble. They can come inside your house to steal food as well as slice the wooden furniture using their teeth. Both these issues can cause you expensive damage. 

Even if you lock the doors and windows of your house to prevent the mice from entering your house, they will still find a way to get inside it. Below are some ideas that are discussed to keep the mice out of your floor vents: 

Turn off the cooling system: 

Since the cool air through the vents inside of your house, before you take any measure to keep the mice out of your events. You need to turn off the cooling systems. 

Remove the coverings: 

Once the event is cooled down, now it’s time to remove the covering of your vents. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the covering grates. 

Load traps and baits: 

You can put some traps inside the winds to prevent the mice from entering your vents. 

Since the mice cannot smell something bitter, you can put some lavender flowers inside the events, which will prevent them from entering your vent as well as provide you with a fragrance when the cooling system is on.

What scent will keep mice away? 

Since the mice have a strong-smelling sense that helps them to detect any source of food or something that they like, there are some fragrances that they cannot resist. They have almost 16 times stronger smelling sense than humans. 

There are plenty of materials that you can use to ripple the mice. Flowers and spices that have a bitter scent can prevent mice from entering your floor vents. You can use cinnamon, vinegar, clove oil, etc. 

To prevent the mouse from entering your house. These types of materials can be a great option to use as a mice repellent. Besides, they will work as a homemade natural mice repellent that will not harm the environment of your house. 

You can use the peppermint because the mental compounds that are present in the peppermint are disliked by the mice.

Final Thoughts

Mice can come to the floor vents because they like to use dark corners of your house for their movement. It’s not a big deal for the mice to move to the floor vents because they can squeeze through almost any type of hole. As a result, they can enter your house and cause you trouble.