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Can a Headboard be Wider or Smaller Than the Bed?

With each passing day, the headboard is becoming a crucial element of everyone’s home décor. It not only enriches the aesthetic of the room but also keeps your cold walls hidden. But choosing a headboard size has often been an issue for customers.

Should the headboard be wider than the bed or should it be smaller? These are the type of questions that come up while browsing for headboards. Today all your questions regarding the headboard will be answered.

Can a headboard be wider than the bed?

Headboards are typically zero to three inches wider on each side compared to the bed. While having a headboard that aligns perfectly with the bed is not an issue by any means but it’s better to have an extra few inches to work with. Because after adding layers to your bed it gets wider.

Should a headboard be wider than the bed?

Headboard sizes depend on the size of the mattress but the width of the headboard can be a few inches wider than your mattress or the bed size.

If you have a headboard that is few inches wider than the bed, then that would allow you to layer your bed with pillows, beddings, and other accessories.

When you add bedsheets, pillows, and cushions to your bed, then the bed automatically gains extra inches in width. Now with a similar-sized headboard, that extra layering can seem out of place.

However, with a wider headboard compared to the bed, you will be able to decorate your bed with a sense of freedom. So it’s better if your headboard is a tiny bit wider than the original size of the bed.

How much wider should a headboard be than the bed?

A general rule that you should remember while shopping for headboards is that the headboard should be wider by 2 to 4 inches compared to the original size of the bed. Far more width than the mentioned size is just over.

There’s another variant of headboard size known as the extra-wide headboards. These headboards go past the side tables and may even be as wide as 30 inches than the bed.

This type of headboard is suitable for people who are looking to make a bold statement in their spacious room. But for small apartment bedrooms, extra wide headboards will just take up unnecessary space and ruin the aesthetic.

Can you use a queen-size headboard on a full-size bed?

You can use a queen-size headboard on a full-size bed. But a queen-sized mattress has a dimension of 60 inches by 80 inches and a full-sized bed has a dimension of 54 inches by 75 inches.

So, if you have a queen-sized headboard for a full-sized bed, you will have extra 6 inches to work with. While 6 inches may seem a huge length, but after you consider the fact that the extra length will get divided into both sides, it doesn’t seem too wide.

Having a larger headboard than the bed’s width creates a sense of spaciousness in the bedroom. You can accessorize the additional space with side tables or lamps.

Can you use a full-size headboard with a twin mattress?

The difference in width between a full-size headboard and a twin mattress is too great to complement one another. To put it into numbers, a full-size headboard has a width of 56 inches whereas a twin mattress has a width of 38 inches.

So the headboard is roughly 18 inches wider than the bed.

A full-size headboard might not be the ideal fit for your twin mattress but when it comes to bedroom décor you shouldn’t look for perfection. The important aspect is to make everything functional according to your taste.

If you already have the mentioned set up then you can use floor mats or color-coordinated side-tables to make the headboard blend with the décor. While the wider headboard may not be an ideal match, but you can make it work with different bedroom additions.

Can a headboard be smaller than the bed?

Headboards that are smaller than the bed itself aren’t pleasing to the eye and the functionality of the headboard is diminished as well. The bed is supposed to be of the same width as the headboard or smaller. There are ways to make a narrower headboard work but it would look a bit awkward

Can a headboard be narrower than the bed?

A headboard shouldn’t be narrower than the bed because it catches attention for all the wrong reasons. It would make the bedroom ambiance unpleasant because the synergy between the furniture isn’t there.

If you have a full-sized headboard with a queen-sized bed then the headboard would be narrower by roughly 6 inches. You can hide this width difference by adding headlamps or paintings. 

But if you have a twin-sized headboard with a full-sized bed then that would be very tough to mesh the two pieces of furniture. So you need to get the sizing right of the bed and the headboard.

Can a full-size headboard fit a queen?

A full-size headboard has a width of 56 inches and a queen bed is 62 inches in width. Evidently, the mounting holes of the bed and the headboard won’t align properly. So because of the 6-inch difference in width full sized headboards won’t fit a queen bed.

 If you get a wall-mounted headboard then you will be able to use it with a queen bed but even then a narrower headboard won’t look good.

Can a queen-size headboard fit a king-size bed?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fit a queen-size headboard with a king-size bed. The difference between the two in width is too great for you to make it work.

A queen-sized headboard has a width of 62 inches but a king-size bed has a width of 80 inches. The difference of 18 inches is too significant and even after you add multiple layers to your bedding, you won’ be able to compensate for the empty space.

How to make a headboard wider?

Some easy ways to make a headboard wider are given below –

Adding plywood:

If you have a wall-mounted headboard you can add plywoods to the wall to make the headboard wider. But first, you will need to decorate the plywood according to the upholstery of your headboard.

Designing the extra layer:

You can add foam, clothing, or any other material and glue them in place on the plywood. You will be able to use your imagination in this DIY project.

Combining the extra layer with the headboard:

Now, this is the tricky part. For wall-mounted or free-standing headboards, you can attach the extra layers to the walls. 

But for the bed-mounted headboards, you will need to get an expert to attach the plywood to the headboard.

Coordinated paintings:

Adding paintings to the wall adjacent to your headboard is a much easier way of compensating for the narrow headboard. All you need to do is get paintings of a similar color scheme and hang them on the wall.

What size should a headboard be? – How wide should headboards be

The size of the headboard depends entirely on the bed size. You will need to coordinate your bedroom space with the bed and headboard size. Let’s find out how wide your headboard should be depending on the bed size.

Single bed headboard:

A single bed headboard should be 36 inches or 91 cm wide. Generally, a single bed has a width of 36 inches. So, even if you get a headboard that is a few inches wider, you will be able to make it work

Double bed headboard:

Double-sized bed has a width of 48 inches or 4 ft. Typically a double bed headboard has the same width as the bed but you can also opt for a size bigger if you want to incorporate other accessories with the headboard.

Twin headboard:

Twin headboards have a width of 41 inches. The dimensions of a twin mattress are 38 inches by 74 inches. So you will have extra few inches on your headboard to work with accessories.

Queen headboard:

As for the queen-sized headboard the width of it is 62 inches. You can incorporate a queen-size headboard and bed in 10 feet by 10 feet room without any trouble.

There’s an option to use a king-size headboard with a queen bed but since the difference is too big it’s better to pick the queen.

King size headboard:

A king-sized headboard has a width of 80 inches. But don’t confuse the original king-size with the California king, because the California king headboard has a width of 74 inches.

That is six inches smaller than the original king-size headboard.

Normally furniture brands have a specific set of headboards for each of the beds. So it’s better to buy the exact one. But if you want to change it up, be sure to measure it before splashing the cash. 

Can a headboard fit on any bed?

If the size of the headboard and the bed frame match then you will be able to fit the headboard with any bed of that particular size. However, if there’s a difference in size, then the headboard won’t fit.

You will be able to use the headboard if the vertical holes in the struts align with the hole in the bed frame. Just to be safe, it’s better to buy a headboard of the same size as the bed.

In conclusion, the sizing of the headboard is crucial as it will either complement your home décor or ruin it. Once you know which size to buy then you can focus on the other aspects.