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Can Bed Bugs Get On Bunk Beds? (All You Need to Know!)

Bed bugs are predominantly nocturnal fetishes that live on by consuming warm-blooded creatures and as the name implies, they are mostly seen hiding in beds. It’s highly possible that you may have seen or heard about them and now are concerned about your bunk bed.

So, here at this point, you can think of a question that like any regular bed can bed bugs get on bunk beds too or not. Therefore, let’s put an end to your concern by finding the answers to this question. 

Can Bed Bugs Get On Bunk Beds?

Bed bugs especially get on wooden bunk beds. In dry and moist seasons, wooden bunk beds extend and contract forming crevices and holes in the joints which offer warmth to the bed bugs residing in a wooden bunk bed. But cool-natured metal bunk beds deter bed bugs so they may not get on them.

Do Bed Bugs Get On Bunk Beds?

Bed bugs can get on any type of bed as they can climb so they can get on bunk beds too. Especially, if it’s a wooden bunk bed, there are high chances that they will get on it. 

The reason is quite simple. Wood is a warm material and most of the bunk beds are made of wood and we know that bed bugs prefer warmth so they are most likely to get on wooden bunk beds. 

As humidity surges and drops, wooden bunk beds naturally broaden and contract which creates crevices and voids in between the wooden joints.

Therefore, these holes become the hiding spot for bed bugs and offer the needed warmth to the bed bugs to reside in a wooden bunk bed. And soon they develop an infestation. 

However, metal is a cool element that discourages bed bugs from getting on metal bunk beds but it’s not guaranteed that bed bugs will not get on them. 

Can Bed Bugs Live In Metal Bunk Beds?

Bed bugs are less likely to live in metal bunk beds. Because metal is naturally a cold-natured material, therefore, metal-made bunk beds are cold as well which makes them very less appealing to the bed bugs to live in. 

Bed bugs want a warm shelter to hide in as they prefer warmth. But the cool nature of metal bunk beds doesn’t provide the warmth the bed bugs need which deters the bed bugs, so they don’t like to reside inside a metal bunk bed. 

Although, metal bunk beds are far less appealing to the bed bugs to get on them but know that there’s no guarantee that they won’t infest on metal bunk beds. It’s because bed bugs can reside in nearly any type of material so the metal bunk beds have chances too. 

Can Bed Bugs Climb Metal Bunk Beds?

Bed bugs can climb metal bunk beds. Bed bugs have a really strong grip which makes them climb up to anywhere in the room including the walls and ceilings, so metal bunk beds are no exception so they mount on them too. 

However, metal bunk beds have a smooth surface, so bed bugs can face difficulties in ascending up a metal bunk bed frame. But as soon as they reach their target spot, they will take a rest and will build up a whole gang of bed bugs to reside in metal bunk beds. 

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So even though bed bugs may find it hard to climb metal bunk beds, their strong traction allows them to soar on metal frames. 

Can Bed Bugs Get To The Top Bunk?

It’s an easy task for bed bugs to get to the top bunk because they can climb up to any height of any furniture due to having strong grips. 

You perhaps have seen mounting bed bugs on walls and ceilings. So it wouldn’t be a surprising matter if you spot them at the top bunk of your bunk bed. 

Besides, if you have a wooden bunk bed then the possibility to see bed bugs on the top bunk is more as bed bugs prefer living on wooden materials.

So if they get their perfect warm place to dwell in, they will not leave any holes and crevices to hide, they will settle down even if it’s the top bunk. 

How To Treat Bed Bugs On Bunk Beds?

Here 4 effective ways have been explained that can help you treat bed bugs on bunk beds. 

Heat terminatess: 

The first and easiest way to terminate bed bugs for good is using high heat to treat them. Increase your room’s temperature up to 49°-50° C and hold the heat inside the room for an entire day to terminate bed bugs from your bunk bed’s frame, hole, crevices, safety rails. Such exposing heat will terminate any exposed bugs. 

And to terminate bed bugs from bedding items, wash them with hot water and dry them in a hot tumble dryer after washing. 


Use a vacuum cleaner with a blade type nozzle to treat bed bugs from your mattresses and wooden wall.

Such vacuum cleaners will enter into every nook and corner and will get bed bugs. After getting bed bugs, remove the vacuum bag and tie it up in a plastic bag. And then dispose immediately. 

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Hot Steam: 

If you can not increase your room’s temperature then hot steam is the alternative solution for you to treat bed bugs. After vacuuming, use an electric steamer to create hot steam to terminate bed bugs. 

Get the steam machine into the folds of tufted mattresses and cracks, holes, and crevices of the bed frame, Then increase the temperature to 50°C to repel bed bug’s eggs and 100°C to terminate bed bugs instantly. Hot steam will ensure you repel the most bed bugs. 

Bug Repeller: 

Bug repeller is also another effective method to repel bed bugs. If heat, hot steam, or vacuuming doesn’t work fully to terminate bed bugs, bug repellers will do the rest job. 

Just spray or apply a big repeller in between the folds of mattresses, in holes and chasms on the wooden walls, under the baseboard, and in voids and cracks onto the bed frame. Then let the areas soak the big repeller. After some time you will notice dried bed bugs. 

How To Stop Bed Bugs From Climbing Your Bunk Bed?

As you know bed bugs can climb up to the top bed bunk as well, therefore, to prevent them from climbing up to your bunk bed, here 5 ways have been described. 

Use Metal Bunk Beds: 

Since metal deters bed bugs to get on it, it’s better to use metal bunk beds to stop them from climbing your bunk bed. 

Bed bugs are not fond of the chilled natured furniture or materials, so they are less prone to climb or reside in metal made stuff. 

Avoid Using Carpet: 

Carpets attract bed bugs a lot so avoid using carpets around your bunk bed. So when you will stop using carpets, there will be no residence of bed bugs on the carpet and they will not climb up to your bunk bed as well. 

Commercial Bedding: 

Use Commercial beddings such as water-resistant foam cushions, pillows, mattresses. So that when you will notice any bugs on your bedding items, you can remove them and wash them at a high temperature.

And the high temperature will terminate bed bugs, therefore, there will be no bugs remaining to climb your bunk bed. 

Move Bunk Bed Away: 

If you have wooden walls, you better move your bunk bed away from the wooden walls. As bed bugs also live inside the cracks and holes of wooden walls so there are more chances that they will get onto the bed as well by climbing up walls. 

So when you will place the bunk bed somewhere else from the wooden walls, they can’t climb on the bunk bed. 

Vacuum Everyday: 

Lastly, vacuum your room, mattresses, and beddings, and keep spraying the bed frames with bed bug repeller to have no bed bugs at all in your bunk bed. So when there is no bug, they will not even climb the bunk bed. 

Do Bed Bugs Go Inside Bunk Bed Mattresses?

Bed bugs certainly go inside the bunk bed mattresses because they are fed on warm-blooded creatures so they try to live near their food sources.

And since humans have warm blood, bed bugs make their residence directly in the tufts and pleats on the mattresses so that they can feast on human blood. 

So you will find bed bugs along the seam of mattresses and even inside bed bunk mattresses. Using a mattress cover can be a good solution for this.

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Do Top Bunks Stop Bed Bugs?

Top bunks don’t stop bed bugs. In fact, top bunks cannot stop bed bugs from climbing up the top bed frame. It’s because bed bugs are not limited to travel on the floor only.

They can often crawl onto the walls, ceiling, and beams; therefore, they will easily get onto the top bunk as well, especially if it’s placed near the wall.  

Do You Have To Throw Away Your Furniture If You Have Bed Bugs?

You don’t have to throw away your furniture if you have bed bugs on them. You can terminate them by using high heat and bed bug repelling spray, or by hiring a professional. Throwing out your furniture will only spread the bed bugs even more than before. 

Bed bugs are such a creature that have no limited space for traveling and can sneak into any walls, furniture, and bed. So they can easily get on bunk beds too if they find a good place for them to live. Therefore, take proper steps to repel bed bugs permanently.