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Can a Bathroom Sink Be Moved? (Complete Guide)

Whether you are planning to remodel your bathroom sink or want to shift it because of better plumbing lines on the other floor, you must be wondering if it is possible to move and install a sink all by yourself.

We may warn you that moving a bathroom sink is difficult, and not to mention, a very expensive process.

Can a bathroom sink be moved?

A bathroom sink can be moved anywhere from a few inches on the same wall, to another wall or a completely different floor. How difficult it would be to move a bathroom sink would depend on where you want to move it. The process is considered expensive when plumber costs are added.

You may have to check on the components of your sink before planning to move it. Moreover, if you are reluctant to dig up floors and ceilings, it’s best if you keep the bathroom sink on the same wall.

If you are not expert enough in plumbing works, it’s best if you hand the moving to the plumber.

Things to consider before moving your bathroom sink:

Moving a bathroom sink can be challenging and costly. Hence, you’ll need to keep a few factors in mind before making the transfer:

How much will you spend:

To be clear about the task of moving a bathroom sink, it is not the easiest and requires someone to be skilled to be able to do it themselves.

Hence, it is most probable that you’ll need to hire a plumber. You should keep in mind how much you are willing to spend on the shift, and depending on that, you may want to determine where you want the sink to be.

Where do you have to move it:

Other than your preference and the cost involved, you need to be able to ensure where you want to move the bathroom sink.

Moving the sink to the same wall is cheaper and easier, whereas, transferring the sink to another wall or upstairs would be arduous. You might need extra help and extra cost.

How is your home’s drain system:

Moving a bathroom sink is heavy work. Other than needed to extend and shift pipes, this job would require you to drill holes in the walls.

Before starting on the plumbing work, you have to make sure that your house has a drainage system that supports this move.

Can you do it yourself:

Like we keep repeating unless you have done some heavy plumbing tasks before and are ready to take on the work, you should keep it to the professionals.

A plumber would cost more, but they also ensure that you don’t have leaks and cracks after the shifting.

How far can you move a bathroom sink?

If your home’s plumbing system is such that there are water lines and drain systems everywhere, you can move your sink to those lines easily. Hence, a bathroom sink can be moved a few inches in the same wall to another wall in the same bathroom.

You can displace your bathroom sink by 10 to 15 inches on the same wall, only by extending the pipes.  

You can also move the bathroom sink to another room’s bathroom or on another floor if there are connectors or lines to make it feasible. You may want to keep in mind, it is always more difficult and expensive, the further you want to move the bathroom sink.

How much does it cost to move a bathroom sink?

The cost of moving a bathroom sink can vary anywhere from $200 to $600. This cost would include the extra tools and accessories that you may need if you are doing the plumbing by yourself.

If the task seems too difficult and you are to invite a plumber for the job, the same cost would increase to $500 to $6000, depending on a number of factors. For one, plumbing costs often vary depending on the rate of plumber costs in the area you live in.

If you are to move the bathroom sink nearby or to a completely different wall would also increase or decrease the cost by heaps.

Furthermore, the condition of your sink components and the drainage system of your house all contribute to how long a plumber needs to work on the shifting, and what the total moving cost would stand to.

Is it hard to move a bathroom sink?

Moving a bathroom sink is challenging work, and can only be done by oneself if you have plumbing knowledge.

Whether moving a bathroom sink is hard would depend on where you are planning to move it. Generally, most people who attempt to move the bathroom sink to another wall or another floor, complain about how difficult it is.

In most plumbing jobs, including a bathroom sink transfer, people usually call a professional plumber, even though they add to the cost significantly.

If you are planning to move your sink a few inches but on the same wall, you can use a few video tutorials to enlighten yourself first. However, if you are aiming to move your bathroom sink to another wall, it is most helpful to have a plumber do the job.

How hard is it to move bathroom sink plumbing?

How difficult it would be to move a bathroom sink plumbing would depend on several factors. First, if you are used to plumbing and have a knack for it, you may find it fairly easy. Nevertheless, without much expertise, it could be more arduous.

Where you want to move the bathroom sink also increases or diminishes the level of difficulty. Other than that, if you have old fittings and a house with faulty plumbing lines, you may find it harder than doing the same in a more modern house with flexible structures.

Moving sink plumbing over a few inches:

Keeping the sink plumbing on the same wall just to move it by a few inches does not require much effort.

This hardly requires any changes, if any. You only have to extend the pipe to move the plumbing.

Keeping sink on the same wall:

Keeping the sink on the same wall is not very different from moving the sink plumbing a few inches.

Usually, most people who want to make changes in the position of the sink plumbing, keep the sink on the same wall and displace the plumbing to another point.

You may want to use the appropriate tools, such as an adjustable tap connector, and extend the pipe lines to where your next drain point lies.

Moving sink from one wall to another wall:

When you have to move the sink to another wall, that’s when you can expect things to get more arduous and of course, more costly.

For this, you would have to dig the floor, along with changing the connections to a new line. If the line is already integrated, you would require previous plumbing experience to move the sink to another wall successfully.

Moving bathroom sink plumbing from floor to wall:

This would be the most difficult and expensive transfer and a DIY is not advisable.

You may want to call in the plumber for those who would have to access the lines between the floors as well. This would mean altering the ceiling, drains, and lines all together.

Switching shower and bathroom sink:

This would be the most challenging task if you are planning to go for the plumbing.

Calling in a professional would cost a lot as well. Sometimes the lines do not allow for such a switch to be feasible at all.

How to move a sink in a bathroom?

If you have decided to move the bathroom sink by yourself, here are a few simple steps you would need to follow:

Find your home’s plumbing plan:

At first, you’ll have to learn and find out the entire plan of your home’s plumbing system. Get to know the locations of the lines as well as the drainage system before you start.

Turn off the water line:

Next, you have to turn off the central water lines so that there is no hindrance during the plumbing job. After shutting the water off, detach the sink from the position it is in.

Take the sink off:

Take the sink off from the wall as well as the drain holes. You may want to close up the fixed holes that remained open after disconnecting the sink immediately.

Install the connectors:

If you are to move the sink to a position where you’ll be using new connections, you have to install the connectors. It’s best to take help from plumbers at this stage.

Place your sink to the new place:

For the final step in moving your sink, you have to install the sink into the new position. Make sure there are no leaks or cracks. Run a few checks after turning on the water line to be sure.

Final thoughts:

If you have a house drain system and plumbing lines that allow you to have sink connections, you can move your bathroom sink. You may want to note that moving a sink is not easy unless you are moving it by a few inches. The cost of including a plumber in the process can also be quite expensive.