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Are Vinyl Floors Slippery? (How to Stop Being Slippery)

Vinyl floors are one of the most durable and convenient floors. These floors have a wood-like appearance but not natural wood. Vinyl floors are elegant with a longer lifespan. That’s why they are in demand day by day.

Vinyl floors also have a polished look that enhances your house’s stylish look. But you might be confused about whether the vinyl floors are slippery or not. This article will tell you about vinyl floors being slippery, along with the reasons and solution.

Are vinyl floors slippery?

Naturally, the vinyl floors are slippery. When these floors are wet, they get super slippery. Though vinyl floors look like wood, they are plastics. So, they have the feature of being slippery. Moreover, water, moisture, oil, grease, dust, or other liquids make the vinyl floors very slippery.

You might think that vinyl floors are wood and they are not slippery. But vinyl floors are made of sleek polyvinyl chloride; they are not natural wood. So, they have the characteristic of being so slippery that an accident might occur.

When vinyl floors get wet, they become more slippery. Moreover, any oily liquid, dust, moisture makes the vinyl floors slippery. So, vinyl floors are slippery.

Is vinyl flooring less slippery?

No, vinyl flooring is pretty slippery. Though it has a wood-like appearance, it has a smooth and slippery finish. When there is any liquid on the vinyl floor, it becomes more slippery.

If you clean the vinyl flooring regularly, it becomes slippery with cleaning agents and over time. The more time goes, the more the floor becomes slippery. So, if you want to install the vinyl flooring in your house, you have to take protection while installing.

Why is my vinyl floor so slippery?

Vinyl floors are slippery. Among the wood-like appearance floorings, vinyl floors are more slippery. You might notice that your vinyl floor is slippery and becoming more slippery day by day. Let’s see why your vinyl floor is so slippery.

Natural characteristic:

Vinyl floors have the natural characteristic of being slippery. Vinyl floors are made of sleek polyvinyl chloride that is not natural wood. So, this plastic material makes the vinyl floors slippery.

Water and moisture:

Generally, vinyl floors are comparatively slippery than other floors. Water and moisture contents make the floor more slippery. When the floor gets wet, it becomes excessively slippery. 

Grease and oil:

Greasy materials and oily elements make the vinyl floors slippery. Even the floor can be accidental sometimes.


Dust can make the vinyl floor slippery. Sometimes, dust can make the floor more slippery than a typical floor.

Cleaners and soaps:

You can notice that the vinyl floor is becoming more slippery day by day. The reason might be cleaning the floor regularly. Cleaners and soaps might make the floor smoother and slippery over time.

How to stop vinyl floors from being slippery?

Slippery vinyl floors can be pretty disturbing and accidental sometimes. Especially when you have kids or an older person in your house. Here are some ideas that might help you to stop vinyl floors from being slippery.

Anti-slip mats and rugs:

You can use anti-slip mats and rugs on the vinyl floor to prevent slipping. These mats and rugs have rubbers on the bottom that prevent sliding on the floor. Place the mats and rugs on the places where you walk the most.

Anti-slip spray:

The anti-slip spray is a more cost-effective solution than others. This spray will make the floor non-slippery. But make sure the spray doesn’t contain any element that can damage your floor.

Anti-slip coating:

Anti-slip coating gives a durable high traction surface on the vinyl floor. This coating will make the floor also water and scratch-resistant. The anti-slip coating is also cost-effective.

Degreasing agent:

Some areas in your home become greasier, for example, the kitchen. In these places, you can use a degreasing agent. This agent will prevent the floor from being slippery.


Cleaning is a simple and common way to make your vinyl flooring less slippery. Use a pH-neutral cleaner to clean the vinyl floor and dry the floor well. Avoid excessive vinegar because it can make the floor more slippery.

Is vinyl plank flooring slippery?

Yes, vinyl plank flooring is slippery. Sometimes, vinyl plank flooring can be so slippery that an accident might occur. When the floor gets wet, it becomes more slippery. The floor has a smooth polish on it that makes it slippery.

Vinyl floorings are not natural wood, but they are made of plastics. That’s why it can be slippery although having a wood-like appearance. If you clean the vinyl flooring regularly, it can become excessively smooth and slippery over time.

Is vinyl flooring slippery when wet?

Yes, vinyl flooring is slippery when wet. Vinyl flooring has the property of being slippery naturally. If the floor is wet, it gets even more slippery. Moreover, when you clean the floor, it can be very slippery until the floor dries well.

If you have kids, pets, and older persons in your house, you should be more careful with the vinyl flooring. Sometimes, the floor might get wet unintentionally, but anyone can slip on the floor.

If the vinyl floor gets wet with liquid, moisture, or other liquids, it becomes slippery. So, you must be careful when the vinyl flooring is wet.

Is vinyl plank flooring slippery on stairs?

Yes, the vinyl plank can be slippery on stairs. Initially, the vinyl plank flooring with protection and anti-slip materials can be safe after installation. High-quality vinyl plank flooring can be safe on the stairs.

But sometimes, cleaning over and over with cleaning agents can make the vinyl flooring slippery. Moreover, water on the vinyl also makes the floor more slippery.

So, you can use vinyl flooring on the stairs with some anti-slip protection.

Is vinyl flooring slippery for dogs?

Vinyl flooring can be slippery for dogs. Especially when the floor is wet or greasy. If you have dogs in your house, you should choose the flooring wisely. Vinyl flooring is one of the best options for dogs for its excellent features.

But vinyl flooring is naturally slippery. It can be slippery for both humans and dogs. Active dogs are playful and love to run and play on the floor. The vinyl flooring can be slippery while running or playing on the floor.

You can make the floor less slippery with some anti-slip methods.

Does vinegar make vinyl floors slippery?

Yes, vinegar can make vinyl floors slippery. Vinegar is useful to clean the vinyl floors. It removes the moisture, dirt, and smell from the floor. Moreover, vinegar removes the oily and greasy element from the vinyl floors.

After removing the dirty materials, vinegar makes the floor smooth and slippery. Wax on the vinyl floor makes the vinyl floor less slippery. Vinegar also removes the wax build-up from the floor and makes the floor slippery.

How to clean slippery vinyl floors?

Vinyl floors can be pretty slippery sometimes and make walking difficult. So, if you want to clean your slippery vinyl floors, you have to follow some techniques. Let’s see how you can clean your slippery vinyl floors.

  • You can clean the vinyl floor with ammonia or water solution.
  • You can clean the floor with a pH neutral cleanser.
  • You can strip the vinyl floor with a professional vinyl floor stripper.
  • Mop the vinyl floor with a degreasing agent and dry well.
  • You can mix one cup of vinegar with one gallon of water to clean the vinyl floor.

What flooring is not slippery when wet?

Slippery floors can be pretty dangerous for both humans and pets. When the floor is wet, slippery flooring becomes more slippery. So, some floors are available that are not slippery when wet. For example, rubber flooring has the lowest slip factor.

Rubber flooring can be used in bathrooms and the kitchen. Linoleum flooring is also slip and water-resistant. These floorings can be less slippery than others. Some other floorings, like vinyl flooring, can also be slip-resistant with some protections.

What is the best vinyl floor cleaner?

Vinyl floors are convenient while cleaning because they are easy to clean. But sometimes, dust, dirt, oil, grease, etc., can make the vinyl dirty and slippery. Moreover, the bad odor can be a big problem when the floor is dirty.

So, choosing a suitable floor cleaner for the vinyl floor is necessary. Apple cider vinegar is a suitable cleaning solution for the vinyl floor. This vinegar removes the oil and dirt from the floor. Moreover, it removes the bad smell and wax build-up from the vinyl floors.

Some pH-neutral cleaners are also safe for vinyl floors. They can clean and make the floor smooth. But make sure the cleaners don’t contain highly abrasive scrubbers.

Vinyl floorings are one of the best options for your home. If you want a smooth floor with an elegant appearance, vinyl flooring is the best. Moreover, vinyl floorings are easy to clean and durable. But sometimes, vinyl flooring can be slippery.

Especially for children and pets. You can make the vinyl flooring less slippery with some techniques. You can get the cleaning ideas and anti-slip ideas for vinyl flooring in this article.