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Are Vinyl Floors Good for Pets? (Answered)

Vinyl floors are one of the most durable floors that create a wood-like appearance. These floors are also cost-effective.

Various types of vinyl floorings are available with excellent features. You can choose vinyl flooring to install in your home if you want perfect flooring at a reasonable cost.

If you have a pet in your house, you might be confused about the suitable flooring for the pet. Because, pets are likely to scratch floors, make the floor dirty. However, this article will tell you about whether vinyl floors are good for pets or not.

Are vinyl floors good for pets?

Vinyl floors are one of the best floors for pets. These floors are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Any house with a vinyl floor is perfect for pets, especially for cats and dogs. Moreover, vinyl floors are water-resistant and durable. These features make the vinyl floor suitable for pets.

Any active pet will tend to scratch the floor or give excess pressure on the floor. Pets might also make the floor dirty with pee, sweat, etc. So, the floor with a pet must have the ability to resist scratches and be easy to clean.

Vinyl flooring is suitable for pets because of its excellent features. Pet owners love vinyl floorings, especially for being scratch and water-resistant. So, if you have pets in your home, you can install vinyl flooring.

Is vinyl flooring pet friendly?

Yes, vinyl flooring is pet-friendly. Vinyl flooring can be a great option for a home with pets. Pets like to scratch, pee, and sweat on the floor. Pets also make the floor dirty. That’s why pet owners emphasize the floors which are easy to clean.

So, vinyl flooring has the features of resisting stain, scratch, water, dirt, etc. If your dog or cat is active and makes the floor dirty, vinyl flooring is the best option.

Moreover, vinyl flooring softens the sounds of pets walking or scratching. These features make the vinyl flooring pet-friendly. If you want to install vinyl flooring in your house, Luxury Vinyl Flooring can be high-quality flooring for pets.

Are vinyl floors bad for dogs?

No, vinyl floors are not bad for dogs at all. Even vinyl floors are the best for dogs. Vinyl floors are scratch-resistant. So the dogs can run and play in your house without making floor damage. Moreover, if your dog pees on the vinyl floor, it will not damage the floor.

Sometimes, dogs return home after a walk sweaty or get sweaty after playing and laying on the floor. The floor might get dirty and get stained. But vinyl floors are also stain-resistant. So, the floor will be okay after cleaning or wiping.

Moreover, active dogs tend to run and play inside the house that makes sounds. The vinyl floor softens the sounds of the dog’s activity. So, these outstanding features make the vinyl floor good for dogs.

What is the best flooring to put down if you have dogs? – Best type of flooring for pets

If you have dogs in your house, you have to ensure whether your flooring is dog-friendly or not. Dogs and other pets are likely to be playful. So, you have to choose suitable flooring for your dog. Let’s see what the best floorings are to put down if you have dogs.

Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring is one of the best floorings for dogs. These floorings are dog-friendly and scratch-resistant. Moreover, vinyl floorings are easy to clean and durable. So, if you have dogs, vinyl flooring can be a great flooring to put down.

Laminate flooring:

Laminate flooring is also pet-friendly. Laminate flooring is scratch-resistant and durable. Though this flooring has a wood-like appearance, it doesn’t get scratch marks from dogs.

Bamboo flooring:

People consider bamboo flooring like wood flooring, but bamboo flooring is made from grass. Though bamboo flooring seems to be not so durable, the floor is amazingly strong.

Moreover, bamboo flooring remains warm in cold weather. These features make the bamboo flooring suitable for dogs and other pets.

Engineered hardwood flooring:

Though hardwood flooring is not suitable for pets, engineered hardwood floorings are suitable for pets. These floorings are water-resistant that makes the floorings good for dogs. The floors are warm and comfortable also.

Ceramic and porcelain flooring:

Ceramic and porcelain floorings are the easiest floorings to clean. If your dog makes the floor dirty, you need to wipe the floor. Moreover, these floors will not make sounds when your dog plays and runs on the floor.

Does vinyl flooring hold up to dogs?

Yes, vinyl flooring holds up to dogs. Even vinyl flooring is one of the best options for houses with dogs. Because, vinyl flooring is durable and strong enough that holds up to dogs. Moreover, vinyl floorings are scratch and water-resistant.

If you have an active dog, he might run or play inside your house. So, the floor must have the durability and scratch resistivity to hold up to dogs. Vinyl flooring has all the features that go well with dogs. So, vinyl flooring holds up to dogs.

How well does vinyl plank flooring hold up to dogs?

Vinyl plank flooring holds up to dogs pretty well. Dogs are pretty active that they tend to scratch the floor. But vinyl floors are scratch-resistant and strong. Even vinyl floors soften the sounds that your dog makes while running or playing.

Sometimes, your dog makes sounds on the floor with their paws. Dog’s natural activities might be irritating. But vinyl floors soften these sounds and make the house comfortable. Moreover, vinyl floors are warm in cold weather.

So, overall, the vinyl floor holds up to dogs very well.

Which is better for pets: vinyl or laminate flooring?

Vinyl and laminate floors both have a wood-like appearance. Both are considered suitable for houses with pets. But you might be confused about the better option among these two. Let’s see which flooring is better for pets.


Vinyl flooring is more water-resistant than laminate flooring. Laminate floorings tend to expand or contract over time. They have gaps in the planks that might contain moisture. So, vinyl flooring is more water-resistant that is suitable for a house with dogs.


Vinyl flooring is comparatively more expensive than laminate flooring. Though vinyl flooring has a longer life, you have to think about the expense of the vinyl flooring.


Vinyl flooring is more durable and has a longer lifespan than laminate flooring. Though the cost is more than the laminate floor, it lasts longer than the laminate flooring. So, you can choose the vinyl floor for its durability.


Laminate flooring has more comfort than the vinyl floor. Your pet and you both will feel the comfortable underfoot feeling.


Vinyl floors have a quality of softening the noise that pets make. But laminate floors might make noise from the pet’s running or playing.

Are vinyl flooring scratch resistant?

Yes, vinyl floorings are scratch-resistant. Vinyl flooring has this excellent quality of scratch resistivity. If you have pets in your house, you need to protect the floor from scratching. But vinyl floorings are so convenient that you don’t need the excess protection.

If you clean the vinyl floors regularly, they will be more scratch-resistant. Even if the scratch is deep, you can fix this by coloring. So, vinyl floorings are scratch-resistant.

Can dogs’ nails scratch vinyl flooring?

No, dogs’ nails can’t scratch vinyl flooring. Vinyl floorings are scratch-resistant. If you have an active dog in your house, you might notice that your dog is likely to scratch on the floor. Even scratches can occur from the nails of dogs.

But vinyl flooring is so durable that it can hold up to a dog’s scratches. Though vinyl flooring has an appearance of natural wood, the floor is plastic. So, there is no chance of deep scratching from the dogs’ nails.

Is vinyl flooring slippery for dogs?

No, vinyl flooring is less slippery for dogs than the other floorings. Vinyl flooring has a comfortable underfoot feeling for both your dogs and you. It also softens the noise while your dog is walking.

Vinyl flooring has the look of natural wood, but they are not slippery. So, vinyl flooring is one of the best options for houses with dogs.

Will dog pee ruin vinyl planks?

No, dog pee will not ruin the vinyl planks. Though vinyl planks have the appearance of natural wood, they are plastics. Plastics are water-resistant and will not ruin from dog pee. That’s why dog pee can ruin the vinyl planks.

Vinyl planks are also so easy to clean. If your dog makes the floor dirty or pees on the vinyl floor, you can clean it with cleaner and mopping. The floor will not smell after cleaning. These features make the vinyl flooring suitable for dogs.

What can I put on my dog’s feet to stop slipping on vinyl flooring?

Though vinyl flooring isn’t slippery for dogs, your dog can still slip on the floor while running or playing. Let’s see what can stop your dog from preventing slipping.

  • Balm to keep the paws away from cracking.
  • Anti-slip socks.
  • Do shoes.
  • Toe-nail grips.
  • Paw wax.
  • Adhesive toe grips.

Vinyl floors are one of the best floors for pets. They are suitable for pets for their excellent features.

For example, scratch and water-resistivity, durability, strength, etc., make the vinyl flooring perfect for pets. If you have pets in your house, you can install vinyl flooring without hesitation.