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Will The Office Chair Scratch The Laminate Floor? (Answered)

Laminate floorings are floating floorings that are suitable for houses, offices, and other floors. Laminate floorings are generally strong and durable. They create a wood-like appearance at a reasonable cost. So, many offices use laminate flooring for their office floorings.

But sometimes, people get afraid that the office chair will scratch the laminate floor and damage the floor.

They get confused about whether laminate flooring will be suitable for the office floor or not. This article will tell you about the possibility of laminate floor’s scratching and its solution.

Will the office chair scratch the laminate floor?

Office chairs will scratch your laminate floor. Office chairs have a rolling plastic on their legs. The chair will make a scratch mark on the laminate floor using it regularly. If you don’t take the necessary steps to prevent the scratch mark, this mark can get deeper and damage the floor also.

People have to use the office chairs almost every day in the office. So, the uses can’t be limited. But office chairs have rolling legs that scratch the laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring isn’t natural wood, but it has a wood-like appearance and nature. Scratching of the laminate floor can be permanent and damage the floor also. Moreover, removing the scratch marks is difficult and costly.

How do you keep a rolling chair from scratching laminate flooring?

Office chairs or rolling chairs are prone to scratch and damage the laminate flooring. But you can keep a rolling chair from scratching laminate flooring if you follow some techniques. Let’s see how you can prevent scratching the laminate flooring.

Put protective pads on the chair’s leg:

If there is no plastic or rubbing material under the chair’s leg, the rolling chair will not make a scratch mark on the laminate flooring. So, you can put protective pads on the rolling chair’s leg to prevent scratching.

Put carpet or rug on the laminate floor:

If the chair’s leg and the floor don’t touch each other, scratching will not happen. So, you can put a carpet or rug on the laminate floor and under the chair.

Remove the chair’s plastic casters:

Remove the rolling chair’s plastic casters and replace them with rubber wheels. Rubber will stick to the floor and doesn’t create abrasion on the floor. So, replacing the plastic caster with a rubber wheel will prevent scratching.

How to fix a scratch in a laminate wood floor?

Laminate wood floors are generally strong and durable. But if you have pet cats or dogs and laminate flooring in your home, sometimes, it gets scratch marks from your pets’ paws. Laminate floor scratches also can cause by treadmills, chairs, or furniture.

If you want to remove the scratch mark, you can have the ideas of fixing scratch from this article. Let’s see how you can fix a scratch in the laminate wood floor.

Color the minor scratches:

If the scratches are minor and can’t damage the floor, you can use the touch-up kit and color the specific area. Color the area in such a way that the color matches the flooring and cover-up the scratches.

Before color or varnish, use sandpaper to remove the excess filler and clean dirt from the floor.

Replace the plank:

If the scratches are deep and the plank is damaged, coloring will not help. You have to change the plank and restore it. After removing the damaged plank, you can use wood glue to put another plank. Dry the glue for enough time.

Use Veneer:

The veneer is a wood-like decorative covering that you can use over the scratched laminate flooring. Natural veneers are also available that you can use to fix the scratch marks.

Do I need a chair mat on laminate?

You should use a chair mat on the laminate floor. The chair mat will save your laminate flooring from scratching. Furniture and chairs, especially the rolling chairs, create scratch marks on the laminate flooring.

After using some time, the laminate flooring starts to get scratches. Sometimes, the scratches are so deep that your floor might be damaged. So, if you want to prevent scratch marks on the laminate flooring, you have to use a chair mat under the chair.

The chair mat will prevent abrasion with the floor. The mat will work as a barrier of scratches. So, if you want perfect and durable laminate flooring, you need a chair mat on the laminate floor.

How to prevent furniture from scratching laminate floors?

Furniture can make scratch marks on the laminate floors. Sometimes, the scratches can decrease the laminate flooring’s durability and damage the floor. So, here are some tips that you can follow to prevent furniture from scratching laminate floors.

  • Protective pad: Put protective pads on the legs of the chairs and to the bottom of the furniture.
  • Mats/rugs: Put mats or rugs under the furniture to prevent scratching the floor.
  • Lift the furniture to move: Lift the furniture from the floor with small slides.
  • Rubble wheels: Use rubble wheels under the rolling chairs.

Will laminate flooring scratch easily?

Laminate flooring will not scratch easily. Most laminate floorings are strong and durable. Even most laminate flooring manufacturers provide a warranty that the flooring will be scratch resistant. Laminate flooring is famous for its durability.

But sometimes, laminate flooring will scratch if the floor gets continuous abrasion or rubbing with anything. For example, rolling chairs will scratch the laminate flooring with constant use over time.

Will Roomba scratch laminate floors?

Generally, Roomba will not scratch laminate floors. Most laminate floors are scratch-resistant. So, Roomba is not likely to make scratch marks on the laminate floor.

Roomba doesn’t put much pressure on the floor. It has a smooth rolling system that doesn’t create excess pressure on the floor. Moreover, the laminate floors are durable and not likely to scratch easily. So, Roomba will not scratch the laminate floor.

But you have to make sure that your laminate flooring isn’t low quality. If you use low-quality laminate flooring, the floor might get scratch marks from Roomba.

Will furniture scratch laminate flooring?

Generally, most laminate floorings are scratch-resistant. A good quality laminate flooring doesn’t get scratch marks from furniture. But sometimes, pulling furniture over and over can make scratch marks on the laminate flooring.

Moreover, if you leave heavy furniture on the laminate flooring for a year, it can create permanent marks on the floor. Rolling chairs or furniture with an uneven surface to the bottom side can scratch the laminate flooring with continuous use.

So, if you want to put furniture on the laminate flooring for a long time, use mats or rugs under it. If there is a rolling chair or pulling furniture, don’t pull it with excessive pressure.

Will jute rugs scratch laminate floors?

Jute rugs can scratch the laminate floor. Generally, people use rugs to protect the floor from scratching. Jute rugs also play the same role. But using jute rugs on the laminate floors might not be a suitable decision.

Jute rugs are made of jute and natural materials. But jute rugs are scratchy that can make scratching marks on the laminate floor. When you use a jute rug on the laminate floors for a long time, it will scratch the floor and might damage the floor gradually.

So, if you want to put rugs on the laminate floor, choose the rugs which can’t make scratches on the floor.

Will tap shoes scratch laminate flooring?

Tap shoes will not scratch laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is suitable for the dance floor or the dance studios. Laminate flooring is durable and strong enough for tap dancing.

Moreover, the tap shoes are designed the way that they won’t scratch the floor. There is a rubbery material on the tap shoes. So, tap shoes won’t scratch the laminate flooring.

Will my dogs or cats scratch laminate flooring?

Generally, laminate flooring is scratch-resistant and doesn’t scratch from the pet’s paws. Dogs or cats nails will not damage the laminate flooring. So, laminate flooring is strong enough to resist dogs’ or cats’ scratches.

But if your dog or cat scratches the floor with high pressure intentionally, it can make some scratch marks on the floor. Moreover, if the laminate floor is low quality, it might have scratch marks from dogs or cats.

Is there a Polish for laminate flooring?

There is Polish for laminate flooring. Generally, laminate flooring gives a shiny look on its own. It has an excellent finish. But sometimes, the finish loses its shiny appearance. A polish can regain the shiny appearance back.

Several polishes are suitable for laminate flooring. For example, Bona Tile & Laminate Floor Polish, Zep Hardwood & Laminate Floor Polish, Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Floor Care, etc., are suitable for the laminate flooring.  

Laminate flooring is scratch-resistant and durable flooring. But some furniture, like the office chairs or the rolling chairs, can scratch the laminate flooring.

If you continuously use office chairs on the laminate floor without protection, it will create scratch marks and eventually damage the floor.

So, if you have a laminate floor, you should follow protective measures to prevent scratching on the laminate floor. You can get the ideas of protective measures from this article.