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Why Do Laminate Floors Get So Dirty? (All You Need to Know)

Is your laminate floor looking like a hundred years old, with no shine and no spark? You would be relieved to know that all laminate floors get dirty quite easily.

Read on to find out what you can do to prevent dirt and preserve shine on your beautiful laminate floor.

Why do laminate floors get so dirty?

Laminate floors get so dirty because they are easily water damaged. Using the wrong cleaners or cleaning techniques is another reason they get filthy. Besides, the laminate floor cannot be refinished for a cleanup. They must be totally replaced which can cost a hefty amount.

Why do laminate floors get so dirty?

Laminate floors look so similar to wood, sometimes we mistake them for the same toughness and durability. Although such floors are exceptional looking and easy to install, they get dirty quite easily. Laminate floors can become dirty easily for two primary reasons:

Laminate floors cannot be refinished:

No matter how similar laminate floors may look to wood or ceramic; the material of the flooring is artificially made. The composite material of laminates is manufactured with high-density fiberboard or HDF.

This leaves laminate floors with a big drawback that they cannot be refinished, unlike a real wooden floor.

When it comes to a wooden floor, it can be completely redone up to 8 or 10 times. So, every time a non-laminated floor gets damaged or even slightly dirty, you have the option to refinish the floor.

Furthermore, floors are meant to get dirty, including a laminated one. Yet, in order to get a clean look in the case of laminate flooring, a completely new one has to be installed. This would cost double than refinishing wooden or ceramic flooring.

That is why many people keep their laminate floors unchanged for many years, even though they have become dirty, buckled, or cracked.

Laminate floors are easily water damaged:

One of the major reasons why we often see damaged and dirty laminate floors is due to their vulnerability to getting affected by moisture.

Although laminate floors are water resistant and can stop some absorption, they are not completely waterproof. Since they are made of composite materials, laminate will get dirtier as you cannot use too much water to clean the floor.

Since more water cannot be used on the floor due to possible damage, a laminate floor can get dirty quite easily if one is not aware of proper cleaning techniques.

Using the wrong cleaning techniques:

What many people with laminate floors are not aware of, are the correct cleaning techniques and how often such a floor needs to be cleaned.

One of the reasons laminate floors get dirty so easily is using the wrong floor cleaners or using too many of them. Sometimes the floor is left with a film and dull look, which seems to attract dirt more easily when too much cleaner or the wrong tool is used.

How do you keep laminate floors clean & shiny?

There are a few simple ways you can follow to keep the laminate floors clean and shiny. Just keep in mind that laminate floors require scheduled maintenance to keep them from becoming dull or dirty.

The following tips may help:


Vacuum or dust the floor regularly. Dust particles settling on laminate floors can cause the floor to slowly lose shine and newness.

To avoid this, use a soft mop to clean the dust or a vacuum that does not use a harsh brush. Vacuum with brooms is a better option as they do not leave any scratch on the floor.

Use a mop and cleaner

Use mops that are comprised of microfiber instead of hard bristles. Combine such a mop with a suitable cleaner, and use the right amount too.

Using too much of any cleaner, with harsh cleaning tools will make your floors look dull.

Dry cloth

 Keep a dry wiping cloth nearby, to clean any kind of liquid spills on the floor. You may want to be alert and be quick after fluid spills, whether its drinks or water, as laminate floors are not completely resistant to water

Moreover, such floors are easily damaged by water as well.

No chemicals

Don’t use any chemicals or solutions, either factory made or homemade that are too harsh for your laminate floor. If you do, it is more likely to take away the shine off the floor.

Avoid wax or polish

 Stay away from cleaners or solutions that have wax or any kind of polish. Such components always leave a film and make the laminate floor look cloudy.

How do you get dirt and grime off laminate floors?

To get dirt and grime off the laminate floors, follow these simple steps:

Hot water cleaning

Fill a bucket with hot water. Although the water does not have to be steaming hot, cleaning with very hot water is said to be an effective and safe way to clean laminate floors.

Use mop with sponge

Use a mop with a sponge for best results. Soak it in the hot water and wring out all the water before wiping the floor. You can add detergent or mild soap to the water.

Use pressure wipe

Use pressure to wipe the entire floor. Get the corners of the room and resoak and wring the mop again if needed.

Dry wipe

Use a dry wiping towel or clean cloth to dry the laminate floor thoroughly.

Laminate floor still dirty after mopping, How to deep clean laminate floors?

If mopping with hot water and detergent is not enough, you may try the following:

Vinegar and Water solution:

Mix white vinegar and water in the 2:3 ratio or 1:3 ratio. Use a spray bottle to fill it up with the solution.

You want to spray this solution to spot hard stains or dullness only, and not the entire floor.

Follow up with a wrung wet sponge immediately after using the solution. Dry the floor areas with a dry cloth.

Window cleaner or nail polish remover:

Spray the area with window cleaner or nail polish remover at first.

Immediately using a microfiber mop or piece of clothing, wipe the floor with hot or warm water. Follow that by completely drying the area.

Again, these treatments are to be used for specific stained areas on the laminate floor only.

How do I get my laminate floors to shine again?

If you are someone who is struggling to bring back the shine your laminate floor once had, you can try this homemade solution to save yourself some cost and time.

To make the solution, mix equal parts of white vinegar with rubbing alcohol. In a spray bottle, pour in half cups of distilled water, and the same half cups of the alcohol vinegar solution.

Starting from one corner, divide the floor into parts and spray this solution one part at a time. You can then follow this with cleaning with a microfiber mop.

Next, leave the room to dry for at least an hour before letting anyone walk on the laminate floor.

The more challenging part is to maintain this shine once it’s back. For this, you may want to dust regularly along with scheduled mopping with hot water and soap.

What is the best laminate floor cleaner?

  • Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner: Essentially made to be used in laminate floors, this cleaner leaves no streaks or film on the floor.
  • Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner: This cleaner comes in a spray bottle and is perfect to maintain the shine on your laminate floors.
  • Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner:  This floor cleaner is an eco-friendly product that contains zero waxy elements to keep your laminate floor shiny.

What is the best homemade laminate floor cleaner?

Vinegar, water, alcohol solution:

One of the most effective homemade solutions that clean and retain shine on laminate floors includes 2 cups warm water, half cups vinegar mixed with equal parts of rubbing alcohol.

Increase the amount of rubbing alcohol and add 2 drops of dish soap for a stronger solution.

Water, vinegar, lemon juice solution:

This solution is mild enough to be used more regularly for spot treatment as well. This would include 2 cups of water mixed with 2 cups of white vinegar, followed by a few drops of lemon juice.

Baking soda, water:

Dissolve baking soda in water and spread on the floor if there is stubborn dirt on your laminate. This alkaline solution is effective in cleaning hard dirt, but you may want to keep the solution on the floor for some time.

If you have laminate floors, you may already know that it is a bit of a challenge to maintain the shine and cleanliness of this gorgeous flooring.

Since refinishing is not an option, regular dusting and mopping with wrung microfiber mops is one way to keep the laminate shining.

You can also use special cleaners as we mentioned or save some cost and shop time by making an effective solution at home!