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Why is My Bathroom Sink Clogged? (Quick Answers)

Bathroom sinks are common and convenient sinks for us. We use our bathroom sink almost every day. So, we might install out bathroom sink either for our daily uses or for increasing the facilities of the bathroom.

However, bathroom sinks might create problems sometimes. For example, the bathroom sink might be clogged. Many reasons might be responsible for clogging the bathroom sink. So, let’s see why your bathroom sink is clogged.

Why is my bathroom sink clogged?

The bathroom sink might get clogged when there is any build-up in the pipeline of the sink. The pipeline might get stuck with dirt, dust, hair, skin flakes, etc. These elements combine with the soap and can’t go out of the pipeline easily. So, after some days, the sink might get clogged.

Generally, the bathroom sink pipe takes away the wastewater and other materials out of the sink. But if the materials are not easily decomposable, the materials will get stuck in the pipeline.

So, the wastewater will not go out of the sink easily. As a result, the pipeline, as well as the sink, will be clogged.

Why is my bathroom sink not draining?

The most common reason for your bathroom sink not draining is the clogged sink. The draining problem might be in the pipeline or the stopper. The build-ups of debris and dirt are the main reason for clogging the drainage system.

Some other elements like hair and skin flakes can also get stuck in the way of water draining. You can use different methods to unclog the sink to know where the problem is.

If cleaning the stopper or the upper level solves the draining problem, the clogging might be in the upper level of the sink.

But if they don’t solve the problem, you might have to use tools to unclog the bathroom sink. So, your bathroom sink is not draining because of an obstacle to the water flow in the sink pipe.

Why does my bathroom sink keep clogging?

Clogging the bathroom sink is a common occurrence in our bathrooms. So, let’s see some reasons why your bathroom sink keeps clogging.


When the bathroom sink drainage line has hair stuck inside, the bathroom sink will clog. Hair is the most common thing that clogs in the sink. Hair doesn’t go away easily with water flow. So, the sink pipe might have clogged hair inside.

Dirt and debris:

Dirt, debris, and other elements might also make the wastewater line clogged. These clogged elements will let further dirt and debris be clogged. So, if you don’t clean the clogged dirt and debris, the clogged sink will be more clogged.

P-trap problem:

The P-trap pipe of the bathroom sink is the bending pipe. Any problem in the p-trap will cause the water and other elements to clog the sink.

Generally, the p-trap pipe is the sensitive area to flow the water smoothly. So, other clogging elements will cause more problems.

Soap scum:

The bathroom sink might be clogged with soap scum. Generally, when the soap chemicals react with calcium and magnesium.

Generally, calcium and magnesium come from the sink water. So, soap scum can form by the sink water and soap chemicals.

Damage in the pipeline:

Different damages in the pipeline can cause clogging of the bathroom sink. The pipe might go through rusting in the inside area.

This makes the pipe narrower. Other damages like breakage and displacement of joints, dented pipe, etc., can cause clogging in the draining line.

What will unclog a bathroom sink?

A clogged bathroom sink is pretty irritating. So, you have to solve the problem to use the sink properly. Let’s see some techniques that can unclog a bathroom sink.

  • Clean the stopper between the sink and the pipeline to unclog the bathroom sink.
  • Mix a half cup of baking soda and a half cup of white vinegar; pour the solution into the sink and this solution will remove the slimy coating inside the pipe.
  • Lift out the hair or debris from the stopper with a drain-cleaning tool.
  • If the clogging is further down, use a plunger to unclog the sink pipe.
  • Use a drain snake that is also known as a drain auger.

How to unclog a clogged bathroom sink?

Unclogging a clogged bathroom sink is essential. Otherwise, the wastewater will not drain properly and make the sink dirty. So, let’s see how you can unclog a clogged bathroom sink.

Baking soda solution:

Baking soda and vinegar are two widely used cleaning elements. You can make a solution of baking soda and vinegar, taking each of them in one-half cup.

Pour the bubbling solution into the sink draining pipe. This will clear the slimy coating of the pipeline of the bathroom sink.

Clean the stopper:

Sometimes, the clogging problem is in the stopper. The stopper is the perforated line between the sink and the pipeline. Clean the stopper with sticks or a drain cleaning tool. This tool will unclog the hair, debris, and other elements.

Use a plunger:

Sometimes, the clogging problem might be further down the sink pipe. Then you have to use a sink plunger to unclog the pipe. You have to block the flow of water with a small rag.

Then keep the sink plunger in the drain of the sink and fill up the basin with water that will cover the plunger cup. After that, you have to plunge up and down to dislodge the clogs in the sink.

Snake the clogged pipe:

You can use a drain snake that is also known as a drain auger. This wire can go up to 25 feet. You have to put the wire into the pipe and take it out. The wire will clean the pipe while coming out.

How to unclog a bathroom sink clogged with hair?

When it comes to clogging sinks, hair is the most common issue. Hair makes the sink messy because it combines the other dirt with it. So, if you want to unclog the bathroom sink, you have to remove hair from the clogged area.

You can make a mixture in a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and baking soda. If you pour this solution into the stopper of the sink, the fizzing action will remove the hair and other debris. The strength of baking soda and vinegar will dissolve hair in the clogged area.

Moreover, you can remove the hair with a drain cleaning tool. If you remove the hair outside, the pipe and stopper will unclog and allow the regular water flow.

Can you plunge a bathroom sink? Will a plunger unclog a bathroom sink?

Yes, you can plunge into a bathroom sink. Generally, plunging is the final stage of cleaning the clogged bathroom sink. If the other ways don’t solve the clogging problem, you can plunge the sink. The clogged bathroom sink will unclog after using a plunger.

While plunging, you can’t use the toilet plunger in the sink. You have to use a sink plunger. Generally, before plunging, you have to reduce the water flow with a small rag. Then you have to fill the sink and let the water cover the plunger cup.

Then, when you plunge up and down, the air pressure will take away the clogging materials and make the sink unclogged.

Will Drano unclog the bathroom sink?

Yes, you can use Drano to unclog the bathroom sink. Generally, Drano is used to unclog the clogged materials from the sink. Drano will dissolve hair, debris, dirt, etc., from the sink and take it away with water.

When you apply Drano in the sink, you have to leave it for at least 15 minutes. Then you have to flush it with hot water. The water will clean the sink after the Drano dissolves the clogged elements.

Why does the bathroom sink drain slowly? How fast should a bathroom sink drain?

The bathroom sink drains slowly when there is a problem with the drainage line. Generally, the problem is related to clogging the sink pipe or clogging the stopper. If the bathroom sink drain pipe is clogged, the sink will drain slowly.

Generally, a bathroom sink should drain immediately after the use of water in the sink. The pipe of the drainage system is wider than the incoming water pipe. So, if you use the water in the full range, still the pipe will drain the wastewater immediately.

But if the drainage is slow, or it takes time to drain the used water, there might be some problem in the drainage pipe.

How can I fix a slow draining bathroom sink?

You can fix a slow draining bathroom sink by several methods. You have to know the reason behind the slow draining of the bathroom sink. Then you can fix the problem.

If the slow draining is related to the stopper clogging, you can unclog the stopper with a drain cleaning tool. You can also use vinegar solution or Drano to dissolve the clogged elements.

But if the problem is still not fixed, you have to plunge the sink. Moreover, you can also use metal wire to remove clogged elements.

Does a bathroom sink need a cleanout?

Whether a bathroom sink needs a cleanout or not depends on the length of the pipeline. If the pipeline is longer than 100 feet, cleanout is needed. A bathroom sink needs a cleanout if the pipeline is in the horizontal draining position.

Moreover, cleanout is needed in every 100 feet. By the cleanout, you can avoid plumbing problems.

What to do when both sinks are clogged?

When double sinks are clogged, you can solve the problem using salt and hot water. You have to remove the residue water from the sink.

Then you have to apply a half cup of salt to the stopper of the sink. After 5 minutes, pour boiling water on the salt. This will clear both clogged sinks.

Final Thoughts:

Bathroom sinks can be clogged for many reasons. Among them, sticking hair, dirt, slimy coatings, etcThe drainage line clogs the sinks most of the time. But you can solve the clogging problem with cleaning tools and cleaning solutions. Otherwise, the clogged elements will clog the sink more.