Why Does My New Laminate Floor Smell? (Get Rid of It!)

Installing a laminate floor in your house or office is a great option. Laminate floors are synthetic flooring that looks like natural wood. That’s why the floors create an elegant look. Moreover, laminate floors’ demands are increasing day by day for their excellent features.

Laminate floors are one of the durable and scratch-resistant floors. But sometimes, you might notice a smell from the new laminate floor. You might be confused about the reason behind the smell and the solution. This article will tell you about the reasons for smelly laminate floor.

Why does my new laminate floor smell?

Generally, the new laminate floor smells of formaldehyde gas. The smell of gas is typical on new floors. Laminate floors emit this gas for many days, but the emission decreases over time. Food, smoke, dirt, pets, insufficient cleaning, etc., on the new floor can also release smell.

New floors are generally not so dirty to spread the smell. But sometimes, you might experience a smell coming out from the new laminate floor. The main possible reason is the smell of formaldehyde gas. This gas often comes out from the floor.

Sometimes, unnoticeably food or dirt might fall on the new floor and spreads a smell. You can solve this smelling problem on your own with some cleaning process.

Why does my new laminate floor smell?

Laminate floors can smell for many reasons. But when it comes to a new laminate floor, several reasons can be responsible for the smelly floor. Let’s see why your new laminate floor smells.

Formaldehyde gas:

Any new floor has some smells of formaldehyde gas. Either the smell comes from the floor or from the chemicals used while installing. The same reason goes for the laminate floor.

When the laminate floor is installed, the smell of formaldehyde gas comes off the floor. This smell remains on the floor and often emits.


While installing laminate flooring, you might need wood glue or chemical with the planks. These chemicals or excess materials might spread smell from the new floor.

Though this smell might go away with washing, you might experience the smell when the floor is newly installed.


Some laminate flooring manufacturers use Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on the finishes of the furniture. These VOCs might emit smells.

How to get rid of laminate floor smell?

Laminate floor’s smell can be pretty irritating sometimes. The smell can spread from different sources. When it comes to newly installed laminate flooring, the reasons might be from the chemicals.

But when the laminate flooring isn’t new, various reasons can be responsible for the emission of smells. However, let’s see how you can get rid of laminate floor smell.


The primary way to clean the laminate floor and get rid of the smell is to wash the floor with a suitable cleanser. You can take a sufficient amount of cleanser and clean the new floor well to prevent smells.

Use vinegar:

Vinegar is an excellent solution to remove sticky dirt and smell from the laminate floor. Mix half a cup of vinegar in one gallon of water. Wash the laminate floor with the vinegar mixture to remove the smell of the new floor.


Mop the laminate floor regularly to get rid of the smell. Sometimes, insufficient cleaning might spread the smell from the floor. So, try to keep the floor clean by mopping it regularly.

Use steam to clean greasy materials:

Greasy materials can spread a bad smell from the floor. Use steam or steam mopping to remove the greasy materials and foul odor from the laminate floor.

Keep the pets clean:

Sometimes, pets can make the laminate floor dirty and smelly. So, when your pet comes home after a walk from outside, or when the pet gets sweaty after playing, wash your pet or wipe the paws.

Cleaning the pet might help the floor to become less smelly.

How do you clean laminate flooring after construction?

After construction, laminate flooring contains dust, dirt, smell, and other things. That’s why the laminate floor needs to be clean after installation. To clean the floor correctly, you have to follow some steps. Let’s see how you can clean the laminate flooring after construction.

Clean dust

First, clean the dust and dirt on the laminate floor with vacuum cleaning or by sweeping.

Make water-vinegar solution

Mix half a cup of white vinegar with one gallon of water. Don’t mix excess vinegar. This amount of vinegar with water will dilute the solution and not damage the laminate floor also.

Mop the floor

Mop the floor well with the vinegar solution. You can clean twice to reduce the smell.

Dry the floor

Dry the laminate floor well after cleaning. Otherwise, the water can damp the laminate planks and damage the floor. 

What is the best thing to use to clean laminate floors?

Laminate floors are sensitive as they aren’t natural wood and contain synthetic material. So, you have to clean the laminate floor with suitable cleaning substances. Here are some substances that you can use to clean the laminate floors.


Vinegar is an excellent liquid to use on the laminate floor. A diluted solution of vinegar works well to remove greasy materials and smell from the floor. Moreover, if you don’t use an excessive amount of vinegar, the laminate floor won’t get damaged.

Commercial cleaners:

Various types of cleaners are available in the market to clean the laminate floor. But make sure the cleaner is suitable for laminate floors and moisture sensitive. Choose the cleaners that remove smell and sticky substances from the floor.

Mild detergents and gentle soaps:

Mix a mild detergent or gentle soap with warm water. Mix the solution until some bubbles form. Soak into the solution and wring out a mop. Then mop the laminate floor thoroughly and let the floor dry.

How long does it take for the varnish smell to go away?

The varnish smell can stay on the furniture or floor for some days to a month. But the varnish smell doesn’t go away instantly. Even after drying, the smell remains on the furniture or the floor.

Laminate floors sometimes need to be varnished. The smell might stay on the floor for some days. You can even notice the smell after a month. So, you have to remove the smell from the floor with vinegar or other cleaning substance.

How do you get dog smell out of laminate floors?

If you have a dog in your house, the dog can emit smells. Sometimes, active dogs emit smell after sweating, and the sweat sticks to the laminate floor. So, the laminate floors also get smelly.

If you want to get the smell of the dog on the laminate floor, you have to clean the floor. For example, you can use vinegar with water to spray on the floor. But make sure the ratio of water and vinegar must be sufficient.

Moreover, many laminate floor cleaners are available that you can use while cleaning. You can also train your dog not to lie on the floor instantly after playing and walking outside.

Does laminate flooring give off toxic fumes?

A laminate floor can give off gases that might be toxic. For example, new laminate flooring emits formaldehyde gas. This gas often emits that can be toxic to humans and animals. Even after many days and months, this gas can emit from the laminate floor.

Most laminate floors are typical and give off gases that can be toxic. But some manufacturing companies are producing high-quality laminate floorings that don’t emit excess gases. So, try to use high-quality laminate flooring.

How long does it take for laminate flooring to off gas?

Laminate flooring can be off-gas for ten years. Generally, new laminate flooring emits formaldehyde gas. This gas spreads from the laminate flooring. Even the gas can be toxic to humans and animals.

It takes months to years to off-gas from the laminate flooring. But the emission of gases decreases over time. Similarly, smell and toxicity also decrease over time.

Can laminate flooring make you sick?

Laminate floorings aren’t that bad to make you sick instantly. But laminate flooring can be harmful in the long run. Generally, the planks of the laminate floorings are joined by glue, and this glue contains formaldehyde gas.

Formaldehyde gas can be toxic and eventually cause health issues. An excessive amount of formaldehyde gas can cause irritation in the skin and cause severe health problems.

Does vinegar ruin laminate floors?

A small amount of vinegar won’t cause any harm to your laminate floors. You can use vinegar with water to wash the laminate floors without hesitation. But you have to use the vinegar in a limited amount.

For example, if you use one gallon of water, you have to mix half a cup of vinegar with the water to make a cleaning solution. This amount can’t ruin the laminate floor. But if you use an excessive amount of vinegar, that can harm the laminate floor.

Laminate floors are elegant floors that have excellent features. But sometimes, new laminate floors can emit a smell. This smell emits from the chemicals or glue used for installing the laminate floors.

But you can reduce this smell using some cleaning solutions. Moreover, you can get some ideas for cleaning the laminate floors from this article.

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