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Why Does My Duvet Cover Not Fit? (Explained)

A duvet cover is essential for a duvet, as it keeps the duvet clean, protects it from stains, mushiness, and potential tears that may damage the material of the duvet. However, what happens if your duvet cover doesn’t fit your duvet?

Well, stick to the last word of this article as we explain all the reasons behind your duvet cover not getting fit.

Why does my duvet cover not fit?

Your duvet cover might not fit because of its wrong size compared to the size of your duvet. Also, your duvet cover might not fit on your new comforters due to the size difference. It is because the duvet cover needs to have a perfect balance with the comforter’s thickness.

There are a lot of reasons why your duvet cover will not fit your duvet, and they are listed below:

Duvet sizes:

The cover needs to be filled with a duvet with the size of plus or minus 2 inches by dimension. However, if you want a perfect fit type of duvet cover, then you will need to buy a comforter that is big enough than your duvet cover by 2 or 3 inches in dimension.

The difference in bed and cover sizes:

Well, this is one of the common reasons why people don’t get to fit their covers. Duvet covers are manufactured in order to fit the same size duvet.

If you have a Queen-size bed and if you go for a twin-size duvet cover, then it will not certainly fit the duvet as the cover will be small for the duvet.

As well as if you go for the king-size duvet cover for your twin size bed, then it will not fit the duvet as the cover will be much bigger than the duvet.

Shrinkage of duvet covers:

Your duvet covers will shrink after you wash them a couple of times. Therefore, always buy your duvet cover a little bigger than your comforter, or else it will not fit later.

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Are our duvet covers supposed to be loose?

Well, duvet covers are made in such a way that they fit the same size duvet. Therefore, if you go for duvet covers that are slightly bigger than your duvet, then it will be loose with respect to the size of your duvet.

Basically, it is recommended that the users should buy loose duvet covers as the fabric of the covers shrink after washing them.

Also, you might get a little loose duvet covers whenever you buy them from the store as the manufacturers made them in order to make them perfectly fit on your duvet.

What do I do if my duvet is too big?

This is one of the common problems among duvet users as they don’t understand what they can do if their duvet is too big. Well, there are a variety of solutions you can go for in order to fit your duvet into the covers.

One solution you can go through is sewing. Sewing is very much easy and a fast, effective solution if your duvet is too big. Another quick way to solve this problem is by using safety pins.

You can also try the triple sheeting process, which is mostly practiced by hotel workers. It is a quick and time-saving solution where you have to drape the upper layer of shit over and over just over the duvet.

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How do you know what size duvet to get?

You have to follow some of the measurements in order to know what duvet sizes you want to get. However, there are also some bed sizes factors you need to take into your consideration. Therefore, we have listed some of the steps to clear your confusion:

Level of warmth desired:

The very first consideration ought to be the level of warmth desired from the duvet cover and inserts. Users may use a variety of materials in their duvet cover, including cotton, polyester, and synthetic substitutes.

Duvets filled with high-quality down are considered to be more insulating and able to control heat but are not advised for those with allergies.

More space:

There should be more space between your mattress and your comforter. However, the length and width of your mattresses are determined by their thickness. Inside the scenario of mattress up to 7 inches height.

Follow the 11 to 15 duvet principle and pick duvets that are 11 inches bigger as well as 15 inches broader than the bed size.

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However, the sizes of the duvet are available in typical sizes, although there can be differences in the dimensions. Duvets for double, full, queen, and king sizes may typically only be used on a mattress that is up to 9 to 11 inches long.

It’s possible that you’ll need to update your duvet dimensions if your bed is larger. A full-size duvet, for instance, is needed in order to drape large double mattresses.

For double bed sizes duvets, the cover size will be between 81 × 87 inches, and for the Queen and King sizes will be 89 × 89 inches and 100 × 87 inches.

Will a king comforter fit in a queen duvet cover?

As far as we are concerned, absolutely yes. However, there are a few things to keep in mind based on what you’re trying to do.

A queen and king duvet dimensions may give you a better idea which will seem to be the nicest and give the proper amount of comfort, although it’s basically a matter of personal choice.

The measurements of mattresses are usually similar among companies, while the dimensions of beds in the same type might differ by over ten inches. A king comforter can fit into a queen duvet cover, while another can slip and lay on the floor.

Should the duvet insert be larger than the cover?

Yes, the duvet insert needs to be larger than the cover, and it can be three to six inches larger than the duvet cover. It is because there will be material shrinking when washing duvet coverings because they are designed to be cleaned.

This means that even though the size of your duvet cover is identical to the size of your duvet, it will reduce by a maximum of five percent, thus fits quite more tightly over the duvet, which will be a perfect fit.

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Why do duvet covers go bobbly?

Because of surface imperfection consisting of tiny fibers, duvet fabric covers might bobble or pill. As a result of the bobble, the covers will appear to have a large number of tiny thread balls clinging to all of them.

Long-term use and cleaning can shred the fiber ends, causing twisting and small tangles. Linen, cotton, polyester, or acrylics are the fabrics that wrinkle even more.

Final Thoughts:

Duvet covers are mostly made similar to the size of a duvet; however, sometimes, there can be differences in dimensions in the case of both the cover and comforter. Therefore, it is suggested to go for a little bigger or smaller size whenever you buy a duvet cover or comforter.