Why are Bathroom Sinks So Low, Small & Shallow? (Explained)

Bathroom sinks are one of the most used sinks in our houses. All the people in a house use the bathroom sink. So, the bathroom sink should be appropriate for everyone.

So, while installing the bathroom sink, you have to think about the height and depth of the bathroom sink.

You might have noticed that the bathroom sinks are low, small, and narrow. So, there might be some reasons behind these features. Let’s see why bathroom sinks are so low, small, and narrow, and their characteristics.

Why are bathroom sinks so low?

Generally, bathroom sinks are so low because they are made considering the height of kids. All the people in a house use the bathroom sink. So, for making it easier for kids to reach the sink, the sink is low. Moreover, a low sink is easy to use because you don’t have to bend your hands much.

When you wash up in the bathroom sink, you don’t want to make the sink area messy and splash water around the sink. So, you might want a big sink. But the height should be at the level from where you can wash up easily.

So, the bathroom sink height is maintained low. Even the standard height of the bathroom sink is lower than the other sink heights. The lower bathroom sink is easier on the arm posture. You don’t need to bend your arms too much to reach the sink level.

The most important benefit of a low bathroom sink is the easy access of kids. You might be thinking that you can install a separate sink for the kids. But when you train your kids with toilets and about privacy, you need to teach them with regular sink.

Moreover, if the bathroom sink is too high, kids might try to reach the height using a stool or chair in front of the sink. But there is a chance of accident or slipping. So, it’s better to use a low sink that the kids can also use.

Why are bathroom sinks lower than kitchen sinks?

Generally, bathroom sinks are lower than kitchen sinks. The main two reasons are easy accessibility of kids and avoiding dirty water splashes.

A kitchen is a place where the kids might not use the kitchen sinks so much. But the bathroom sink is a place where the kids need to go. So, bathroom sinks are comparatively lower than kitchen sinks so that the kids can easily reach the height.

Moreover, when you use the bathroom sink for washing up, a high sink can splash dirty water with germs. This can be pretty unhygienic. So, the lower the sink height is the less chance of splashing the dirty water.

How high should my bathroom sink be?

The bathroom sink shouldn’t be too high. The height might be different for the pedestal sinks and bathroom vanity sinks. Generally, the bathroom sink height can be in the range of 29 to 36 inches.

If the bathroom sink is in the bathroom vanity cabinet, a height of 29 to 36 inches is completely fine. But if the sink is a pedestal, the height should be 29 to 33 inches. You can modify the height according to your personal preference.

How high is a comfort height vanity?

A comfort height vanity is about 36 inches. A 36 inches vanity is considered comfortable in recent years. Initially, people use to install lower vanity of 30 to 32 inches. But the average height of the human population has increased in the last 100 years.

So, now a 36 inches vanity is comfortable and symmetrical with the height of people.

How high should the bathroom sink drain be from the floor?

The bathroom sink drain should have a less height than the sink. Generally, the drain remains under the sink. So, the best height for the bathroom sink drain is 24 inches.

If you modify the height of the bathroom sink, you have to modify the sink drain pipe also. But the standard height of 24 inches should be maintained.

Can you raise the height of the bathroom vanity without buying a new one?

Yes, you can raise the height of the bathroom vanity without buying a new one. When you raise the plumbing height of the bathroom vanity, you might need to raise the overall height of the vanity.

You can raise only the countertop to raise the overall height. So, you can add a new framing with the countertop to increase its height. Moreover, you can also apply faux drawers to hide the seams.

Why are bathroom sinks so small?

Generally, bathroom sinks are small. Big bathroom sinks can be difficult to use for the kids. Moreover, a small bathroom sink is convenient and will allow less water to splash. Splashing dirty water can spread germs. Moreover, a big bathroom sink takes a larger space in the bathroom vanity.

A bathroom has different spaces for different washing activities. If the bathroom sink is too large, it will take a large space in the bathroom vanity. So, other elements on the vanity will make it messy and congested.

Moreover, when the bathroom sink is large, kids find it difficult to use. Besides, a big sink will splash the used water more than a small sink. So, if you use a small bathroom sink, you will remain neat and clean.

Can a bathroom sink be too small?

Yes, a bathroom sink can be too small. Even you can modify the width and depth of a bathroom sink. Small bathroom sinks are convenient for saving space in the bathroom vanity. So, small bathroom sinks are gaining demands day by day.

Generally, bathroom sinks are 19 to 24 inches wide and 16 to 23 inches from front to back. But you can install smaller bathroom sinks also. Sinks are available in 16 to 20 inches wide bathroom sinks also.

Moreover, you can modify the front to back portion of the sink also. So, small bathroom sinks are also available that you can install.

How big should a bathroom sink be?

Generally, bathroom sinks have 19 to 24 inches width and 16 to 23 inches from the backside to the front side of the sink. Most bathroom sinks are preferred to be small. But this diameter is a large size for a bathroom.

You can also install a larger-size bathroom sink according to your choice. But a too big bathroom sink can make several problems. The most common problem is the big bathroom sink will cover a large area of the bathroom.

Moreover, a big bathroom sink will be splashing used water. So, a bathroom sink should be 19 to 24 inches wide.

Are bathroom sinks a standard size?

No, bathroom sinks are smaller than other standard sinks. Generally, standard sinks have 30 to 33 inches wide. But bathroom sinks are normally not that wide. A 19 to 24 inches wide bathroom sink is standard in the bathroom.

Sometimes, the width of the bathroom sinks might be less than 19 inches. The back to the front length of the sink might be also smaller than the standard size.

If you have enough space in the bathroom and want to install a large size sink, you can install the standard size. But installing a smaller size sink is considered in the bathroom.

Why are bathroom sinks so shallow?

Bathroom sinks are relatively shallower than the other sinks. The purpose of keeping the bathroom sinks shallow is to allow less splashing of water. Generally, sinks are 5 to 8 inches deep. But bathroom sinks even can be shallower. This allows washing up without spreading of water.

Whether the bathroom sinks will be shallow or not depends on the purpose of the sink. Generally, bathroom sinks are connected with the bathroom vanity. So, if the sink is wider, the splashing of water might be more.

But shallow sinks splash the less amount of used water. So, a shallow sink is preferred for the bathroom sink.

How deep should bathroom sink be?

A bathroom sink should be five to eight inches deep. The depth of the bathroom sink is convenient for all ages of people. Generally, wider and deeper bathroom sinks are difficult to use for the kids. So, a five to eight inches deep bathroom sink is perfect.

Any depth less than 21 inches is considered okay for the sink. The bathroom sink should have a depth that is not so much or not shallow. If the bathroom sink has too much depth, the sink might be difficult to use for kids.

Kids have to reach the depth level with the help of elders. So, a minimum depth of five to eight inches should be perfect for a bathroom sink.

How to choose the right size bathroom sink?

The bathroom sink size is essential to be right. The bathroom sink is the sink that is used by all ages of people. So, the bathroom sink must have the right size. You have to choose the bathroom sink according to some criteria.

Let’s see how you can choose the right size bathroom sink.


The right size bathroom should have the right size length. For example, 29 to 33 inches of height is perfect for a bathroom sink. Even you can choose a shorter height of the bathroom sink.


The width of the bathroom sink should also be less for a bathroom sink. A standard bathroom sink should have 19 to 24 inches of width. Less wide bathroom sinks are convenient to use without splashing of water.

The back to front width of a bathroom should be 16 to 23 inches. So, you should choose the bathroom sink according to these dimensions.


You should choose a bathroom sink that has five to eight inches of depth.

Final Thoughts:

Bathroom sinks are generally low, small, and shallow. The main purpose of these features is to allow the kids to use the bathroom sink easily. Moreover, a low, small, and shallow bathroom sink will save the space of your bathroom vanity. Besides, the bathroom sink will splash less water. 

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