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What Wall Paint Colors Go with Dark Brown Furniture?

Dark brown furniture is one of those classy home items we don’t want to miss. They make a place look rich and premium effortlessly. Instead many people find them boring as the color brown is much earthier than any other colored furniture. 

In most cases, it’s the wall color that makes people the most confused. If you’re one of those people who don’t know how to style their dark brown furniture with wall colors or what colors to go for with brown, we have all your solutions here.

What wall paint colors go with dark brown furniture?

Medium-toned wall paints work really well with dark brown furniture. Gray, different shades of blue, baby pink, baby yellow, green, etc. colors make brown furniture stand out since they aren’t too dark or light. Besides, warm white and soft beige enhance dark brown colored pieces nicely.

Dark brown is a color that can change the environment of a place when paired with the right shade. Since it’s already a warm and deep color, choosing from mid-toned colors will flaunt the furniture best.

We’ve listed a few mid-toned colors that you can apply to the walls to match your dark brown furniture.


You may think of gray as a dull color if you’re not aware of the soft calming shades of grey. Gray is a standard color that goes well with dark brown decors if you choose the right shade of it. 

As a neutral color, light gray wall color contrasts dark brown color whether it’s a dark brown bed or a wooden bookshelf.


When you pair the warm dark brown with cool-toned blue the outcome will not disappoint you at all. 

Light blue wall paint makes a bright yet cool background for deep brown furniture. On the other hand, medium blue tones along with dark brown pieces will create a relaxing environment. 

You can make your walls deep blue too as it gives a vintage vibe having that dark brown furniture.


Pink and brown both are earthy colors. If you want a cozy vibe with the dark brown bed you got from your grandma, making the walls baby pink is a great decision. Soft pink contrasts deep brown furniture and creates a mid-modern theme.


Yellow is the perfect bright color that will complement your deep brown wooden pieces. Imagine a bright but soft yellow wall against your dark brown easy chair, it will pop up the dark woods effortlessly.


Dark wood furniture on a greenish canvas creates earthy and rustic weather in the house. Be it mint green, or emeralds, brown furniture with shades of green wall color leaves an elegant view.


White is the safest color to put on the wall behind your dark wood bookshelf. But while using white, try to avoid too vivid or crisp shades, instead, pick warmer or off whites that will focus your dark brown furniture while making the ambiance luxuries. 

Does gray go with dark brown furniture?

People owning dark brown furniture often think the color combo of gray and brown won’t work well. Since brown and gray both are neutral colors, it’s fair enough to blame them as a boring combination. 

But let us tell you, with the right shade of gray you can easily flaunt your dark brown furniture

Grey is a subtle and relaxing color. And brown creates a warm, inviting vibe. Mixing them in an interior creates a sophisticated cozy ambiance. 

Gray around brown furniture creates a classic look that’s soothing to look at. Lighter shades of gray among the brown interior balance the warmth of brown color with its’ calming shade. For example, a soft gray wall against a set of deep brown sofas. 

Adding some accent colors with two primary shades gray and brown is an extraordinary idea, so the environment doesn’t become boring.

What color goes best with brown couches?

The best idea to style brown couches is to play with cool-toned colors. As a background to flaunt the warmth of brown you can keep the wall light green, mint, soft blue, gray, or pink. 

You can highlight the tiny details around the brown sofa with warm accent colors. For example, dark red cushions over the couches or neon-colored décor pieces.

Bold colors such as green, terracotta go nicely with brown couches as they uplift the mood of the place. You can use bright yellow, pumpkin orange statements to give your boring brown couches a fun look.

The safest is to use light and neutral shades such as off-white, beige, soft pink, light gray with brown couches. Using these neutrals in different elements such as in the curtains or on the walls can pop up the brown couches making the place look inviting.

What is a good accent color for brown?

To style brown color the use of accent colors is a great move. Here we’ve listed a few accent colors that go perfectly with brown.


To transform a piece of boring brown furniture into a classy one, you can fully rely on fuchsia as it adds glam to the dull brown.


If you want to brighten your brown decorations, yellow is the perfect pick. A yellow pillow on a brown chair you can’t say no to this vibrant visual.


To make a place look soothing and rich at the same time you’d find no better accent of brown than beige. Beige gives a light soothing touch in warm brown.


Teal detailing on a brown chair or couch is very soothing. Teal is a close shade of green so it creates a natural vibe and doesn’t let style look flat.

What paint do colors make rooms look bigger with dark brown furniture?

One major complaint against dark brown furniture is they make a room look confined and small. But this problem can be fixed if you can play with the wall colors consciously. 

Here are five wall paint colors that can make a dark brown furniture placed room look spacious:


White is the best color to choose if you don’t know what you can put on your walls against that dark brown furniture. White walls act as the perfect light background if you want to move the focus from the dark brown around the room.


Similar to white, beige color on walls can make a room look bright and thus spacious. Beige is a soft warm shade thus it doesn’t make a mess when paired with dark brown.

Soft gray:

When you paint a room with soft gray it will create a soothing and subtle environment in the room. The calming tones of gray balance the richness of dark brown perfectly thus your room will look airy.


You’ve already seen many great combos of pink but if you’ve missed it, pink with dark brown makes one of the best combinations. Pink or rosy shades are light and when put against dark brown it helps to reduce the appearance of deep brown. 

Light Blue:

Light blue indicates the endlessness of the sky and the depth of the sea. When used on a wall, it gives a light, soft effect that makes the room look big and well-sorted.

How do you brighten a room with dark brown furniture?

Dark brown furniture is often on the bottom of the list while decorating a room. Most homeowners complain dark brown furniture makes a room feel shady and confined.

So to help you here are some easy steps following that you can brighten your room decorated with dark brown furniture.

Use mid-tones color as wall paint:

Since you can’t change your furniture, change the wall colors. Use warm mid-toned colors such as off-white, soft gray, pink, light blue, etc. against dark brown to make the room brighter.

Keep the height of furniture shorter:

With professional help, try to make some of the furniture shorter in height. Thus the room will look spacious. It will be great if you can make the furniture designs slicker and simpler too. 

Be careful about furniture placement:

The wrong placement of furniture is another reason your room looks messy and small. 

While placing dark brown furniture in a room, keep the larger ones in a corner so that it stays out of focus. Then arrange the shorter ones around the room in order.

Don’t go loud for other decors:

Keep simple and plain décor pieces in the room so it doesn’t look too congested. Use light-colored curtains and bright pillows.

Concentrate on lightning:

Lastly, providing proper lightning creates an illusion of a larger space. Use bright warm lights and shades in the room. Don’t put them behind large furniture so it blocks the brightness.

Final Thoughts

Dark brown furniture looks best with walls that are painted in beige, light gray, blue, etc. mid-toned shades. These colors let the dark brown furniture look overpowering. Instead, these not-so-warm or cool colors balance the warmth of brown shade nicely.