What Throw Pillows Go with Blue, Red, Black, & Green Couch?

Throw pillows are decorative pillows with practical values and these are used for providing comfort while sitting and ornamenting couches. However, not all colors of toss pillows are a good match for any specific colored couch.

So in such cases, you certainly would want to know what throw pillows go well with specific couch colors such as green, red, black, and blue. So let’s quickly find out which throw pillow is the most suitable one for these 4 mentioned couch colors.

What Throw Pillow Go With The Blue Couch?

Soft gray toss pillows with a geometric pattern and satin fabric will suit a blue couch the best. But to have a harmonious style, light blue color toss pillows and to have a contrast look, neutral colors, yellow, and orange color toss pillows will make a striking yet elegant combo with blue couch.

To help you figure out which color toss pillows blend the most perfectly with the blue couch, here short explanations are provided.


Choose soft-toned gray color toss pillows with a white geometric accent pattern and satin texture to style your blue couch and to add in a metallic sheen. About choosing solid and monochromatic gray as it will look dull.

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Neutral Color:

You can choose neutral-colored throw pillows in any shade of beige and cream color and pair them up with the blue couch. It will add warmth and a sense of sophistication to your living room.

Needless to mention white is the most complementary throw pillow color that certainly will go with any blue-colored couch. And will add a feeling of freshness.

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Yellow And Orange:

If you want to go to the bold yet chic side, just choose yellow color toss pillows. Yellow-colored toss pillows will add a contrast effect and will make sure that the blue couch stands out within your living room.

And orange-colored toss pillows on the opposite will offer a bit deeper effect that will make the whole appearance of the blue couch visually aesthetic and pleasing.

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Light Blue/Deep Blue-White:

Light blue toss pillows on a deep blue couch and deep blue-white toss pillows on a deep blue couch will create the most harmoniously attractive look.

Both the couch and pillows will stand out without outshining each other.

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What Colors Go Well With Navy Blue Sofa?

The iconic complementary color yellow goes the most perfectly with the blue sofa according to the color wheel. Orange as an accent tone suits the navy blue sofa too.

For a crisp yet subtle look, neutral colors match the best with a navy blue sofa. And if you want to add a dazzle, then shimmery silver goes well too with a navy blue sofa.

How Do You Decorate A Navy Blue Couch?

To decorate a navy blue couch, throw toss pillows in contrasting colors such as yellow, orange, and neutral color, it will create visual attraction too.

If the couch has sectional then, place a gleaming small toss pillow and faux fur throw to increase the elegance and place an ottoman in front of the sectional.

Also, place neutral-colored accent chairs around the couch so that the couch stands out.

What Throw Pillows Go With Red Couch?

Throw pillows in green, bright yellow, and purple as accent colors will complement the red couch the most as these pillow colors will offer a color-blocking stunning theme. Besides, throw pillows in neutral colors, blue, gray, and warm and cool red tones will suit a red couch perfectly too.

The red couch is a fiercely attractive piece of furniture. Therefore, to make it an indisputable visual point in your living room, throw pillow colors that suit the red couch most are talked about in detail.


To ornamenting modern interior, yellow and red are an ideal match. You can choose throw pillows in any shade of yellow or golden yellowish shade (solid or print) to complement your red couch.

Both the yellow and golden yellowish shade toss pillows will add a warm and cozy mood.

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Green is an accent color for the red couch. Throw pillows in shades of greens such as emerald, pale, gray-green, deep green, sea green, etc. will accessorize the red couch appropriately. Also, will provide a sense of royalty, charm, and sophistication.

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Neutral Shades:

If you want to lessen the radiance of the red couch and make the couch more welcoming, use throw pillows in soft neutral tones like beige and cream.

And to add a refreshing contrast, you can choose white color throw pillows for the red couch.

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Gray throw pillows and a red couch are a modern sleek combination. Especially, if the red couch is an upholstered one, gray toss pillows will dilute the saturation and will offer a calmer look.

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Warm Red Tones And Cold Red Tones:

Both warm red tones such as red coral, cherry, ruby, crimson, burgundy, wine, sangria and cold red tones such as terracotta, mahogany, scarlet, pomegranate, etc. will suit the red couch and will create a red-on-red style.

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How Do You Make An Accent On A Red Couch?

The simplest way of making an accent on a red couch is by adding a couple of decorative toss pillows in accent colors such as green, bright yellow, golden yellow, and purple. It will create more of an accent look if the pillows are printed.

What Goes With A Red Leather Sofa?

Neutral colored backdrop/walls, throw pillows in white, gray, black, or a combination of these colors, warm-toned lightening go better with a red leather sofa. If you want to add throws and rugs, turquoise or teal blue is a great contrasting option.

How Can I Tone Down Red Couch?

To tone down a red couch you can paint the wall in a color such as light purple/orange which is analogous to red. Or you can use throw pillows in warm-toned neutral colors like beige, browns, cream to tone down the bright red couch.

What Throw Pillows Go With A Black Couch?

Throw pillows in shades of whites and neutrals or a combination of the white and neutral tones goes the best with a black couch. Multi-colored toss pillows will suit black couches too. Besides, blue-white to soften the black couch and gray-white to tone down the black couch will go properly as well.

Explanations regarding what throw toss pillows go the best with a black couch have been covered up below.

White And Neutrals:

Black and white, nothing can beat this iconic color blend. You can use solid, satin, faux-fur, and printed throw pillows in white color to create the iconic bond and contrast.

Pairing up throw pillows in neutral tones also makes a pleasing combination. As it brings a saying of warmth on the couch and room.

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Multi-colored Square:

Multi-colored (a combination of red, orange, green, and white) and square printed throw pillows are a good option too. Different colors will stand out differently on your black couch as well as the pillows and couch will resonate by creating a unified style.

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If you want to add a light and airy touch to your black couch then go for throw pillows in a white and blue color assortment. As blue-white toss pillows will soften the bold black color and will associate with the vouch nicely.

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Red-colored throw pillows will work as a pop-up color on the black couch. Instantly, red-colored toss pillows will attract your visitor’s eyes as popping red pillows creates a statement look.

Besides, red pillows on a black couch will make the couch stand out.

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How Can I Accessorize A Black Sofa?

To accessorize a black sofa, you can choose red-colored throw pillows to create a focal point in the room. Or heather gray textured toss pillows along with silver-tone fur throws if you don’t want a visual attraction.

You can place a gray/neutral colored rug and ottoman table in front of the black sofa.

How Can I Make My Black Sofa Look Good?

You can make your black sofa look stunning by placing either a contrasting/pop-up colored pillow or just go for a chic black-on-black look by placing black patterned pillows.

To make the sofa stand out, you should place it in front of a neutral-colored backdrop or a grayish backdrop. Hang some subtle wall prints or keep some showpiece near it. And set a bright light.

What Throw Pillows Go With Green Couch?

The green couch has a nature-inspired tone, so throw pillows in any neutral and earthy tone like tan, brown, cream, will add rich earthiness and elegance to the couch. Gray, light yellow, orange, plum, white-colored toss pillows also will perfectly complement the green couch by adding an accent.

Any shades of green couch naturally bring a sense of nature’s beauty and freshness to a living room, so you must pair up the couch with such color that alleviates its natural richness.

Therefore, here descriptions of what colored toss pillows suit a green couch has been provided.

Earthy Tones:

Green couches look the best if it’s styled with neutral and earthy toned toss pillows.

Earthy tones such shades of browns, beige, cream, tan are rich shades, and when these colored pillows are paired up with green couches together they create a serenity and mother nature.

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Gray-colored toss pillows perfectly balance a contrast between the green couch and the pillows while complementing the couch with an aesthetic look. Choose satin-textured gray toss pillows to make the pair up more stand out.

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Both the yellow and orange colored toss pillows will work as pop-up statement pieces as these pillows will give the room a more vibrant feeling and bold, rich effects.

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Plum-colored throw pillows will add a more depth look to the green couch. Because they both have a grayish undertone so plum toss pillows and green couch will contrast each other nicely. And will offer a luxurious yet chic look.

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How Can I Accessorize A Dark Green Sofa?

You can accessorize a dark green sofa by simply placing earthy rich-toned toss pillows that will add the effect of rich earthiness while keeping it natural. You can also accessorize by adding solid/printed/faux-fur throws in any shade of green.

Adding a wooden toned accent chair, ottoman, rug near the dark green sofa will accessorize it too.

What Color Compliments Dark Green?

Any earthy tones like brown, tan, and neutral tones like gray, beige, and cream commitment dark green. Some vibrant hues such as orange and yellow also nicely pair up with dark green.

Do Green And Gray Go Together?

Green and gray colors incredibly go well together, it’s because gray is a cool mid-tone color and green is a cool tone color, so they blend well.

Besides, shades of green just perfectly blend with any shade of gray.

How Do You Match Couch Decorative Cushions?

While matching your couch decorative cushions, keep in mind the following aspects –

  • Choose three different colors that are related to your couch but exactly not the same.
  • Choose three different pattern
  • Choose a pop-up color
  • Consider the overall style and decoration of your couch and living room
  • Consider size and shape

Final Thoughts:

Throw pillows in any shades of neutral color that will match perfectly with blue, red, black, and green couches. Other than these shades, the blue, red, black, and green colored couch has some of their specific color tones that just pair up with them accurately.

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