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What Size Should Throw Pillows & Covers Be? (Explained)

Throw pillows are an important part in your living room as it enhances the gorgeousness of both the room and the couch to a whole new dimension. Throw pillows give a casual look to your couch or sofa and bring an aesthetic feel to your room.

Therefore, it is really important to have the proper idea about pillow size and its cover. This is why we are here to give you some basics about the different sizes of the pillow and its cover.

What size should throw pillows & covers be?

Well, the size of the pillow depends on the size of its cover. Because the insert of the pillow should be one or two inches larger than the cover. If the cover of the pillow is 16×16 then you will need to use an 18×18 insert in order to make the pillow plumpy and gorgeous.

Standard sized pillows are the best and it goes with almost every couches and sofa. The dimension of a standard-sized pillow is 18 to 23 inches which is big enough to expose those bright colors and patterns.

The covers of these standard-sized pillows should be one or two sizes smaller than the actual size as it will make the pillow fat and solid.

For a traditional look, you can choose pillows with a dimension of 20 to 23 inches but it largely depends on the size of the sofa or couch. Because the size of the pillow and the cover needs to complement the couch or sofa size in order to increase the gorgeousness of the couch or sofa.

Also, if you want an eclectic look on your sitting area in your living room then you can go for the pillows with a dimension of 18 to 25 inches sized pillows.

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What is the average size of a couch pillow?

Square pillows are the most common type of couch cushion. Pillows are usually 17 inches to 23 inches wide mostly on a standard three-person couch having shorter pillows. Bigger couches, on the other hand, frequently feature pillows that seem to be 23 inches in diameter or bigger.

The problem becomes much more difficult if you examine rectangle couch cushions, ones with cutout forms that suit all-around hands of sofas, as well as the unusual couch different shapes that several leather sofa pillows arrive with.

Those dimensions, on the other hand, provide a fairly close representation.

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How big should throw pillows be?

Well, it depends on the size of your couch or sofa because the size of the pillow needs to be an eye-catching perspective. Therefore, it will be better if you first measure the dimension of your couch and then go for suitable-sized pillows.

The optimum throw pillow size for a sofa varies, but basic squares of approximately 17 inches fit snugly on common-sized couches. Extra-large pillowcases with a diameter of 23 inches offer a more pleasant and comfortable ambiance.

Also if you want the standard look to your couch or sofa then the dimensions can be between 18 to 23 inches which are big enough for an eye-catching perspective. Also if you want a more aesthetic feeling in your room then you can go for the sizes between 20 to 25 inches.

These sorts of sizes dimensions are big enough to expose those colors and patterns that will give you a perfect aesthetic ambiance.

What size is a decorative throw pillow?

We have noted some of the sizes of the decorative throw pillows couches for different furniture:

Sectional sofa:

For the sectional sofas usually the decorative pillows have a standard size that can be between 20 to 24 inches. However, if you want to go for the side pillows then the size can be between 20 to 22 inches.

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Decorative throw pillow size on a chair can be between 21 to 22 inches. The size of the throw pillow can definitely vary depending on the size of the chair. However standard-sized pillows will suit all sorts of chairs.

Queen bed:

Well for the queen bed the size of the decorative throw pillows can be 20 to 26 inches. You will need at least 3 decorative pillows and two medium-sized lumbar pillows on your queen bed. 

King bed:

With several pillow dimension options for king beds, it’s entirely up to you and how you present it. The maximum pillow size can range between 20 to 26 inches depending on the bed size.

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The most standard size of the decorative throw pillow for the sofa is  18 inches to 22 inches. However, if you have big sectional sofas the maximum size of the pillow can be 22 inches to 24 inches.

Twin bed:

Twin bed standard decorative throw pillows can have the size 21″ × 27″. The maximum size for a twin bed can be between 20 to 26 inches.

The chart of different throw pillow sizes is given below: 

Throw pillow Size Usage
Standard size21”  ×  26 “For all kinds of use
Queen size21″ × 29″For queen size beds
King size21″ × 35″For king-size beds
Couch or sofa22″ × 24″For couches and sofas
Chair21″ × 22″For all kinds of chair

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How do you pick the right size throw pillow?

It is not a difficult task to choose the right size throw pillow although we have noted some important points while buying the right size throw pillow:

Choose the smaller pillows for the inside part of the sofa:

If you want to buy throw pillows for the inside part of the sofa or couch then you should go for smaller pillows.

The size can be 19″ × 19″ for the smaller pillows and it will make you feel comfortable rather than making you feel the pillows are taking up all the space.

Go for asymmetrical pillows:

If you have a posh living room with solid sizes of pillows and colors then sometimes you can certainly go for asymmetrical options.

Choose the perfect sizing:

In order to make your cushion more substantial, use a larger-sized insert. In other words, if your pillowcase is 20 inches wide and you need it to be extra plump, use a 22-inch fill.

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What are throw pillow covers?

Throw pillow covering or cushion covers are the most frequent terms for these covers. Covers for cushions feature a concealed zippered entrance that may be disguised behind in an enclosure or a concealed zippered outlet just at the underside, reversed side, of a pillow.

These covers are mainly used in throw pillows to protect the outer dust from the insert of the pillows. Also, these covers come in different colors and patterns which is very necessary for decorating the sofas and bed.

How much bigger should a throw pillowcase be than the pillow?

The throw pillowcase needs to be 1 or 2 inches smaller than the inserts. If the pillow cover is 18 inches in dimension then the insert should be overall 20 inches in dimension. Because it will make the pillow more plumpy and gorgeous.

However, if you want bigger size pillows then you can follow the same measurement which is that the pillowcase needs to be 1 or 2 inches smaller than the insert.

How do you measure a throw pillow for a cover?

Well, measuring a throw pillow for its cover is much easier. You just have to pick some of the measurement instruments like carpenter’s measuring tape and then follow our steps:

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Hold the pillow for measuring height:

You will need to pull the pillow from the bottom and top corners tight in order to make the fabric tight. Make sure you don’t measure the pillow diagonally or across the center.

Measure the height:

Now measure the height of the pillow from top to bottom along the edges.

Hold the pillow properly for measuring width:

Now you will need to pull the left and right corners of the pillow in order to make sure the fabric along the width section is tight enough.

Measure the width:

You have to properly measure the width from the left side corner to the right side corner along the edges.

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Should throw pillows be the same size?

Well, in the case of throw pillows, it is not necessary that the pillows need to be the same size. However, in the case of larger beds, there is a requirement that there need to be at least two pillows of the same size. Because it will complement the decorative style with the bed.

How many throw pillows is too many?

It appears out whenever it comes to adding throw pillows to your comfortable chair: 1 or a maximum of 2 pillows is more than enough. Although, 2 additional throw pillows may make a sofa feel crowded, leaving it difficult to sit comfortably.

What size does the pillow go in a 20×20 cover?

You can select fillings that are 1 to 2 inches bigger than that of the pillowcase you’ll be applying to create a sumptuous and packed cushion. Typically, the bigger the disparity between both the covering and inserts the more will be better for a perfect fit.

For a 20 x 20 inches pillowcase, the inner dimension is 22 x 22 inches.

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What size fabric do I need for a 16-inch couch pillow?

In the case of finding fabric for the 16-inch couch pillow, you’ll need a total of twenty inches of fabric to cover the sixteen inches couch pillow shape. Based upon that length, every amount of material you purchase will be 19/44 inches or even 19/53 inches.

Final Thoughts:

The size of the throw pillows and covers will largely depend on the size of the couch or sofas or bed. But you can go for the standard sizes which are between 20 to 26 inches, but it will be best if you measure the size of your furniture first and then go for the size of the throw pillow.