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What Size Screws Do You Need for Door Hinges? (Answered)

There are millions of different kinds of screws on the market. Most likely you have messed up your door hinges if you do not know what type of screw is ideal for door hinges.

Door hinges require screws of the appropriate size and shape. Unless this is done, the door will not fit properly.

What size screws do you need for door hinges?

Generally, an 8-gauge x 1″ wood screw is suitable for ordinary door hinges. Standard doors require 1-inch stainless steel screws. The #12-4″ screw is suitable for metal doors. If you are re-installing a new door hinge, you should use a screw that is larger than the old one.

The size of the door determines the hinge selection. Then the hinge determines the size and diameter of the screws.

Door Hinge Screw Length:

In most cases, you need 7 or 8 gauge screws for a house’s door. Different types and sizes of 8-gauge screws are available on the market. Experts recommend using screws that are at least one inch long for door hinges.

It is acceptable to use 1 1/25″ or 1.5″ screws if necessary. The right length of the screw makes the combination between the door joists and the door hinges durable. Moreover, it can increase the door’s security.

Door Hinges Screw Diameter:

Screws come in two types of diameters. One is the head of the screw, it is also known as the head-bore. The other is the shank hole, which is a sharp part of the screw. Normal hinges typically need an 11/32 inch head bore.

On the other hand, the shank-hole should have a maximum diameter of 5/32 inches. A screw of insufficient diameter could cause the door to loosen.

Follow the list to better understand the mentioned information-

7 Gauge 8 Gauge
Head-Bore Size5/1611/32
Hardwood Pilot-Hole Size7/647/64
Available Lengths3/8 to 1 1/21/2 to 2

What size screws do you need for these door hinges?

Different types of doors require different sizes of the hinges. Let’s to know them.

Standard Interior Door:

Standard interior doors are 6.5 feet in height. The 7-Gauge screw is a suitable choice for the standard interior door hinges. It is advisable to use screws with a maximum length of 1.5 inches and a minimum length of 1 inch.

However, if you want to replace the hinges, you have to use an 8 gauge screw with a larger diameter.

Exterior Door:

It is very important to have a strong exterior door. Therefore, you should use screw number 7 when installing its hinges. It is recommended that exterior door hinges be screwed with screws that are at least 1 inch long.

However, you can use one & a half inches, two inches, and two and a half inches. The diameter of the Bore-head should have to be 5/32 inches.

Metal door:

Large size screws are used for metal door hinges. Experts recommend using Number # 10 screws for metal door hinges.

You can use screws measuring from no less than 4 inches to no more than 5 inches. They should have a diameter of 3/15. However, for a hollow metal door, you have to use #12 undercut screws.

Cabinet door:

Because the cabinet door is not too tightly closed, its hinges and screws are not as strong as they could be. For cabinet door hinges you need to use # 6 5/8 inch screws. Flathead screws are perfect with cabinet hinges.

Garage door:

Garage doors are made of metal, so you need to use 1/4 x 3/4 “screws to install hinges on them.

Fire door:

Use number # 8 screws for fire door hinges. Its minimum length should be 1 1/3 inches. And its diameter should be 9/64 inches or more.

Front door:

The front door of the house is considered a standard door. For regular front door hinges use 1 inch long screws. However, the size of the screw can vary depending on the type of material used in the front door of the house.

Commercial door:

A common type of commercial door is the metal door. To install a commercial door hinge, use screws no smaller than #12. It should be about 1/2 “inch in size.

However, you can also use #10 screws here. Fortunately, # 10 & # 12 both are suitable for commercial door hinges.

Mastercraft door:

It is recommended to use # 2 screws with Mastercraft door hinges. For such door hinges, at least 1/2 inch construction screws are needed.

Can I use longer screws for door hinges?

For greater security, many people use longer screws on the door hinges. There is a direct relationship between the size of the screw and the strength between the hinges and the joists.

It may be necessary to use relatively large screws sometimes. This will not cause any damage to the door structure. A longer screw is secured with the frame of the door. Even if someone tries to break the door with a kick, these screws will never come out.

For example, experts say to use 1-inch size screws on the front door of the house. You can also use 2 or 3-inch screws if you want.

The hinges will stay fastened to the door much more securely. However, it is important to note that the size of the screw can never be larger than the joist thickness, which means you cannot always use longer screws.

How do I know what size screw I need?

For a better understanding of what type of screws will be required, you must know what type of door you will be using.

Number # 8 & # 7 is suitable screw for medium size and weight wooden doors. The size of screws will need to increase if the weight of the door increases.

For small-size doors, number # 2 to # 6 size screws are perfect. However, if the door is made of metal, you will need to use screws of size # 12 or higher.

You may need to increase the screw’s size to make the door more durable. If you’re building a cabinet, you don’t need a strong door; just use number 2 screws.

What type of screws to use for door hinges?

You may feel as if you are lost in the maze of screws when choosing hinge screws from thousands of types. But choosing the right screw for the hinges is not that hard.

Quadrex Head:

Quadrex head screws are widely used as hinge screws. They are ideal for wood doors because of their strength and ease of installation.

Star Head Screw:

You can use this type of screw with any type of wood door, regardless of whether it is hard or soft. They are also known as six lobed screws or star-driven screws.

Truss Head screws:

A truss head screw has a slightly larger head on the side. This screw is great for external doors that anyone can kick in to gain entry.

Flange Head:

For metal door hinges, flange head screws are perfect. This type of screw is very easy to install.

How to measure screw size?

The size of the screw is usually measured in inches, but it can also be measured on a centimeter scale.

Measure screw diameter:

It is possible to determine the diameter of a screw without measuring its diameter. Each screw has a number that identifies its diameter. For example, the diameter of screw # 2 is 3/32″.

However, if you are unsure of what size screws you are using, measure the diameter of the body part of the scale. It would be best if you use a Vernier scale to determine the diameter.

Measure the length of the screw:

To measure the length of the screw, you will need a tape measure or scale. Place the screw you wish to measure on a measurement paper.

After that, mark the two ends of the screw with a pencil on the paper. Lastly, measure the distance between the marks. This distance is the length of the screw.

Thread spacing measurement:

It is relatively difficult to measure thread spacing with scale. A formula is used to determine it. The formula is {Diameter- (Threads Per Inch X Length)}.

To calculate the thread spacing, subtract the product of the number of threads and the length per inch from the screw’s diameter.

Final Thought

The standard size screws for ordinary door hinges are 1 inch long. It will be necessary to use a larger screw when the door is larger and heavier. The longer the screw, the more durable it is. It is recommended to use # 12 on metal doors and # 8 on wooden doors.