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What Size Screw for Ring Doorbell? (All You Need to Know)

Ring doorbell is a revolutionary product that has an amazing success story. The product itself was invented by Siminoff, he was the first guy to invent the world’s first Wi-Fi video doorbell. 

Siminoff wanted to fund this idea and thus went on Shark Tank, a reality tv show where investors would fund and take stakes from different startups or already established companies. 

It was there where he got rejected and it was Amazon that ended up buying the company and now Ring company has a NetWorth of 1 billion dollars. Almost all residents in the USA have this installed in their front of the house. 

The ring doorbell allows us the user to see whoever is at our door whenever there is motion detected in front of it. This works even if we are not home, that is why this device is so popular. 

Moreover, the device lets you speak through the doorbell whenever you want to. There are other useful features, and they are all catered to make our homes feel more secure. 

The installation procedure might seem daunting, but we assure you it is a simple process. However, we need to go into more detail because there are a lot of nuances of the product that you would first need to understand. 

What size screw for ring doorbell? 

There are different doorbells and they have different designs. But the ring doorbells usually have a standard of two different sizes of security screws. Therefore, we would need a T15 screwdriver for the bigger size screws and the T6 screwdriver for the smaller ones, the latter being more common. 

There are two variants of screws for the ring doorbell device. All of those screws will be included in the product package itself, as well as the special screwdriver that we will need.

Below we will discuss the different pieces of the unit’s body and briefly explain where each of those screws goes in. 

Ring doorbell terminal screws:

These are the smaller variants of the T6 screws.   

Ring doorbell cover screws:

If you happen to find yourself in the position of needing to open the cover of the ring doorbell. Then you would need to take the special star-shaped screwdriver or use the T6 Torx head screwdriver as per the size of the screw. 

Ring doorbell Torx screws:

These screws are the T15 screws that are the larger ones and go inside the mounting brackets to mount them to the wall itself. 

Ring doorbell battery screws:

The battery does not include any screws; we can simply push and pull out the battery due to a contraption mechanism. 

Ring doorbell security screws:

These are the two screws on the bottom of the device that we need to loosen when we are fitting the device itself. Otherwise, the device cannot get fitted smoothly. We need to use the Torx T6 screws here as well. 

What size are screws for ring doorbell 1? 

The first ring doorbell came in a package containing the device itself, some screws, a mounting bracket, a user manual, and a quick installation guide, along with other hardware and tools. 

The things that are constant in the packaging are the mounting bracket and the screwdriver along with the screws. Those did not change and would complete the setup if either one of them were missing. 

The screws of the first generation of ring doorbell had the following dimensions, drive diameter of 3mm, head diameter of 5mm, and thread length of 10mm only. These dimensions remained constant for a while. 

Are all ring doorbell screws the same size? 

When you buy a ring doorbell unit, the newest model 3 will contain a lot of things in the package. 

The package will include a quick-release rechargeable battery pack, a satin nickel faceplate, installation hardware or the mounting bracket, in other words, the screwdriver, the USB charging cable, user manual, and security checker, and finally two different sizes screws. 

One is the bigger one which is the T15 screwdriver and then there is the second one, which is smaller compared to the above-mentioned one. The smaller one is known as the T6 Torx standard screw size. 

Therefore, we can finally say that all ring doorbell screws are in fact not the same size. As they contain two different sizes of screws. 

What are the sizes of these screws for the ring doorbell? 

The ring doorbell comes along with 2 different sizes of screws. These screws are specially designed for the product itself and it will be hard for any of us to find them in the local hardware store. 

There have been many instances where people have lost the screws while installing the device or somehow misplaced them somewhere. Well in those cases, we can just get in contact with the support of Ring and they will generously provide us a new pair of screws for the unit without charge. 

Though there have been many cases of such incidents, hardly has it been that they have charged for those screws. However, if you for some reason cannot get into contact with them and is in need of a pair of screwdrivers for the device. Then keep reading below to know more about the particular sizes. 

Mounting screws:

The mounting screws of the ring doorbell are the T6 Torx drivers. There is another variant of the same star-shaped screwdriver present in the package. Those are the larger variants known as the T15 Torx drivers.   

Self-tapping screws:

The self-tapping screws have the dimensions of 3.8mm x 38mm. 

What screws do you use to ring the doorbell? 

When it comes to mounting our ring video doorbell. Then we first need to mount the bracket that comes included with the package. The mounting bracket needs to be aligned with the wall and not completely flat. 

After that, we can use the included screwdrivers and the four included screwdrivers that we need to mount the device to the wall completely secured. To ensure nothing happens to the procedure we first need to loosen the two bottom security screws about ¼” inches. 

Then we use the screws that are included in the box known as Torx T6 drivers. These are standard for the ring doorbell unit. However, since they come in two different screws the T15 screws are the larger ones when compared to the T6. 

After aligning all the four screws in place we need to make sure all the required wires have been fed to the device. Make sure that all the T6 screws are tucked in, then the setup procedure will be complete. 

How do you put a screw in a Ring doorbell? 

The ring doorbell has one of the easiest understanding installing processes where you can get the device up and running in just a matter of minutes. Regardless of that, here are the three easy steps to get your ring doorbell up and running in no time. 

Security screws are unscrewed about ¼” inches: 

Once we install the mounting bracket, we need to make sure that the security screws are unscrewed about ¼” inches. Then we simply align the hooks of the device and the hooks on the mounting bracket. 

Sometimes this process is not as simple as it sounds. The device might not just get in place due to the unloosened screws and in another case, that is basically due to the mounting bracket being completely flat against the wall. 

Push the doorbell in toward the wall: 

Once we get the device aligned and ready, we push the doorbell in toward the wall by applying some pressure downwards. As we do this, if we see the sides and the top of the doorbell are perfectly fitted in place, then we proceed on tightening the screws. 

Check the mounting bracket: 

If for some reason we are unable to tighten the screws then it could be due to the device not being a snuggly fit. 

If that is the case, loosen the two security screws again and then check the mounting bracket if it is not straight, with a bit of trial and error your ring doorbell will fit snuggly. 

Final Thought 

The Ring doorbell unit has two different variants of screws for its installation process. Both of which are included in the package. They make these screws unique for security purposes. They also include the screwdriver that is needed to operate the T15 Torx and T6 Torx drivers.