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What Size Screw for Cabinet Knobs & Hinges? (Quick Answers)

Are considered an essential element in any type of hardware project. Generally, it is used to hold any object with another by tightening the screw. In today’s article, we will discuss the size of screws for cabinet knobs and hinges. 

What size screw for cabinet knobs and hinges? 

In most cases, the majority of cabinet knobs are tightened with #8 machine screws. To be specific, it is recommended to use #8-32 threading screws for the cabinet knobs as well as hinges. The screw you’re going to use should be 1/4 inch longer than the thickness of your cabinet door.

Screws are considered an essential part of every hardware-related project. It is used in almost every type of fittings to make them hold tightly on the frames. The screws are usually made using zinc so that they do not rust quickly.

There are different types of screws available based on their size and width. However, the size and diameter of the screws vary depending on the applications. Screws can be used in different types of applications.

For example, there are used in drawer knobs and pulls, and even in hinges as well. So, if you’re looking for the size of screw for cabinet knobs and hinges, it is highly recommended for you to use standard #8-32 threading.

It is a common type of screw used for the majority of cabinet knobs and pulls. The trust head of the screws is designed in such a way that it has a flatter profile than the regular Roundhead screw.

It is coated using zinc so that the screw does not rust very quickly. One pack of #8-32 consists of 24 pieces of screws. Below is a brief discussion on screws that are used in different parts of furniture: 

Cabinet knob: 

The common size of screw that is used for cabinet knobs is considered 8-32 x 1-3/4″ Knob/Pull Machine Screws.

Each bag of 8-32 contains 24 pieces of screws. These are considered an ideal option for the cabinet knobs and they will fit them properly.

Cabinet handle: 

There are many different options of screws available in the market to use. But it is recommended to use 8-32 screws.

It will provide you with maximum efficiency and they are the most accurate measured screws for your cabinet handle. Usually, the screws are zinc plated which helps them to increase their life span.

Cabinet hinge: 

It is recommended that you use Pan head screws which are great for flat surfaces such as the hinges. You can use them on any type of hinges.

One pack of Pan Head contains 100 pieces of screws. These are considered one of the most accurately measured screws that are perfectly adjustable with your hinges.

Using the screws will provide you with maximum convenience and efficiency.

Are cabinet screws different? 

Generally, there are different types of screws available for different applications. So each of the screws will be different from the others. The shape, design, and white differentiates a screw from the others.

That is why screws are always recommended to use in different applications so that they can adjust to the gaps properly.

When you consider using cabinet screws, you cannot use any other type of screws such as wood screws. Because the shape of cabinet screws is significantly different from the wood screws.

However, the rest of the body of both types of screws is almost similar to each other. In addition to that, the top of the head differentiates the screws primarily so that they can be used for different purposes.

Do all types of cabinets require same size screws? 

No, all types of cabinets do not require the same size of screws. Cabinets are usually made using different types of compounds. As a result, the type of cabinets has different thickness.

So, you should use a different type of screws. You may consider using drywall screws on the cabinets, but some better options will provide you with better results.

That is why you should have a clear idea of which type of screw should be suitable for a specific type of cabinet. Below is a brief discussion on which type of screw is recommended to use in a different type of cabinets: 

Kitchen cabinet: 

It is important to use the right-sized screw so that you can attach the cabinets smoothly and properly. That is why you should use a No. 8 2¼-inch-long trim-head screw with a fine thread which is highly suited for hardwood. 

Wall cabinet: 

Using the right type of screws on wall cabinets will provide you with a proper finish.

That is why it is recommended to follow the instructions and make sure to use a minimum of an 8-gauge 65MM screws when attaching cabinets to a stud wall.

GRK cabinet: 

Generally, there are specially patented designed screws available for specific use in GRK cabinets.

That is why you should use screws that are manufactured in 4MM diameter. Screws will be able to fit in the GRK cabinets properly.

Upper cabinet: 

When attaching the upper cabinets, you should use eight or 10 number screws that are approximately 31/2 inches long.

What types of screws to use for cabinet knobs, handles, and hinges? 

Some specific types of screws should be used in a specific type of cabinets so that they can adjust to it properly.

Since there are different types of furniture and they are made using different materials, there isn’t one size or type of screw that should work with all of them.

In addition to that, there are specific types of screws that are usually recommended to use for cabinet knobs, handles, and hinges.

Each hardware product has a specific depth so that it can adjust a specific type of screw inside of it and attach to the object. Some screws will be able to provide you with maximum effectiveness and protection against corrosion.

That is why you should be careful when choosing the right type of screws for a specific type of project and hardware. Below is a brief discussion on a few types of screws that are recommended to use for cabinets, knobs, handles, and hinges: 

8-32 threading: 

#8-32 threading screws are an ideal option for any type of hardware project such as cabinets are knobs. There can also be used in handles and hinges. 

8 x 1-1/4″ Wood Screws: 

Wood screws can be considered an ideal choice, and since they have a bronze finish so they will be able to protect against corrosion. 

8-32 X 3/4-inch screws: 

#8-32 X 3/4-inch screws are roundhead, Philips combination screws are made using stainless steel and will be able to provide you with maximum effectivity.

How far should a cabinet screw go into a stud? 

It depends on the length of a screw and how far it should go. In a stud of a cabinet. Some screws are made using a different type of length. Each type of screw is used based on the specific type of project.

That is why you cannot use the same type of screw-on any type of hardware project you like.

In addition to that, screws to be on the safe side, it is recommended to use the type of 2-3/4-inch screws which will be able to penetrate at least one to half an inch inside the wall or cabinet.

That is why it should be considered a safe depth for the screw to go into a stud. In most cases, the screws are made using high-quality materials such as aluminum, bronze, or zinc, which helps them to prevent getting affected by corrosion and get damaged.

You should also make sure that you use the right type of screws depending on their head type so that they can adjust on the surface properly.

How many screws to use per cabinet? 

Depending on your cabinet size and design, you may need to use multiple amounts of screws to attach the cabinet.

But a general rule of thumb is to use at least four fasteners in strong locations of each cabinet so that they can be able to hold or stick to any object you are attaching to.

In addition to that, if you want to ensure more safety and strong attachments of the cabinet to the walls or any surface, you can try using multiple screws on. The cabinet so that it can be able to hold more strongly on the walls or any surface.

The only thing you need to make sure that you’re using the right type of screws for your specific projects so that they can adjust with the surface properly and are attached to the wall or other cabinets strongly.

Final Thoughts

There are different screws available for different projects. You cannot use a specific type of screw for all types of hardware-related work. It is recommended to use #8-32 screws for your cabinet knobs and hinges that will suit them best and have accurate head types to adjust with the surface.