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What Replaces a Bryant Breaker? (Read This First!)

A circuit breaker is a safety device that protects your electric device from the overflow of electricity or short-circuits. It has become an essential home appliance for today’s world. We have hundreds of different electrical devices, and we need to ensure safety.

That’s why we use circuit breakers. They also play a vital role in preventing unwanted electrical accidents, including fire. In this case, Bryant Breaker has earned the user’s trust and led the market. But it has rivals too.

Today, we will look for the best circuit breaker to replace the Bryant breaker. Are you excited to know the replacement? You’re most welcome.

What replaces a Bryant breaker?

Eaton Cutler-Hammer 20 Amp 2 in. Double-Pole Type BR replaces a Bryant breaker. It has all the necessary qualities to be compatible with your Bryant circuit breaker. It can prevent the overload of electric flow and protect your entire home electrical system. However, there are more.

Let’s see if the following circuit breakers can replace Bryant breakers or not – 

Siemens Circuit Breaker:

If you find the Bryant circuit breaker is too costly and you cannot find the proper replacement for it, you may consider buying Siemen Circuit Breaker. 

Siemen also has most of the protective mechanisms that prevent the electric overflow and inhibit short-circuit.

Moreover, these circuits are user-friendly. Anyone can use them safely and protect the electric system from overflow. Furthermore, it is budget-friendly too. You will get all the features you need to replace the Bryant circuit. 

That’s why it can replace the Bryant breaker perfectly.

Are these breakers interchangeable with Bryant?

Let’s walk through the end of this section to find out if the following breakers are interchangeable with Bryant breakers –

Square D Breakers:

You will find very few breakers that genuinely replace Bryant. The same goes for the Square D Breakers. It is also an excellent circuit breaker. But it cannot work like Bryant breakers.

It will do the typical job of preventing the overflow of electricity. But you cannot use it like Bryant. So, it becomes problematic when you want a true replacement of your existing circuit.

Basic functionality would be the same, but the process and additional features are different. That’s why you cannot interchange Bryant with Square D Breakers.

Eaton breakers:

We have described Eaton Cutler-Hammer that you can use instead of Bryant breaker. It’s a perfect substitute product. But, you won’t find any other breaker from Eaton that is interchangeable with Bryant.

So, it’s advised not to interchange Bryant with other Eaton breakers. They will not serve your purpose. So, make your decision wisely.

GE breakers:

GE breakers is another excellent circuit breaker that can be interchangeable with Siemens breakers. It will be compatible, and it will serve most of your required purposes.

However, you cannot interchange GE breakers with Bryant. Functionalities are different though GE can also prevent short-circuit and electric overflow. And, it’s a renowned brand in the electric industry.

Murray breakers:

People often ask if they can interchange Bryant with Murray breakers. The answer would be no. You cannot interchange Murray with Bryant. They are different from every angle.

However, Murray breakers can be interchangeable with Square D and similar breakers. It will be easier than before. Moreover, it can serve the primary purpose of a circuit breaker. It will save your device from damage through the electric overflow.

Does it matter what brand of breaker you use?

It does matter what brand of breaker you use. Your electric system safety mostly depends on a circuit breaker. It will be a mess if you fail to find the right one. Let’s see why it matters what brand of breaker you use.


Quality depends on the excellent product and good brand as well. It is a good practice to use branded products because they ensure quality in most cases. You might have a different perspective, but it’s true.

Therefore, you should use a branded circuit breaker. It will ensure the quality and safety features. If you go for any unknown breaker, it might come with poor quality.


You should use interchangeable circuit breakers. Therefore, you can change your existing breaker with another one quickly. And, it will only be possible if you use a well-known brand of breakers.

Here, the brand plays a crucial role. You cannot interchange unless you know what brand’s product you are using. It will help you to search for a similar one.

Struggle to change:

If you use a rare circuit breaker and set up your electric system accordingly, you will struggle to change or replace it. Here the brand matters a lot. If you used the branded one, you could easily find a replacement.

For example, if you use Siemens circuit breakers, you will find many similar or replacement options. It’s a good thing. But if you use Bryant breakers, it will not be easy to get the perfect substitute. That’s why brand matters.

How do you know if a breaker is compatible?

Knowing your breaker is compatible would be a challenging task. But, you can follow some tips that will show you whether your breaker is compatible or not.

Check your existing circuit breaker:

First, you need to check your existing circuit breaker. It has everything written on its body. It will be your best way to know whether a breaker is compatible or not.

Mainly, manufacturers write all the features on the breaker’s skin. That’s why you need to check the features and similar features of other circuit breakers.

Check out other breakers’ features:

Those tips will help you choose the replacement and check out other breakers’ features. However, you should check the capability and working procedure to make it clearer. 

That’s how you will check the compatibility.

Go for similar types:

Replacing your existing breaker with another brand would be easier if you go for similar types of breakers. For example, Siemens can replace D Square. It’s a good thing.

You need to find out this type of similar product. It would be easier and effective as well.

UL classified replacement chart:

Another great way to know if your breakers are interchangeable. You can search the name from the UL classified replacement chart. It will help you to know which one is compatible.

It’s the most reliable and trusted source to check the compatibility of circuit breakers. You can google it and find the UL chart in a while.

Are Siemens breakers a Ul classified replacement for Bryant breakers?

Siemens breakers are not a UL classified replacement for Bryant breakers. They are entirely different from each other. But you can replace your Bryant Breaker with Siemens breakers.

As we have already said, Siemens breakers are an excellent replacement for Bryant breakers. They are inexpensive and cost-effective. Moreover, you will get all the output from Siemens breakers.

They can protect your device from electric overflow and short-circuit. That means you will not lose any essential features.

How to replace a Bryant circuit breaker?

Replacing a Bryant circuit breaker is not a difficult task. You can do it by following some quick steps. Before that, you need to follow some safety precautions.

You will work with electricity. Therefore, you need to power off your main switch of the device. It would be best if you detached it completely. For extra safety steps, you can wear an anti-electric dress or gloves.

After doing all the safety measurements, you are ready to follow the below steps.

Turn the power off:

Turn the device power off. It’s a must-do job to replace the Bryant circuit breaker. The circuit breaker contains unusual and abnormal electric flow. So, you must power off the entire device.

Unscrew the cover panel:

Now, you need to unscrew the cover panel from the circuit breaker. In this case, you can use a large screwdriver. It will help you to maintain safety and unscrew the panel quickly.

Detach the black wire:

After removing the panel, you will see a black wire in the Bryant circuit breaker. Don’t try to remove it with your bare hand. Use that long screwdriver and detach the black wire carefully.

Attach the removed black wire:

Now, it’s time to attach the removed black wire to the terminal screw. You will use your new Bryant circuit breaker or the compatible one here. And, you will get the new terminal point as well. 

There you need to put the black wire and tight the screw.

Replace the new Bryant circuit breaker:

Now, replace the new Bryant circuit breaker with the old position. You should place it properly. Try to push it softly and make it tight.

Close the panel:

You have done it correctly. Now, close the panel with your screwdriver. And then power it on. But keep the safety distance. It’s a must for dealing with electricity.

Final thoughts

If you want a suitable replacement of Bryant breakers, you can check Eaton Cutler-Hammer 20 Amp 2 in. Double-Pole Type BR. It is the best replacement for Bryant breakers. You will get everything from it. For instance, it will protect devices from electric overflow and short-circuit.