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What is a Vinyl Floor Cloth? (All You Need to Know)

Vinyl floor cloth offers an elegant and beautiful appearance on the floor. People are using vinyl floor cloths instead of mats or rugs on the floor nowadays. Vinyl floor cloths have hundreds of designs that you can modify according to your choice.

Some vinyl floor cloth provides a vintage look that enhances your house’s appearance. These days, vinyl floor cloth is so popular. But you might don’t have an idea about what a vinyl floor cloth is. This article will tell you about vinyl floor cloth and its usages.

What is a vinyl floor cloth?

Vinyl floor cloth is a heavy cloth that creates a vinyl floor-looking appearance on the floor. These clothes are durable and easy to clean. Generally, vinyl floor cloth is made of canvas, flannel, or cotton. Sometimes, the canvas is coated with gesso and varnished to make the cloth water-resistant.

The idea of vinyl floor cloth came from vintage old clothes. Vinyl floor cloths are durable and flexible. They are also pretty easy to clean. When you lay the vinyl floor cloth on the floor, it remains flat.

You can use the vinyl floor cloth as an alternative to rugs. You can use these floors in front of doors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Vinyl floor cloth can be modified to make waterproof and non-slip floor cloth.

What are vinyl floor cloths made of?

Vinyl floor cloths are made of cotton cloth most of the time. Sometimes, vinyl cloths are made of canvas and coated with gesso. The fabrics used for making vinyl floor cloths are heavy and thick.

Sometimes, people use heavy woven fabric to make vinyl floor cloths. Cotton duck, denim, flannel, etc., are also used to make vinyl floor cloths.

If the canvas is used to make a vinyl cloth floor, the canvas is varnished to make it waterproof. Sometimes, the canvas is painted to create different looks.

How to make a vinyl floor cloth?

Vinyl floor cloth contains the materials you can find in your home. So, making a vinyl floor cloth isn’t that difficult. Let’s see how you can make a vinyl floor cloth.

Cut the backing:

Many vinyl floor cloths are in the form of canvas. But if you want to make the cloth with a cotton covering, you might choose the backing from a linoleum sheet or vinyl sheet. Cut the backing with a measurement of the place where you want to install the vinyl floor cloth.

Select the cloth:

Select the piece of vinyl floor cloth according to the decoration of the room. Make sure the fabric doesn’t look weird with the flooring. Try to select an antique or vintage color cloth.

Use adhesive and fold the cloth:

Spray adhesive materials on the back of the vinyl cloth and fold the edges of the cloth as you are wrapping a gift. After folding, use duct tape to secure the edges.

Use Polycrylic:

Use Polycrylic coating on the front side of the cloth. This coating will protect the cloth from the water and other damaging elements. Dry the Polycrylic well for two to three days before using the floor cloth.

Color and varnish:

Color the cloth according to your choice if the print is not beautiful. You can also varnish the front side of the cloth to make it shiny.

How to install vinyl floor cloths?

Installing vinyl floor cloths is more likely to make vinyl floor cloths. For installing the vinyl floor clothes, you have to go through some steps. Let’s see the steps that you can follow to install vinyl floor cloths.

Choose the vinyl and cut:

Choose the vinyl piece that suits your floor and other decorations. After deciding on the vinyl piece, cut the floor cloth to a manageable size. If you want to use the cloth in front of the door, cut the piece into 2×3 size.

Spray Adhesive:

Spray a good amount of adhesive on the vinyl floor and keep the cloth on top of the adhesive. Make sure you don’t wait too long. Otherwise, air bubbles may form or damage the adhesive’s property.

Secure the edges:

Fold the edges of the vinyl floor cloth to the back part. Use duct tape to secure the fold with the cloth. This will make the cloth piece secure and keep it in place.

Coat Polycrylic:

Coat the vinyl cloth with Polycrylic on the front side of the cloth to make the cloth water-resistant. Dry the coating well for two to three days. If you want to add more protection, coat the Polycrylic multiple times.

Place the floor cloth:

Place the vinyl floor cloth on the area where you wanted to install the cloth. Make sure the cloth is completely dry and clean. If the vinyl floor cloth is dirty, you can follow the next segment to clean the vinyl floor cloths.

How do you clean vinyl floor clothes?

Like your flooring, you also have to clean the vinyl floor cloths. When you use the vinyl floor clothes regularly, they must be dirty sometimes.

So, you need to clean it properly. But all the cleaning elements are not suitable for the vinyl floor clothes. Let’s see how you can clean the vinyl floor clothes.


Vacuum the vinyl floor cloth regularly. If you vacuum the cloth every day, the cloth will be more durable. Vacuuming will remove all the dirt, dust, and debris from the clothes.

Make a cleaning solution:

Vinegar is a safe liquid for cleaning vinyl floor cloths. Make a cleaning solution with vinegar. Add vinegar with water at a 1:1 ratio. Don’t mix excess vinegar with water that might damage the vinyl floor cloth.

Wipe or mop the floor cloth:

Use a mop or soft sponge and wipe the floor cloth with the cleaning solution. Don’t use detergent or heavy-duty cleaners to clean the vinyl floor cloth. Moreover, don’t use ammonia-based cleaners that might damage the floor cloth.

Clean and dry:

At last, wash the cloth with clean water and dry well before using it on the floor. Don’t use other cleaners after rinsing with water.

How much does vinyl floor cloth cost?

Vinyl floor cloths are pretty cost-effective. Many designs and colours are available at different prices. But all the vinyl floor clothes are affordable.

You can find a vinyl floor cloth starting from $30. You can get vinyl floor cloths for less than $30, but they can be low-quality.

The average cost of vinyl floor cloth is between $30 to $80. Some vinyl floor cloths might be of high price if they are made of costly materials. Sometimes, the cost varies according to the designs and making materials.

Why are vinyl floor cloths so expensive?

You might find vinyl floor clothes so expensive sometimes. The cost of vinyl floor cloths varies because of the making materials and properties. Sometimes, elegant and vintage designs, unique patterns, rare designs, etc., might raise the cost of the vinyl floor cloths.

Vinyl floor cloths might be expensive, but the cost is worth it. Vinyl floor cloths are durable and flexible. They are also easy to clean. So, if you buy vinyl floor clothes which are a little more expensive, you will be benefited later.

Moreover, if you want a colourful and customized design for the vinyl floor cloth, the cost might be a bit high. So, if you buy an expensive vinyl floor cloth, the cloth might be worth it most of the time.

Are vinyl floor cloths durable?

Yes, vinyl floor clothes are durable. They are so durable that you can use this floor cloth for many days, even years. Vintage vinyl floor cloths are relatively more durable than others.

The vinyl floor cloth is not only durable, but it is also easy to clean. So, if you clean the vinyl floor cloth regularly, the durability will also increase.

This special type of floor cloth needs care while using and cleaning. If you maintain the instructions, the vinyl floor clothes will last a long time.

Can vinyl floor cloths be cut?

Yes, you can cut the vinyl floor clothes. Vinyl floor cloths are made of materials that you can cut. Moreover, you need to cut the vinyl floor cloth according to the size of your floor. Though this cloth is thick, it can be cut for customizing.

You can cut the vinyl floor with scissors or a box cutter. Besides, you can cut the vinyl cloth with elements that can cut fabric. But never cut the vinyl floor cloths with the elements that produce heat.

Excessive heat can melt the vinyl floor cloth or damage the cloth. So, you can cut the vinyl floor cloth with specific cutting material.

Vinyl floor cloths are a particular type of antique clothes that are suitable to use on the floor. This floor cloth is durable and easy to clean. Many people are using vinyl floor cloths as an alternative to floor mats or rugs.

Vinyl floor cloths are affordable with hundreds of designs and patterns. You can also color or customize the vinyl floor cloths. Moreover, the vinyl floor cloths will enhance your home’s appearance and create a vintage look.

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