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What Is The Standard Size Of an Accent Chair? (Explained!)

Accent chairs are a perfect way to add spice to your family room or living room. They can be used in many places whether it’s for comfort, space, or decoration. When deciding on any furniture to buy and how to incorporate it into your space, the most crucial decision is the size. 

What is the standard size of an accent chair?

There is no standard size for an accent chair. They come in various sizes. The size depends on the type of accent chair. They can be as large as a sofa and also as small as a side chair. They usually have a seat

height of 18 inches and are 18 inches wide. They can be more than 35 inches deep.

There are many sizes of accent chairs. There are many types and styles. The most common types are armchair, lounge chair, armless chair, and sculptural accent chair. The sizes vary according to the style whether you want a traditional, casual, or modern look. 

Size of different types of accent chairs

Lounge accent chairs:

These are the largest and can exceed the size of loveseats and average sofas. They are typically 35 inches deep and 60 inches wide.

Armless accent chairs:

These are the narrowest ones of all the types since they don’t have arms. They can be 18 inches deep and 16 inches wide. These chairs are usually able to fit into any

space. It adds a welcoming touch to living rooms and makes them more comfortable too. 

Armchair accent chairs:

This is the most common type and pretty straightforward. They fulfill the traditional style by adding a timeless design to your home. They are classic and elegant.

They are around 18 inches deep and 18 inches wide. 

Sculptural accent chairs:

These are one of the newest types and not just your average seat. You will find these in modern and sophisticated homes. They offer a rather luxurious look and feel due to their size. They are around 18 inches deep and 20 inches wide. 

How wide should the accent chair be? 

Accent chairs can be of many widths ranging from 18 to 60. The width has to relate in size and scale to the furniture that is already in the room. A small and low accent chair will fit in a room that already has overpowering furniture.

Accent chairs are used to complete the living room seating area and should not be the main focus. If you have a small dining room or bedroom, it is better to go for a narrow accent chair. 

Keep proportionality in mind when you decide the width and height. Hence, the width is totally up to you as long as your home looks cohesive. 

If you are concerned about the width, take note of the width of all the other seating furniture and select in between that range. 

How tall should an accent chair be? 

Accent chairs have a seat height of around 16 to 18 inches. It is not too high nor too low. The height depends on the style and theme of the chair as well as the size of the other furniture in the room.

If your accent chair is beside a coffee table or desk, keep around 12 inches of space from the seat to the table or desk to have enough legroom. 

The best way to decide how tall it should be is by creating a floor plan. Don’t just fit it anywhere. Create a floor plan to see how much space you have and what will go with the room. There should be enough space to walk around the room without any interruptions. 

What is the standard seat height of the accent chair? 

There is no standard seat height when it comes to accent chairs as it depends on personal preference and the size of the room.

There are different heights of accent chairs for different styles. The most common standard seat height for accent chairs and other similar chairs is 16 to 18 inches. 

Your comfort is what matters the most so choose the seat height according to your preferred comfort level and style. Besides the height and width, you should consider the depth too.

The depth should not be too much to avoid tripping. Keep at least 18 inches or 2 feet distance from other furniture in the room. If your accent chair is next to a window, keep some distance from it as well. 

Can you sit in an accent chair?

Of course, you can sit in an accent chair. Accent chairs are designed to be used as seating furniture. You can also use it for decoration alone. It adds a chic and cozy element to your home. You can keep it in anempty corner or use it as additional seating in any room you want. 

How are accent chairs measured? 

Pick a good measuring tape:

Use a firm tape measure. For example, carpenter’s measuring tape.

It will give more accurate results. Try not to use a tailoring measuring tape. 

Measure the overall length, depth, and width of the chair:

Measure the length from one arm to another. Next is depth. To measure the overall depth, measure from the front-most point till the back-most point.

To measure the seat depth, take measurements from the front of the seat to the back. Measure the seat width by finding the distance between the arms. If it is an armless accent chair, it will be the same as the length. 

Take height measurements:

Measure from the floor to the top of the frame. Then take the seat height, arm height, frame height, and skirt height. 

Do you need an accent chair? 

Whether you need an accent chair is up to you and its purpose. Accent chairs can be placed in the traditional living rooms, family rooms, or even bedrooms.

They come in various types and styles and you can get matching pairs too. They are fairly popular when it comes to decorating your living room.  

If you need additional seating in your living room, an accent chair can be a great input to change the outlook of your room. You can also make use of an accent chair in an empty space of your home. Wherever you place it, it will be the center of attention. 

Although it is not necessary to buy an accent chair, it is a splendid way to redecorate your home. You have the option to select from hundreds of styles, colors, sizes, as well as fabric options.

Any boring corner in your house can be transformed into an eye-catching and cozy space. With so many options, it is important to make a good selection. Make sure to pick the right accent chair because the wrong chair can ruin the appearance of your room. 

Can you put an accent chair on a small living room? 

This depends on the size of your living room. Small space could fit one or two accent chairs. But to fit four or more, you might need a bigger room.

A lounge accent chair might not be the best idea for a small living room if the main piece of furniture is something else. Lounge accent chairs tend to be very large and can take up a lot of space. 

The same goes for tufted accent chairs. Placing more than one tufted accent chair in a small living room can make the room look uneven. You want to have enough space for circulating the room without bumping into anything.

The number of furniture in your room also matters. If you already have too much furniture in your living room then there is no need to add another one. 

However, if you have enough space you can fit in a sculptural accent chair or an armless accent chair. They take up less space than the other types.

The rule is to make sure all the furniture looks proportionate next to each other. To check if the accent chair will fit or not, measure the space you have left. 

Is accent chair next to fireplace a good idea? 

Placing accent chairs next to a fireplace is a classic design that you can see in movies too. The classic look of a fireplace with an accent chair on either side of it sounds and looks amazing.

A style that has been trending for years is putting two matching accent chairs beside the fireplace.

They don’t have to match either as long as you get the right type of accent chairs. The idea of relaxing sitting next to a fireplace on a chilly day feels lovely! Who wouldn’t want that? You also might need a table or footrest with your accent chair to balance it out.

Where do you put an accent chair? 

Other than on the side of the fireplace, there are many places where you can keep an accent chair but let’s talk about some of the most popular arrangements.

The most obvious place is next to a coffee table. We often see accent chairs next to a coffee table in living rooms paired with other chairs. You can also place it across from a loveseat, couch, or perpendicular to a couch. This combination is often seen. 

More places where you can find accent chairs are next to bedside tables or at the foot of the bed. You can keep it next to your dresser or vanity too to leave things when you get in the room.

You can place accent chairs paired with a coordinating ottoman as well. All you have to do is select the right kind of accent chair for the area. 

There are plenty of sizes to choose from when it comes to ANY furniture. There is no specific standard size. You can go for the common sizes. But if you still can’t find the size you want, you can have it custom-made according to the shape and size you want.