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What Is the Standard Height & Width of a Makeup Vanity?

A perfect makeup vanity is something that a lot of girls wish for. Needless to say, it’s super useful for every woman who loves makeup also who just wants to get ready decently. 

But you can’t just blindly choose any vanity since you will be investing in furniture that will pamper your self-care routine also add a charm to your place. Especially if the dimensions aren’t standard it can ruin the whole mood. 

And that’s one thing we are asked often – the standard height and width of a makeup vanity and below you can get the best answer!

What is the standard height & width of a makeup vanity?

The standard height of a makeup vanity is considered between 29 to 32 inch while the width is 30 to 50 inches maximum. For Sit-down vanities and bathroom vanities, the height and width shuffle a bit around this measurement. However, this measurement varies depending on people’s needs and choices.

The size of a makeup vanity depends on the users’ choice and need. How they want it to look, where they’re going to place it, how much space is needed etc. Are considered before the size is chosen. Moreover, the dimension relies on the design and model of a makeup vanity too.

Makeup vanity height:

In general, makeup vanities are 30 to 34 inches in height. The height is selected in a way so that the user finds reaching things comfortable both when standing and sitting. Still, you can have a 26 to 29-inch length for your vanity that has a sitting arrangement.

Makeup vanity width:

The width of a makeup vanity should be chosen carefully as the comfort of dressing up and keeping stuff depends on this a lot. 24 inches is the minimum width any makeup vanity needs. But 30 inches is considered the ideal width.

Unless you have a space issue the width of your vanity is suggested to keep between 30 to 50 inches. Thus you can keep a vanity chair also rotate it easily. Moreover, your beauty items can be organized properly.

For bathroom vanities, the standard length is between 30 to 36 inch while the width can go from 24 to 72 depending on the bathroom sink.

If you’re looking for a bedroom makeup vanity, then 26 to 34 inches long and 30 to 36 inches wide vanities are ideal to pick. However, considering the room size and the vanity’s design the dimensions can change.

What is the ideal height and width for a makeup vanity?

Makeup vanity with the right height and width can make your self-pampering sessions much easier and flexible. Besides, as a stylish piece of furniture the right size of vanity can change the look of your place. 

Though the length and width of a makeup vanity are influenced much by the user requirements and place, there is a standard dimension that helps anyone confused.

An ideal makeup vanity is considered 26 to 36-inch-long and 30 to 36 inches wide. It’s perfect to work on whether you’re sitting or standing. 

If you prefer one without a vanity chair you can keep the length to 34 inches while having a minimum width of 24 inches. For a sit-down makeup vanity, the counter can be widened to 47 inches keeping the length the same as previous for better flexibility.

This measurement can be applied on bathroom vanities as well but only keeping the length lower as the bathroom sinks.

As mentioned earlier, you can always make a change in the length and width of your makeup vanity according to your preference but the measurement given here is considered ideal since it can help you to get the best of a makeup vanity. 

What is a good size vanity?

A premium expensive makeup vanity can be turned into a disappointment if not in a good size. So it’s always better to know what makes a vanity best before you get your hands on one.

A good size vanity is where every parts and portion are in a good measurement. From the mirror to the vanity chair, it all must be in its ideal size to make the vanity perfect.

Makeup vanity counter height:

A makeup vanity counter should be 26 to 36-inch-long and 30 to 36 inches wide. This proportion is followed most as this way the vanity serves its best. For a bathroom vanity, you can keep the counter length between 30 to 31 inches to match the other cabinets. 

Many people increase the width of their makeup vanity to 40 or 40+ inches often to make it look neat and spacious with drawers and chairs, which is fine too.

Makeup vanity mirror height:

Talking about the mirror, the mirror size should be a few inches less than the whole vanity size. Like if the width of the vanity is 38 then the mirror would be 32 to 34 inches wide. Thus keeping the average eye level in mind, the ideal height of a mirror is 28 to 34 inches.

Makeup vanity chair height:

Sit-down vanities include a vanity chair that helps to do makeup or skincare comfortably. The width of this chair can be fixed according to the drawers of the vanity and personal needs. But the length must be taken seriously.

A vanity stool is better to be 18 to 19-inch-long for a 30-inch-long counter. Thus the user can simply reach the counter while sitting in.

Makeup vanity sconce height:

The height of a makeup vanity scone can ruin the whole dressing experience if done wrong. That’s why 60 to 66 meters from the ground is considered an ideal height to place the scone to brighten the face evenly.

Makeup vanity knee space height:

The space for knees under the vanity ensures you can seat comfortably and twist whenever needed without hurting your knees. The space should be at least 24 inches long and can be increased if needed.

How to make my makeup vanity taller?

What if your super classy vanity can’t touch the “Perfect” milestone because it’s not tall enough? You might feel terrible since you have to invest again to buy the taller one.

Well, don’t already sign the big check since we got you covered!

You can still make your existing vanity taller with a quick idea if follow the steps given:

Measure the height:

Take the measurements of the current vanity. Decide the length you want and calculate the shortage. 

Find the material:

Not needed that the extra legs have to be of the similar material of the vanity. But it needs to be strong enough. Better to use high-quality wood or steel legs to add.

Ensure correct size:

Make sure you’re having those extra legs in the accurate size, otherwise you might need to repeat the early steps.

Attach legs:

attach the legs with a screw tightly while making sure all are on the same level. We’d recommend two-ended screws for better grip.


Place the vanity in the ground, notice if there is an imbalance or loosen attachments. If found fix the issues and recheck.

Finishing touch:

Lastly, give the new legs some color and finishing to make them look real. You can set up the mirror a bit higher for a taller look as well.

How to make a narrow-width makeup vanity?

Narrow width makeup vanities are on-demand these days since they are space-friendly and inexpensive. Moreover, girls who aren’t much into the dressing game or live in a small dorm room really feel the necessity of small narrow width makeup vanity.

So we’ve explained here an easy idea that too step-by-step on how to make a narrow width makeup vanity. Let’s go through the steps:

Measure your space:

Measure the place you will be setting up the vanity. Since the ideal narrow-width vanity must have at least 20 inches, you have to choose a place according to that.

Find a small table:

The little desk that you don’t use anymore can be the counter of your vanity. Also, you can take any table and give it your preferred width. But that has to fit the space.

Fix the length:

Narrow width vanity looks good when the height is not much short. So if the width of your desk is 20 inches, keeping the length between 28 to 30 inches is a good idea. 

If your table isn’t long enough just attach two pairs of legs of your preferable length to add the height.

Attach a mirror:

Put any shape of mirror that is a few inches smaller than the vanity. As for a 20-inch wide counter keep the mirror 16 or 18 inches. 


Touch up the vanity with spray paint, lights, storage boxes, and a comfy stool and you have your narrow-width makeup vanity ready!

Final thoughts:

The standard height and width of a makeup vanity are believed 29 to 32 inches and 30 to around 50 inch respectively. This measurement can vary to several inches when it comes to sit-down or bathroom vanity. Moreover, the perfect dimension relies on the user’s preference and the space as well.