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What Color Throw Pillows Go with a Brown Couch? (Answered)

It’s crazy how much difference a few throw pillows can make to a basic brown couch or even an entire area of the house. But it is essential to know which colors coordinate well together and also how many throw pillows to arrange in one couch for it to look aesthetically pleasing.

What color throw pillows go with a brown couch?

Deep red, mustard yellow, and peach are some tones that will work great for throw pillows for your brown couch because of the similar warm undertone they all share. And since brown is a neutral color, it allows us a lot of freedom when choosing the color of throw pillows to pair with it.

It can be a lot of fun to choose throw pillows for your couch but planning everything by keeping in mind the color of the couch and also its size can make the whole decorating process go much more smoothly.

Let us first begin by determining what color throw pillows will go with your brown couch defending on its shade and undertone. Because a throw pillow that might work for a khaki brown couch might not look good on a dark chocolate brown couch as well.

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Dark brown couch:

If you want to style deep, dark brown couch colors such as white, grey, or sky blue can be a great option for throw pillows.

These colors will act as a contrast to balance the warmth and darkness of the couch and lighten up the space a little as they are light colors with cool undertones.

Brown leather couch:

A very simple but timeless color option for brown leather couches would be cream throw pillows.

The brown leather couch will look elegant on its own but a few textured velvets or even silk throw pillows in rich cream will just kick the whole look up a notch. It is difficult to mess up a brown and cream combo!

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Light brown couch:

If you have chosen to get a couch in a lighter shade of brown then a good way to spice it up would be by adding mustard yellow or salmon pink throw pillows to it.

You can add the yellow if you are going for a more rustic and autumnal style and salmon pink if you want to add a dash of color to brighten up the couch.

What color couch cushions go with brown?

It is a great idea to jazz up your couch by having a vibrant colored couch cushion instead of taking the usual route and leave it the same color as the whole couch.

The different shades of brown:

If you are hesitant and confused about what color to choose for your couch cushion, you can opt for a different shade of brown than that of your couch.

For example, if your couch is a deep chocolate brown then you can go for a softer walnut brown for your couch cushions.

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If your couch is more on the cooler side, maybe like a greyish brown, then blue or even silver grey couch cushions will go hand in hand with it. It will give your room an underwater aesthetic.

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Olive green:

This should be an obvious option at this point because in nature we always notice brown with green. You can easily depict this in your room by adding olive green couch cushions to your brown couch. It will make your room look more earthy.

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Salmon pink:

This always seems like an odd choice for a couch cushion especially for a brown couch but they would look so perfect together in a bakery or a teenager’s room as they mimic a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting so well.

This combination is more on the adorable side. So, naturally, it will appeal to a younger audience.

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Rich red or cream:

If you are looking to add more regal elegance to your room then choosing couch cushions in a rich deep red or cream tone may be more fitting. This will go especially well if your couch is a darker shade of brown.

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How do you arrange decorative pillows on a brown couch?

After you have selected the color you want your pillows to be in, it is now time to arrange them. No matter how well your pillows and couch go together, if they are not placed properly it will fail to look good or cohesive.

Matching pillows:

If you are a beginner, then it is best to follow the easiest way of pillow arrangement, take matching pillows and place one pillow for every seating space on the couch. It will look simple but sophisticated.

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Different colors:

This arrangement looks great on loveseats or two-seater couches.

Take two pillows in different colors such as brick orange and mustard yellow, they both should go well with the color of the couch, and place them together on one side of the couch. You can also add a woolen throw or small blanket to make it even cozier.

Different texture:

An expensive pillow arrangement to make your couch look elegant is by arranging pillows of different textures, this can be velvet, embroidered or satin, together. But make sure the color is the exact same across all the pillows.

This mix and match of textures will give your pillow arrangement more depth.

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Different patterns:

Finally you can try adding pillows with different patterns such as stripes, paisley, or dots next to your block-colored pillows.

But the colors should be cohesive, not the exact same but should carry the same color scheme because this will make it look unique but not outlandish. This arrangement will instantly make the space seem more lived-in and homey.

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How do you lighten up a brown couch?

If you want to lighten up a brown couch, you should try adding throw pillows or throws strictly in light or pastel shades. The options are limitless, you can choose to throw pillows in colors starting from silver greys to mint greens or even white if you want to really brighten things up.

Because let’s be honest, despite being a versatile color, brown can still make an area look dull and drab but adding splashes of these pastel shades can hopefully stop that from happening.

Do pillows have to match on the couch?

There is no such rule that all the pillows on a couch have to match. Matching or not matching pillows all comes down to what look you are going for. You can match them for a more classy look or pair them with different colored or patterned pillows to add more dimension to them.

Mixing and matching pillows will ultimately give the room a more interesting look.

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How to match the pillows to the couch?

If you want your pillows to match your couch, you can buy pillows in the exact same shade as your couch. This will give your room a more monotone but also futuristic essence. But in order for it to work, you should probably keep the other decor in the room simple as well.

Another way you can match your pillows is by getting patterned pillows where the designs match the couch, almost like hints of color in the pattern match the couch, but the main color of the pillow doesn’t match it.

How many throw pillows should be on a couch?

The number of throw pillows you can add depends on how big your couch is. But a common rule of thumb is to leave enough space for people to sit on the sofa because the throw pillows are an accessory, not the actual sitting space.

Also, a good trick is to keep the number of pillows even for a more professional look and add in an odd number for pillows for a more cozy, mismatched look, this will work great in a homely living room or even a coffee shop.

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Should all my throw pillows match?

All your throw pillows do not have to match. You can match them if you would like but adding different colored pillows together or adding one or two patterned pillows is very popular as it makes the space look more Bohemian and chic.

So, there are no set ways of matching pillows, you can pick which style you want and keep the pillows the same or mix and match them accordingly.

Final Thoughts:

The color and number of throw pillows you can add to your brown couch are limitless and it all comes down to what you prefer. But it would be best to stick to one color or style of arrangement. Whether it is matching all the pillows or adding a multitude of different patterns together.