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What Color Curtains Go with Sage Green Walls? (Answered)

Picking the perfect curtain can be overwhelming as it reflects the owner’s taste. Especially when you have to balance and play with colors to give your room an uplifted and jovial look. 

Nowadays, people are tired of white banal walls which give their room a basic look instead they are going for colors such as sage green which will reflect their personality. 

Sage green is a very soft pastel color and gives a soothing effect to the vision. People paint their walls sage green to obtain that calming effect.

So, here rises a question. What color curtains go with sage green? If you’re looking for the answer you’re at the right place. Here’s a detailed explanation of all the color combinations that you may find worthy and eye-catching. 

Curtain color with sage green walls

While you can mix and match a variety of colors according to your preference, white would be the safest choice as it goes best with pastels. You can also go for beige, soft gray, baby pink, contrasting patterns in light shades, muted colors, other basic neutral colors, black, etc.

There are plenty of other colors that would also go great with your sage green walls according to your preference. However, if you are confused and do not want to regret it later then these are the safest options. 

Here’s a detailed explanation of why these are the safest choices for you to comprehend properly before making any decision. 


A crisp sheer white curtain goes with everything. White is a color that never fails to complement another color. It balances well with light and pastel colors such as sage green. 

When paired with white curtains your sage green walls would exhibit a more calming effect as white can enhance the beauty of pastels. With white, one can never go wrong.


There are over 50 shades of beige. Not all of them would go well with sage green walls. You can try the light and soft beiges which will add a slight contrast to your choice of wall and furniture. 

They will compliment your sage green walls differently compared to white, it can be eye-catching amidst the pleasantness that sage green exhibits. 

Soft gray:

A soft gray curtain can add a dull effect when combined with sage green walls and it will create a gloomy effect to represent your lazy mood on weekends. 

While soft gray is a good pick, you need to remember that it restricts the surrounding of your room to a rather gloomy vibe. 

Baby pink: 

Nothing’s better than a pastel complimenting another pastel. Now that we have looked at all the sophisticated colors for the sage green wall, baby pink takes it a bit more toward the vibrant side. 

While keeping the soothing effect in check, baby pink adds a pop of color to your room when combined with sage green. It reflects the owner’s ebullient personality with a tinge of calmness. 

The baby pink curtains soothe the vision while providing a vibrant touch to the room, sounds a bit contradictory but that’s just the beauty of it. 

Contrasting patterns: 

Contrasting geometrical patterns can add a different touch to your sage green walls. 

Self-print (same color base and same color print) in the shades of white, gray, other pastels, and some dark muted colors reflect the owner’s creativity. 

They will go well with the walls if you know the right pattern and color. You may want to go for a light base with a geometric pattern not too sharp or a self-print with a very simple pattern. 

Muted colors: 

Muted red can be the best pair with sage green as it will reflect your boldness. 

However, muted bold colors will take away the whimsical and angelic effect leaving a dark and bold vibe.

Basic neutral colors: 

Other basic neutral colors such as brown, dark gray, off-white, different shades of beige, etc will also compliment your sage green walls and blend well with it. As we know, neutrals are always a safe option when you are confused.


It can be a good choice for some people. However, black curtains create a gothic effect to your room which might fade the soothing effect of sage green. But it is a great pair if you are looking for contrast. 

Does gray go with sage?

Yes, gray goes well with sage. There are plenty of shades of gray that you can pick from depending on your mood and personality. Usually the soft gray blends well with sage green keeping in check the calming effects of sage green. 

However, if you are looking for a contrast to create a slightly bold effect, dark gray would be the perfect fit for you. Both the colors enhance the beauty which sage green exhibits with a tinge of their charisma. 

Gray curtains can give you a both pleasant and bold vibe according to the preference of your shade. There are about 30 shades of gray for you to pick from. 

The wide range of availability of shades can be a bit confusing but is also a reason for gray curtains to be a good fit for you. 

2 factors that determine curtain color with sage green walls

There are a few factors that you have to take into account to select the perfect color combination for your wall and curtain. 

Below are detailed explanations of the steps that will help you determine which color curtains will go best with your sage green walls according to your preference. 

The color scheme of the room:

You can play with different color palettes to find what goes best according to your taste with the sage green wall. 

If the existing color palette of your room leans toward the light and pastel side more you might consider going for the classic white or other light colors.

However, if the existing color palette of your room has a pop of radiant color to it you can pick your curtains according to that such as muted red or navy blue. 

Your preference of what the room should reflect:

This factor relies a lot on your mood and personality. If you want to give your room a bold and eccentric vibe then you can opt for dark, bright, or muted colors which will create a contrast with the sage green wall. 

If you want to give your room a soothing and whimsical vibe then you may stay in the light part of the color palette and play with soft pastel or neutral colors which complement the sage green wall. 

How to decorate curtains with sage green walls?

While there are numerous ways of decorating curtains with sage green walls, you may find it confusing to pick one from the vast variety of choices. 

If you are in a dilemma about how to decorate your exquisite sage green walls with curtains that reflect your personality then follow these easy steps and find yourself enjoying the comfort of your room. 

Selecting the color gradient: 

The very first step would be selecting the color of curtains that you want to pair up with your sage green wall. You can pick the color gradient according to the vibe you want your room to give off. 

You can go for calm and soothing colors or vibrant and radiant colors creating a contrast with the walls or just simply go for the neutral colors to play it safe. 

Selecting the pattern:

After you are done selecting the color, the next step would be selecting the pattern of the curtains. 

You can go for plain curtains if your wall is printed or you can pick various prints and patterns to complement your plain sage green wall. 

You can pick geometrical soft patterns, floral patterns, self-printed curtains, etc depending on your taste.

Matching with your furniture:

The third step would be making sure that the color and pattern you chose for the curtains to complement your sage green wall also goes well with the furniture of your room.

If not then all your hard work would go to waste as you will not be getting your desired output.

You can also create a contrast between the sage green wall, vibrant curtains, and neutral furniture. But it would surely be a risky choice. 

Shortlisting picked curtains:

The last step would be shortlisting the curtains you have picked of different patterns and colors. This is the hardest step as it would be very difficult to select from all your favorites. 

Final thoughts 

To sum up, a wide range of colors will go well with your sage green wall and by following the steps mentioned above you can determine which suits your desired room the best. It can be on the soothing light side of the color palette as well as on the bold and radiant side.