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What Color Ceiling Goes with Gray Walls? (Answered)

Who doesn’t like gray walls, right? It enhances the aesthetics of the house and makes the furniture look more elegant. That being said, after painting your walls gray, you might be wondering what color you should apply to the ceiling.

You might also want to know how to paint the ceiling a different color than the walls. Let’s find out what color ceiling goes well with gray walls.

What color ceiling goes with gray walls?

The classic white color ceiling goes best with gray walls. This is due to the fact that it reflects the most amount of light and will enhance the aesthetics of the gray walls. You can also use gold, pink, yellow, cream, gray, or off-white colors in the ceiling to match the gray walls in your house.

The color gray is a bit on the darker side. So, the walls painted with gray color will have a darker shade. The bright-colored ceiling will blend in perfectly with the gray color walls as it will even out the gray shade.

That being said, the gray color walls can have different shades. The gray walls can be dark, light, repose, and agreeable. Let’s find out which color ceilings go well for different shades of gray-colored walls.

Agreeable gray wall:

The shade of the agreeable gray wall is slightly on the lighter side. So, you can use a color of any shade and gradient on the ceiling that has an agreeable gray wall.

By painting the ceiling with cream or off-white color, you can enjoy the beauty of the pleasant agreeable gray-colored wall.

Repose gray walls:

The light-colored ceiling goes with the repose gray walls. Yellow, pastel rose, classic white or off-white will go pretty well with the repose gray walls.

You can also go for darker colors such as gold, or even gray if you can even out the darkness of the room using furniture and curtains.

Light gray walls:

Ceiling with darker colors goes with light gray colors. The best colors to use on the ceilings with light gray walls are metallic gold, dark gray. However, you can also use bright colors on the ceiling such as white, creamy yellow, or light pink.

Dark gray walls:

With the dark gray walls, you should always paint your ceiling with lighter and brighter colors. The light-colored ceiling will make the dark gray walls bloom and will make it look more exquisite.

Should ceiling and wall be the same color?

There is no certain rule or color code that prevents using the same color on the ceiling and wall. However, to maintain the consistency of the rooms’ look you should use different colors on the wall and ceiling.

Even if the color is not completely different, the color shade of the ceiling should be a bit lighter.

That being said, if you are painting your walls with white color, then you can also use white on the ceiling. The same white color on both the ceiling and wall will make the room look cleaner, brighter, and wider.

In case of using darker colors on the wall, such as brown, gray, or green, you should resort to lighter colors on the ceiling. This is because, if you paint the same dark color on both the ceiling and wall, the room will look pale.

Should ceiling paint be lighter or darker than walls?

Painting the ceiling with lighter or darker colors than walls depends on personal choice. There is no particular color code that determines if the ceiling paint should be lighter or darker than the walls.

If you want a more sophisticated and exquisite look for your home, you should use darker colors on the ceiling than the walls.

While painting the ceiling darker than the walls, make sure it is at least two or three shades darker than that of the walls. This will ensure that the rooms look intimate and match the aesthetics of your home.

Then again, if you want a cleaner and simple look for your room, the ceiling should be lighter than the walls. To make things look pleasant, the color chosen for the ceiling is usually lighter than the color of the walls.

The lighter colored ceilings than walls will also make the ceiling feel higher and make the room look bigger.

What are the best ceiling color for gray walls?

There are numerous colors that fit perfectly on the ceiling with gray walls. Both light and dark colors go well on the ceilings of the room that has gray walls. With the right ceiling color for gray walls, you can make the room look visually elegant.

Have a look at what are the best ceiling color for gray walls:


White is a classic and one of the most commonly used ceiling colors. It is still a strong choice for ceilings because white reflects the most light. The white ceiling will also make your room with gray walls feel more spacious and broader.

The white ceiling goes well with gray walls of any shade. You can use either matte classic white or off-white in the ceiling to give the room a clean look. In addition to fitting well with gray-colored walls, it is ver easy to paint other colors over the white ceiling if necessary.

Light gray:

Gray walls can make a room look somewhat congested and smaller, however, using a lighter color for the ceiling helps the room to visually open up.

Light gray color for the ceiling with gray walls is a great option as it will create a glamorous and sharp sense of visual contrast.

In this case, you should use furniture with bright colors, and use wall sconces, and floor lamps to balance out the gray color. 


Blue matches perfectly with gray walls as the two cool energies complement each other. Both light and dark shaded blue will work well in the ceiling with gray walls depending on the shade of the gray used.

A dark shade of blue can work well in rooms with mid to dark gray walls to create a sophisticated look that is heartfelt. Brighter blues, like sky blue, work well with gray walls as well.


Yellow ceilings work pretty well with gray walls. It creates a soothing environment in the room with gray walls, and it works especially well in rooms where you want to relax and feel calm.

The yellow ceiling and gray walls also make the room look incredible and make the room brighter.

What color ceiling goes with gray walls and ceiling with white trim?

The ceiling color that goes with gray walls and ceiling with white trim are the ones that match with the trims’ shade. Usually, the bright and light color ceiling fits well with gray walls and ceiling with white trim.

Classic white, cream, and off-white color ceiling are a few of the best options for rooms with gray walls and a ceiling with white trim.

You can also use yellow, pastel rose, blue, and even light gray on the ceiling that has white trim in the rooms that have gray walls.

How to paint ceiling different color than walls?

Painting a ceiling different color than walls is not as complicated as it may seem to you at first. It is just like painting a wall, but the only thing you will have to do differently is to choose a color that will match well with the color of the walls.

Let’s take a look in detail at how to paint a ceiling different color than walls.

Choose a color for the ceiling:

First of all, you will have to select a color that will fit perfectly with the different colored walls. For walls with a darker color, you will have to select a lighter-toned color for the ceiling.

Apply painters’ tape:

You should apply painter’s tape on the edge of the walls to make sure that the paint from the ceiling doesn’t get on the walls. If you want to work faster and get the roller close to the walls, you should use wide painter’s tape.

Cut in:

Basically, by cutting in, you will make a perimeter around your ceiling for a simpler and effortless paint job. You should use a two to three inches brush to create the perimeter.

Start painting using a roller:

After creating the perimeter, start applying the paint on the ceiling using a three or four inches nap roller. While painting the ceiling, make sure to paint it uniformly.

Final Thoughts

The ceilings with lighter shade go with gray walls. White, off-white, cream, yellow, green, and blue color ceilings fit well with the gray-colored walls. However, you can also use dark colors on the ceiling as long as you tone down the ceilings’ shade a bit.