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What Accent Chairs Go with White Sofa? (Explained!)

White sofas might be a little difficult to maintain but at the center of your living room, they look like a dream.

Complementary accent chairs can only enhance the beauty of these sofas but if they are of the right color. So, what is the right color?

What accent chairs go with white sofa?

The most suitable colors of accent chairs that go with a white sofa are either white or blue. While white is the most common choice in chairs to pair with a white sofa, cloudy or light gray tones are also a great match. Chairs with warm brown shades complement white sofas just as much.


You cannot go wrong with a combination of blue and white, even when it is about your sofa and accent chairs.

Doesn’t matter if your living space has a sectional camelback sofa or a white Lawson sofa, blue accent chairs paired with similar shade cushions will look beautiful.

Navy blue, indigo, cobalt, berry are just some shades that look best.


We don’t usually go for matching colors of sofa and chairs, but when it is about milky white, the story is different.

Unlike other colors, white accent chairs enhance the beauty of the neutral white sofas without taking away the attention to themselves.


Just like blue, styling a white sofa with gray cushions or gray accent chair has never failed anyone.

 Foggier shades of gray are a better choice to ensure that the chairs don’t strike as odd ones out. It’s also always a good idea to have curtains or rugs match the chairs.


Tawny and caramel brown tones on leather or fabric chairs always make a style statement with a white sofa.

 You can also introduce brown with wooden frames on the accent chairs. A safari chair is one such chair that is a sure winner.

What accent chair to go with white leather sofa?

When it comes to choosing a color for accent chairs to go with a white leather sofa, the scenario is a little different.

This is due to the texture and length of leather compared to your usual white fabric. White leather sofas may be shinier and making the furniture a little louder as well.

Slipper or side accent chairs that are either white, brown, or gray would complement the white leather sofa. More than the color, it is important to choose an accent chair that has visible frames so that it takes away some of the heaviness off the sofa.

You can also decorate the room with a pair of brown club chairs that is covered in good quality leather.

White sofa with blue accent chairs, is it a good idea?

If you google for ideas of what color accent chair goes with white sofa, the most common suggestion you would get is of the color blue. That’s right. This is because blue accent chairs are a popular and beautiful idea as a piece of complementary furniture for your white sofa.

Whether you have a contemporary modern white sofa or a traditional chesterfield with white fabric and wooden legs, two blue accent chairs would provide the fitting burst of color in an otherwise neutral look.

Even better if you have printed cushions on the white sofa. Throw in a gray blanket on the side and your look is ready to serve.

You can have fun with the shade of blue you like, whether it’s navy blue, teal, ocean blue, or indigo. Keep your eye on the frames of the chair while shopping for one.

How do you choose an accent color for a chair?

Follow these simple tips to choose the right color for your accent chair:

Noticing your room:

Before deciding on what color your accent chair should be, take a long and hard look at your room and all the furniture in them.

 Take note of the color of the curtain, your artwork, frames, and furniture legs. You can’t forget the rug and the cushions on the main sofa.

Instead of choosing a random colored accent chair, choose a color that compliments the current setting of the room, while keeping the continuity. For example, if your room is more or less white and gray, opt for a color that appears in other parts of the room, like a wall hanging.

One of the finest ideas is to match one of the cushion tints to your accent chair. If there the main sofa is gray and the curtains are blue, you can go for a blue accent chair as well.

It’s all about keeping consistency while making a statement.

Neutral or bold:

Keeping the idea in mind that an accent chair is meant to take away all the attention to itself, but it should stand out while being a part of the room. In simpler words, it should belong.

When you have a neutral color for your main sofa, it is possible to go for a neutral color as your accent chair.

Here, to make sure the chair isn’t just another piece of dull furniture, look for a color that is contrasting instead of being a different shade of the sofa color. Adding metallic, wooden, or glam furniture frames enhances the beauty of the accent chair as well.

While you can’t choose the boldest colors for your sofa, your accent chair can be just about any color. From scarlet red to lime yellow, just make sure that color appears elsewhere in the room at least once for consistency.

To match or not to match:

One of the most confusing ideas for people wanting accent chairs and wanting to experiment is the idea of matching the chairs. A popular and safe idea is to have both the chairs of the same color.

They may vary from the color of the sofa itself, but the pair belong together as a set. However, if you want to keep chairs of unmatching colors, that would depend on your personal preferences.

 There are no rules except your own +in your house, right? Just keep in mind that the scales of the chairs should match, and either of the chairs shouldn’t look too out of place.

Should accent chairs be the same color as sofa?

There are no set rules about whether the accent chairs in your living space should be the same color as the center sofa. It’s your house, you’d decide based on your style, preference and of course the color scheme of your room.

If you prefer color uniformity, it’s best to have a white or cream sofa to go with accent chairs of the same color. For darker shades of the sofa, like black, gray, or brown, a lighter or contrasting shade on the accent chairs create a more elegant and interesting look

Should sofa and accent chairs be same height?

Scales of the furniture in your room are as important as the color choices. Always remember that the height and other dimensions of the chairs should be comparable to the sofa so that neither looks too big or too small.

According to many designers, your chairs and the sofa can have a difference of 4 inches or less in height. Any more of that height difference will result in a peculiar furniture set, no matter how well coordinated the chairs are.

Why do you need an accent chair?

The purpose of adding one or two accent chairs in a room is not to provide extra seating arrangements. Of course, that’s one reason you can have accent chairs too.

The prime reason you need an accent chair is to add a focal point to the room, by adding something interesting. Instead of the chairs being the main attraction, the chairs provide color and dimension just like a décor piece for ornamental reasons.

What color rug goes with white sofa?

For rugs to go with a white sofa, you can choose between royal or navy blue, cream mixes, and white for the safest options. Rugs that are natural beige, any shade of gray or green that is swayed towards olive tones compliment the white sofa perfectly.

Other than these colors that add more color and vibrancy to a room with a white sofa or white walls, you can add patterned rugs. It can be brown and black, animal printed, or checkered just to add structure to a plain sofa.

You might also love the more traditional rugs, with two-color, cream as the base color, and floral designs alongside the white sofa, especially if you have a wooden floor.

How do you accessorize a white couch?

To accessorize a white couch, the first décor you can throw in are cushions. Have fun with the cushions as this allows you to add color and pattern to a solid neutral white look. The blanket is another addition to the can make to make your white soda more fascinating.

Accent or side tables with gold metallic legs with lamps and vases are another accessory that can complement your white couch.

Choosing the right color for an accent chair can be tricky but not when it comes to pairing it with a white sofa.

Blue, gray, and white are your safest bets, with brown being a classy one for any style of accent chairs.