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What Accent Chairs Go with Brown Sofa? (Helpful Examples!)

We love the rustic and earthy look a brown sofa can bring about your living area. It’s classy and sophisticated.

But when it comes to adding accent chairs that complement a brown sofa, we all scratch our heads and how.

Here’s which colors make the best choices to go with brown sofas.

What accent chairs go with brown sofa?

The color of the accent chair that would best suit a brown sofa will mainly depend on the shade of brown. Brown, white, blue, and mustard yellow chairs go with most shades of brown. On the other hand, for more earthy toned brown sofas, green and gray accent chairs are a great choice.


Brown with brown is a good match even for a sofa and chair match, even if it doesn’t look like it in your head.

The trick is to vary the shade of the brown in the chairs by a little bit. If, suppose you have darker umber or mocha shades for a sofa, choose caramel or peanut brown tones for the chairs.


Whether it’s chiffon, ivory, or cream white, any shade of the subtle color will team up with a brown sofa without fail.

With white accent chairs, always remember to focus on the material, style, and frames of the chair as well so it gives you the best results.


A brown sofa with warmer shades will look pleasant if paired with blue accent chairs. Now, not all shades of blue will do the same magic.

Go for real blue tones like navy blue and royal blue and notice how each piece of furniture makes the room come together in one.

Mustard Yellow:

If your sofa is absorbing in all the light of the room because it’s a considerable dark brown shade, you can introduce brightness and excitement through a mustard yellow accent chair.

We specify mustard yellow, instead of any other shades of the color, as mustard makes the brown stand out the most while being in the sink with the color scheme.


For earthy brown tones of a sofa, gray accent chairs with wooden legs bring about just the right degree of restriction.

Colors like gray help anchoring the look of the room by making the saddle brown or sienna hued sofas a little more subtle.


Another color that tones down a brown attention-grabbing sofa, is a green accent chair.

Pickle, sage, emerald, or seaweed green are the most fitting choices for accent chairs when it comes to going with earthy brown sofas.

What accent chair goes with brown leather sofa?

Just like any brushed fabric sofa, brown leather sofas can sport with themselves a few brilliant colors of accent chairs. Lighter shades of brown, including khaki, tan, and wheat are great choices for accent chairs.

Other than brown, two other colors that would look stylish with a brown leather sofa are white hues and blue tints. Among blue, seaweed, navy, and even peacock blue is a great combination. Cream, linen, powder whites all go with brown leather couches.

What color accent chair goes with the dark brown leather sofa?

The color of the accent chairs to join arms with a dark brown leather sofa should be such that it anchors the setting and tones down the dark hue of the sofa. Such colors include white, navy blue, and mustard yellow.

Other than that light gray shades or certain green shades like olive or fern produces a similar effect. 

How to decorate brown sofa in living room?

Here are a few tips to follow while decorating a living room around a brown sofa:

Add cool tones:

Most shades of brown are warm, so it is always wise to add cool tones in any way you can. One way is to add a pair of accent chairs which are either blue, beige, yellow, or neutrals like white.

Include plush and pillow:

Since brown can be a tough color, adding furs and plush can make them look more inviting. You can also add pillows of cool or other light neutral colors to make the sofa cozier.

Walls and paintings:

It’s important to have walls or colors on paintings that somewhat take the focus off a brown sofa. Whether they are bolder colors or plain white, the rest of the room’s feel will be determined by the wall color.

A muted olive-green background at the back of a toffee brown leather sofa is brave, modern, and can work well if decorated well. Likewise, white walls will look too plain, unless you add some flamboyant paintings on them.

How to mismatch accent chairs?

The crucial factor to keep in mind when trying to mismatch a pair of accent chairs is by making sure that something is common between the two chairs.

Same color, different style:

This is the safest link. You can have one side chair and another wingback accent chair, with the same color and preferentially the same fabric on them.

Same style, different color:

Now, for a slightly bolder move of mismatching accent chairs by having two different colors of them.

They can vary by tones or be completely contrasting. In that case, you can ensure the styles and stricture of both the chairs are the same.


If you already have two accent chairs that do not have anything in common, neither the styles, frames, color, or fabric.

To have a common line between the two for a pleasant finished look, throw in the exact same-colored pillows on both.

Frames and legs:

One of the best ways to mismatch two accent chairs is by having the same frames for legs in both of them.

Whether it’s metallic or wooden frames, they should be the same in two different chairs.

Should accent chairs be the same height as the sofa?

One of the most important aspects one must keep in mind when styling accent chairs with a sofa is the scale of the overall room and furniture. The height of accent chairs should be comparable to the sofa, if not the same.

The maximum height difference from the accent chair from the sofa should be no more than 4 inches. If the height difference is more, one of the pieces of furniture in the room would look too gigantic and disproportionate compared to the other.

Do accent chairs need pillows?

Accent chairs are in themselves a décor statement and do not require pillows. Whether you want to add cushions to your chairs is a matter of personal preference.

However, it is wise to follow the theme and color scheme of your room while deciding so. Mostly, pillows on your accent chair work in favor of elevating the design of the room.

Not only do the pillows add missing color and texture, but they also make your chairs cozier. You can have matching pillows to a wall, painting, or even your curtains to add consistency to your décor.

What color carpet goes with brown sofa?

For carpets to go with a brown sofa, the safest options in color selection would be either white or gray. The shades of these two colors would stand out most if they are in varying tone levels compared the to brown of the sofa.

Light brown or beige rugs are also a great choice. If you want to add texture around your plain brown sofa, you can go for patterned carpets, with a cream or white base and brownish lines.

What color wallpaper goes with brown sofa?

For wallpaper color to go with brown sofa, always and we say it with confidence, always stay with white hues. This is because a white background wallpaper, whether textured or plain, will make the brown sofa stand down, whilst toning it down.

You can, of course, choose between wallpaper that has grayish or pinkish tints on the white. White wood paneled or soft whites are also a great choice.

Other than white, gray is always a safe choice. If, however you wish to go with more striking wallpaper colors, you may consider deep emerald green, red, and brown brick patterns, or industrial red to be precise.

What color cushion goes with brown sofa?

There are no rules in color when it comes to pairing cushions with brown sofas. However, you’ll simply have to keep in mind that the color scheme of the room matters!

Gray, white, green, blue, and a different shade of brown cushions can be a great match for your neutral brown couch.

If you want to go bold, look around in your walls and paintings. Find the color that appears around the room seldom. and throw in a cushion of that color. This would introduce a more contemporary style as well as continuality.

What color flooring goes with brown sofa?

Beige or brown hardwood flooring could be the best match when it comes to coordinating with your brown sofa. Other than that, laminate flooring in similar shades would add the shine and style under a fabric or leather brown couch.

A complete grayish toned carpeted floor is always a safe and elegant option for flooring with a brown sofa. Off-white or cream shades will also add the required coziness to the room floor.

Brown sofas are a favorite among many house owners and the ones wanting an earthy feel in their homes. And why not? They can be perfectly matched with cool tones as well as neutral tones of accent chairs.