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Table Height Kitchen Island? (All You Need to Know)

A kitchen island is a portable cabinet that can change the entire look of your kitchen. The usual kitchen island is rectangular shaped and is usually used to serve food. You can utilize it as a food counter and preparation zone, as storage of essential and cooking elements, or even turn the kitchen island into one of the major areas of your beautiful kitchen. 

Can Kitchen Island be table height?

The standard height of a kitchen island is around 36 inches, where the table height is 28 to 30 inches. The difference between the height allows you to use the island as your prep and serving counter. But you can surely customize the height of your kitchen island according to your comfort.

People spend a huge time choosing kitchen appliances like cabinets, backsplashes, etc. for the kitchen. But most of them don’t give proper time to think about the basic operations. The height of a kitchen island can be a proper example of it. Sometimes it is seen that the height is too long; sometimes, it is too short. In both cases, it is uncomfortable to work with such a kitchen island. 

So, what are the exact dimensions for kitchen islands? Can the height of it be similar to the height of a table? 

If you want to use your kitchen island mainly for cooking and food preparation zone, your kitchen island should be 36 inches in height. This is because the height of the usual bar stools and kitchen table seats are matched with this height, and it will allow the kids to get up and down without any injuries and difficulties. Also, this action will create a bit extra homely environment rather than a bar. 

But if you want to use your kitchen table mainly for eating or seating, then 30 inches height is recommended, where the bar height tables are 42 inches. This bar height can be perfect and comfortable for the interaction between guests. The raised space can be a perfect serving zone for meals and drinks. Also, the adding bar height will create the backsplash to the kitchen island and will be a great place for additional electrical elements. 

It is very usual for kitchen islands to be taller than general kitchen counters. The advantage of being a little bit larger in height is that a user can cover any dirty plates or dishes from the eyesight of the people roaming around or eating. It is very useful if one has a very open floor space.

The kitchen island height can also be used as a kind of room partition. You can simply separate your kitchen from the rest of your home space with your kitchen island.

So as you see, a kitchen island is more than a kitchen appliance or storage tool. The height of a kitchen island cannot be similar to a table height. A standard table height is 30 inches, and the minimum height of a kitchen island should be 36 inches.

You cannot work at a table for a long time in a standing position; it will cause pain in your back and neck. In kitchen island, as most of the work will be done from a standing position, its height should be higher than the usual table heights. 

Can I adjust the height of a kitchen island?

Though kitchen islands are made with a certain general height, a user may need to adjust the height of the kitchen island for various reasons. In most cases, a user needs to raise the height. Is it possible to adjust the height?

Yes, you can adjust or raise the height of your kitchen island. You may need to adjust the height of your kitchen island for many reasons. The main reason behind the height adjustment is to make the kitchen island more comfortable during work and dine. The usual height of the top of the kitchen island is almost 36 inches from the floor, but sometimes it is not appropriate for the taller person.

However, working on a low-height kitchen island for a long time can cause major problems such as neck pain or back-ache. Another reason behind increasing the height of the kitchen island is to adjust new kitchen appliances. Whatever the reason is, you can simply adjust the height of your kitchen island.

The most popular way to increase the height of the kitchen island is by setting shims under the kitchen island. A shim is thin and made of wood or other materials and is used to remove the gaps between two things. 

Another way to adjust the height is to add the legs of the desired height to the base of the kitchen island. However, this solution is not welcomed by all public as the adjustment change the complete look of the kitchen island. 

Another most useful way to increase the height is to add more drawers or shelves. This solution also creates an amazing space to store kitchen tools and other things while removing the height problem. 

Also you can find furniture height adjusting legs on the market. Just make sure to go with legs that can properly carry the weight of your kitchen island.

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How can I use Kitchen Island as a table?

Using the kitchen island as a dining table is a great idea. Nowadays, many people are leaving the idea of a formal dining room and using the kitchen not for just preparing food but dining as well. A stylish and smart kitchen island can fulfill both your dining room and kitchen needs.

Technically you can use your kitchen island as a dining table if the table has seats or chairs and also an overhang where the guests can tuck in and sit comfortably. The length of the overhang should be at least 6 inches. 

So if you want to use your kitchen island as a dining table, just do arrange some comfortable chairs or seats; simple!

You can also find some amazing space saving kitchen islands that come with sitting arrangements in the market. So if you are looking for an ready made options we can suggest these island sets.

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Can I attach a lower table with Kitchen Island?

Yes, you can. Attaching a lower table with Kitchen Island increases its beauty too. Sometimes a situation may arise when you have so many guests, and your kitchen island is not so big to have all the guests seated.

Or you may have shorter people or children who can’t eat comfortably on your kitchen island due to the height. In these cases, attaching an extra lower table will be a great relief. It will also free up space in your kitchen for different uses.

So if you want to join a lower table with your kitchen island, just do it without hesitation.

Also here are some suggestions if you are looking for a small island with a lower table attached.

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Can a kitchen island have a lower level seating area?

As I said earlier, kitchen islands are using as a dining table nowadays. Can you imagine a dining table without a seating area or chairs? Moreover, working for a long time from a standing position can make you exhausted and cause back pain.

If you are aged enough or sick, you cannot just stand for a long time and work on a kitchen island. So, arranging a lower level seating area is important. It will turn your island into a dining table and will give relief to the cooker. 

Is it better to have a kitchen table or island?

This particular question is asked frequently by many people. The question is pretty tough. If your kitchen has a large space, then it’s better to have both a kitchen table and island. But if you have limited space and you are confused between the two, then it is a tough decision to make. The choice will depend on your lifestyle and use of the home space. 

The kitchen island has turned into a place of gathering nowadays. The island is a bit away from the cooking zone but still at a distance from where the host or cooker can take part in the gossiping or conversation while cooking. A table is more formal than a kitchen island, and the host is unable to see the cooking zone, or the host cannot take part in the conversation. 

A kitchen table is just used to sit and dine together, while a kitchen island has more functions like dishwashing, microwave, storage, etc. But a kitchen island may have a little space for people while a kitchen table has larger. Moreover, sometimes you can have a sink with your kitchen island, and you can use it as a second sink.

This second sink can be of a great helping hand when your main sink needs to repair or filled with dirty dishes after any family gathering. Some homeowners have removed the dining table and turned the dining space into a living room; a kitchen island can be used for dining.

The decision is tough; both of the appliances have their impacts. But if you want multiple services from one appliance, it’s better to have a kitchen island. 

The importance of a kitchen island is beyond explanation. This multi-operation kitchen appliance has completely changed the environment and looks of the typical boring kitchen and decreases the pressure on the host. Install this and change the entire look of your kitchen!