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Standard Shower Pan Dimensions (Complete Guide)

When you take a relaxing shower for a long time, you may stand on an invisible shower pan or under your foot. It’s here because of the extra water that may go through the grout or tiles. The shower pan is connected to the drain to pass the standing water.

Your shower pan may be installed under the tiles you can’t see. It’s there to drain the extra water you will have going through that shower pan.

Standard shower pan dimensions

The standard shower pan dimension varies from 32*32 to 60 inches. Sometimes, the shower pan comes with a rectangular shape or square shape; otherwise, the corner shower pan might come with 30 to 60 inches dimension. People mostly use the 32*32 inches pan dimension that comes with enough space.

A shower pan dimension standard depends on your shower size and area. If you have enough space to occupy a large shower pan, you can install a 60 inches shower pan inside your tile floor.

Otherwise, the 32*32 inches dimension might be a good option since it will take less space than others.

When you have enough space inside your shower room, you should consider installing a square-shaped shower pan, or the rectangular shape might fit well.

If you have little space, you should ask for a small, corner-shaped shower pan that will fit in a small space, and the corner shower pan will come only 30 inches.

If you love the corner shower system and your bathroom has enough space, you should go for the 60 inches standard-size pan, it will give you enough space to take a relaxing shower for a long time.

In that case, a 60 inches shower pan could be your best fit, which is also a standard for a spacious bathroom.

However, once you get through that standard, you may think of using something else in your bathroom.

You will find options to choose any dimension shower pan starting from 30 to 60 inches. If you want a compact-size shower pan, you must measure your bathroom first, and then, you can go for your standard shower pan.

You can set your standard according to your bathroom space which might be more significant than the standard size of a shower pan. Typically, 32*32, 36*36, and other dimensions are there for you.

If you don’t find your desired measurement, you may customize your shower pan according to your bathroom space.

So, the fact is that you can choose any dimension according to your bathroom space. If you find any issues selecting the best shower pan, you should consider asking your plumber or the seller about the perfect size for your bathroom shower space.

You can manually check your shower pan size to find the perfect one. It’s better to choose the shower pan size & shape first to find the best one according to your bathroom fittings.

If you don’t make any mistakes in measuring your bathroom shower space, you will easily find your perfect pan. You may customize any shape shower pan according to your bathroom shape.

Do shower pans come in all sizes?

The shower pans come in all sizes since they have different shapes, angles, and sizes that will fit any bathroom area with perfect dimensions.

Suppose you have a square bathroom and look for a similar shower pan. Rectangular, square, and corner shapes are available with different shower pan sizes.

If you have any particular choice, including the shape, you may ask your seller or manufacturer to customize that shower pan. You may not get the exact or best shape, but it will fit your bathroom shape properly.

Moreover, the shape will come with a particular measurement you must follow, and your bathroom must have that space.

If your bathroom has enough space, you can install any size & and shape shower pan to give you the best showering experience.

Sometimes, you must follow some simple roles for selecting the perfect shape & perfect size for your bathroom shower pan, which will affect all other things related to your shower room.

How deep is a normal shower pan?

A normal shower pan is 1″ deep which will fit most of the bathroom tile floors. If you want to install the best shower pan with the highest depth, you may choose the 5 ½” or the 6″ shower pan.

It’s for the big bathroom that needs ample space with a solid & deep shower pan, which means you will find two types of shower pan depth.

The normal shower pan will come with a one-inch depth, whereas the highest deep shower pan might give you 6″ depth.

You can check your shower pan depth according to the size & shape since it will vary depending on these factors. You can’t decide to use a regular deep shower pan unless you know your bathroom tiles’ floors.

So, a standard shower pan might have depths varying from 1 to 6 inches. You can choose anything from that measurement according to your bathroom space & shower space, and you must use a perfect deep shower pan that goes with your shower pan.

What are the different sizes of shower pans?

There are four types of shower pans available in the market. They come in different sizes, and their shapes are also different. If you want to find out the standard or best quality shower pan, you should go through these sizes. We will cover everything about a perfect shower pan.


There is no universally applicable size for shower pans; nevertheless, conventional measures are typically used for standard-sized showers.

Shower pans are often sold in sizes ranging from 32 by 32 inches to 42 by 60 inches (or 106.68 by 152.4 centimeters), with their dimensions being measured in even numbers by their respective makers.


The smallest shower pans usually have a dimension of around 30 inches, about 76 cm. This should be emphasized because if it were any smaller than this comfortable size, the person using the shower wouldn’t be able to use it effectively.


Corner-size shower pans are often available in dimensions ranging from 36 inches (or 91.44 centimeters) for showers of a more compact size to 60 inches (or 152.4 centimeters) for those of a more substantial extent.

Bathtub Replacement Size:

The minor bathtub replacement pans measure 30 inches in depth and 60 inches in breadth, equivalent to 76.2 centimeters and 152.4 inches, respectively.

The dimensions of the medium-sized piece are as follows: depth: 36 inches; width: 60 inches; or 91.44 by 152.4 cm. The larger one has 48 inches by 60 inches, equivalent to 121.92 centimeters by 152.4 cm.

How do you size a shower pan?

You can size a shower pan by the following tips, but the best thing would be to ask your seller to give you a perfect size shower pan. You can customize the shower pan if it doesn’t fit your bathroom space.


To determine how long each side of the shower pan is, start measuring from the outside edge. Use a tape measure to determine the opening in the shower pan in inches by moving it from left to right across the opening.


The depth of the shower pan is the next factor to consider. When taking the measurements, start at the top edge and continue until you reach the bottom of the inside. 

Measure in inches from the back of the shower pan to the front of the doorway or opening in the shower pan.

Outside Corners:

Take measurements of the pan’s exterior corners with the position of the shower drain. In addition to measuring the space within the drain itself, you must also measure the distance between the drain and the studs.

Final Thoughts

32*32 to 60 inches is the standard dimension for every shower pan. Some shower pans might come in different shapes, including square, rectangular, and corner shapes. When you install your shower pan, you should also consider the depth of your shower pan, which may also vary from 1 to 6 inches.