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Standard Shower Curb Dimensions (Complete Guide)

Building or renovating a house is more than giving it a newer look. It doesn’t only focus on design, style, and the latest fittings.

While you’re building or developing a corner of your house, it should be done with proper planning to avoid any unwanted incidents or problems later. The same goes for the bathroom in your house that’s under construction. 

While constructing the shower place you must keep in mind that if there is no barrier between the shower room and the other part, your washroom might always remain wet with excess water.

To catch that you’ll have to make a shower curb following ideal dimensions. Now you might wonder what is the perfect measurement that will serve the purpose of a shower curb and also look decent with the bathroom area. 

In this guide, you will know the standard dimension of the shower curb in detail. 

Standard shower curb dimensions

The standard dimension of a shower curb is 2 inches high and 4 inches wide. This measurement is suitable for any bathroom to prevent water leakage in the bathroom. Depending on the design, the width can be increased from 3.5 to 6 inches. In contrast, the height can be increased to 4 to 8 inches. 

The purpose of making a separate area for the shower is to prevent water leakage in the whole bathroom.

But to keep your washroom dry you have to build a shower curb in the shower room otherwise excess water will flow toward the other portion of the bathroom while making it wet, slippery, and unpleasant. 

A shower curb is a like a boundary built of concrete, tiles, or wood and can be covered with rubber to act as waterproof.

The shower curb helps to hold the water in the shower area on normal days and if there is any clog in the shower drain, it helps to stop the dirty water from spreading to the whole bathroom. Besides, a shower curb also works as a foundation for your shower door.

A shower curb is a necessity if you have a separate area for a shower in your washroom instead of a bathtub. This might look like a tiny detail but it requires building with proper measurement.

The height and width should be enough to prevent excess water and at the same time, it has to go with the bathroom design and size. 

That’s why an ideal dimension is followed to build a shower curb. The standard height for a shower curb is 2 inches. It’s considered the minimum height you can put in the shower curb to make it hold water as well as support the door. 

But depending on the bathroom size, the shower space curb height can be increased from 4 inches to 8 inches. However, you must always keep it lower than 9 inches. 

The width of a shower curb should be kept at 4 inches according to the ideal dimension. But it’s the minimum requirement et so the width can be increased deepening on the shower space, design, and other factors. 

Ada shower curb dimensions

ADA or American Disability Act has a measurement for shower curbs to make the shower experience comfortable and safe for physically disabled people. 

According to ADA the maximum height for a dam or shower curb is 1⁄2”. This height is suitable for handicapped people to enter the shower with a wheelchair or other support. 

For the width, you have to keep it 4-inch maximum for the safety of disabled people. However, keeping the width 2 inches also support the ADA rule. 

Two factors that affect standard shower curb dimensions

The standard measurement for a shower curb is 2 inches high and 4 inches wide. However, the measurements of a shower curb can change depending on some factors. Let’s know what factors can affect shower curb dimensions.

Shower space: 

Shower space is the first thing one has to count before building the shower curb. If you have a small shower area making a wider curb that’s almost taking your showering space is not something that you’ll allow. 

Again, if the height is too high in a smaller shower space, the area will look congested and thus ruin your shower experience.  

For larger showers, going up from the minimum requirement is always welcome as it will not harm the purpose of the shower curb.

So it’s not important to stick to the dimension 2 by 4. It can be different depending on the space you have in your shower area. 

Curb design: 

The shower curb of a bathroom can be of different styles. Not every bathroom’s shower area has the same shape or space thus the shower curb is built in a unique way. 

In some bathrooms the shower space is kept in a half-circle shape thus the curb is done in a similar shape. Many bathroom shower space is styled according to minimal design so the curb is kept as less visible as it’s possible.

The dimension of the shower curb that’s why can get affected by the design of the curb. 

What are the different sizes shower curbs?

The shower curb is what you need to step over while entering your shower. It’s also known as a dam or barrier.

However, the shower curb is not only a decorative portion of the shower area. It’s there to hold the excess water in place and stop them from soaking the other portions of the bathroom. 

Shower curb comes in many sizes. Depending on the bathroom, shower area, and design

you need to choose the suitable one. Let’s see what are the different sizes shower curbs!

2″x4″ shower curb:

2″x4″ is the ideal measurement of a shower curb. This dimension is considered standard as it is suitable for any size of bathroom and shower space.

Especially for small narrow shower areas, this size is perfect to do the job while looking good with the limited area. 

4”x 6” shower curb:

For shower areas that are not too narrow or small, you’ll need a bit bigger barrier so the water splash doesn’t soak the other parts of the bathroom.

A shower curb that’s 4” high and 6” wide is perfect for such shower space. It is not too low or thin and seamlessly goes with medium size shower space. 

6” x 8” shower curb:

This dimension is for larger shower areas that are decorated lavishly.

You’ve surely seen those big showers in hotels or luxury flats, they need higher and wider shower dams to prevent water leakage from those giant showers. With 6” height and 8” width the shower area is well-utilized. 

How do you size a shower curb?

If you’re renovating your bathroom and want to retouch the shower area you should add the shower curb to the list. A shower curb is a must if you don’t own a bathtub and have a glass-covered shower area. 

The shower curb makes the shower look decent, and well-designed and most importantly it keeps your bathroom dry by holding shower water in one place.

Now if you’re thinking about how to choose the right size for a shower curb. The step-by-step guide is here for you:

Measure the shower space: 

Before you randomly pick any design you need to measure the area you’ll be working. Not every bathroom space is the same in size or shape so you will need to have the correct size of the shower space to know the size of the shower curb. 

Using a measuring tape note down the width, length, and overall area of your shower space. 

Design it properly: 

To install the perfect size shower curb you need to select a design first. Shower curbs can be straight, curvy, U-shaped, or L-shaped. Depending on these shapes the size and dimensions may change. 

Choose material: 

Shower curbs are made of concrete, tiles, wood, or even plastic kind of materials. You need to choose a material that suits your design, and budget and will last long. 

Decide shower curb size: 

Lastly, decide what size will suit the shower curb. You can stick to the standard measurement or choose from other sizes too. 

Final Thoughts 

The shower curb should be 2 inches high and 4 inches wide. It is considered the ideal dimension for any size bathroom. This measurement is perfect to hold the excess water. You can increase the height but must keep it less the 9 inches. And the width can be increased up to 6 inches.