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Standard Home Bar Dimensions? (All You Need to Know)

These days people tend to stay over in their homes and do not go outside that much. People now are more accustomed to staying at home and spending time with their loved ones.

People often sometimes want something luxurious for their homes when designing one. Sometimes they will plan a lot of things but end up doing nothing. However, sometimes they might get that urge or the opportunity to fulfill those wishes.

A handful of them wishes they had a home bar. Yes, something that they would otherwise go to while living their usual days in the world outside. These trying times of harmful outdoor environment also promote something like a home bar.

Well, then you have come to the right place, as we will discuss the process and all the nuances of getting a home bar for yourself here.

Keep reading below as we discuss the dimensions and some other aspects to look out for before you get out and gather supplies for your newly designed home bar.

What is the standard size of a home bar?

When making a home bar in our house, we need to ascertain the standard size of it. The standard size on average is 24 inches deep and 42 inches high. Of course, this does not mean you cannot customize the size to the preferred fit of your desired home.

When designing a home for yourself, one might fancy a personal bar for themselves. Many people these days make these bars to accommodate going outside.

Rather they would spend some quality time inside the safety of their home along with their friends and family.

This is where the home bar comes in and fills that role of having fun with friends while staying safely indoors.

Therefore, it is of crucial importance that you know the dimensions of a home bar before you take it upon yourself to make one in the house. Here are the measurements in brief detail.


While the commercial bars can be huge and the width of them could be around 20-28 inches, the home bars are far smaller than that to accommodate extra space for the room.

The usual width of a standard home bar is around 12-16 inches.


Most of the standard home bars will have a length of 5-6 ft. The thickness of it could be 1 inch throughout the entire bar.


Usually the depth of a standard home bar is about 16-20 inches or 40.64 to 50.8 centimeters. This depends on the height of a bar usually has around 42 inches.

What is the normal size of a bar? How wide should a home bar be?

When we are starting off making a home bar for ourselves. We should note that having the right measurements will make the result amazing.

Therefore, if we were to talk about making a home bar, we would need to know the normal size of a bar.

The normal size of a bar is around 42 inches high and 24 inches deep. Furthermore, usually, the commercial bar is around 20-28 inches wide.

However, a home bar they are usually 12-16 inches wide. We need to keep in mind that the commercial bars also include drink rails. These are usually ¾ inch deep and 4 inches wide.

Keeping all these in mind, we think you will have a rough idea of how to set up your home bar.

What is the typical depth of a bar top?

Commercial bars might look unnecessarily expensive and extravagant, one might be intimidated by those measurements. They will not go ahead with making a bar for themselves in their homes.

While the measurements might look too much for a home bar, it is easily mistaken that those are the only measurements you can use for the home bar. However, if we try, we can get home bars in much smaller sizes yet as functional as the commercial ones.

Home bars are usually smaller than commercial bars in urban cities. Home bars are more conserved than their counterparts. While home bars can only be 12 inches wide commercial ones would be around 28 inches.

Those measurements include the drink rail too. Drink rails are normally 4 inches wide. Furthermore, the minimum bar top has a typical depth of 18 inches.

How to incorporate a bar into your home?

The aspect of making something that would allow us to spend some quality time with friends or family members is an enticing one. A home bar is one of those things and below are the steps you would need to take in order to incorporate a bar into your home.

Find the perfect place:

The first thing we should be doing is finding the right size and place for us to start our home bar project.

After we decide on the place and size of the bar we need to decide on if the bar should be permanent addition or something that will be movable when needed.

Design the layout:

There are so many different types of home bars to choose from that it can get a little overwhelming for new owners.

The best way to choose one is to google each of them and research a bit. After that, we need to plan out the design and the layout of the bar.

Gather the materials:

After deciding on the design and the layout of our home bar we will need to gather the materials for building it. Things like the wood, stools, and appliances we are going to store.

DIY or Contractor:

After all the planning process, designing, and gathering of materials are done, we can finally start building our home bar. So, in this final stage, we either hire a contractor or DIY it.

How much overhang should a home bar top have?

When building a home bar there are many things we first need to plan. Especially the type of the bar. Furthermore, we would need the measurements to be perfect too.

Measurements like the depth of the bar, the height of the bar and as well the height of stools should be noted down beforehand too. If we have a small room to work with then the measurements should be on par with the room size as well.

For example, when we have a small room the minimum overhang of a bar top cannot be any lower than 8 inches. This is because without a good balance there will be no space for people to sit comfortably.

How much space do you need behind a home bar?

People sometimes get carried away when they do a DIY on their homestead. Improper planning is always to blame for this. However, sometimes it could be due to just working alone and not being supervised by someone experienced.

While making a home bar it is crucial that we figure out how much of a wide bar we need. If the measurements go over the board, then we will find ourselves with no space to sit. Therefore, the recommended measurement is usually around 36 inches.

If there are not nearly as many inches in between the bar and the behind wall or other furniture, the guests will have a hard time being comfortable. There is also the fact about giving a man some personal space after all.

What is the standard bar stool size for a home bar?

When making a home bar we also need to take the stool in counting. If the stool is not the right size, then the customer will have a hard time sitting on it. Therefore, to find the right size of the stool we need to keep in mind the legroom.

The surface height should be at least 10-12 inches higher than the seating of your guests. Furthermore, there are standard stool sizes which are 15, 17, and 21 inches in width.

This also incentivizes us to keep in mind that the width of the stool will affect how many of them we can place side by side.

Final Thoughts

A home bar is a luxury people would love to have on their homestead someday. Whenever they do plan to get one, they should know the standard home bar dimensions are 42 inches high and 24 inches deep. Keep in mind stool size also matters, which varies from 15-21 inches in width.