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Standard Bedroom Closet Dimension? (All You Need to Know)

A bedroom is never complete without having a closet in it. And to get the most out of a bedroom closet, it’s important to abide by the ideal dimension. So later you don’t complain about the mess inside.

Moreover, the right size closet acts as a décor piece in the bedroom. So to make a perfect bedroom closet you’ve to follow the standard dimensions.

To help you out here we’ve discussed different types of bedroom closets and the standard bedroom closet dimensions.

What are the dimensions of a standard bedroom closet?

The standard dimensions of a bedroom closet vary from closet type. For example, both the depth and width of an ideal walk-in bedroom closet are 4 feet minimum. On the other hand, a reach-in bedroom closet should be 24 inches deep at least and maintain 3 feet wide by 8 feet long dimension.

Closets come in different styles and designs such as reach-in closet, walk-in closet, wall-mounted closet, etc. according to requirements, space, and decoration of a place. So there is no ‘One Specific’ ideal measurement for bedroom closets.

Standard Bedroom closet size depends on the type of closet. For each type, there is a different dimension that’s considered to be an ideal size.

Here we’ve tried to guide you with standard bedroom closet dimensions.


For a walk-in bedroom closet the ideal width is 4 feet. Double-sided walk-in closets’ standard width is between 6 feet to 7 feet. A reach-in closet on the other hand can be 3 to 8 feet wide ideally.


The standard length for a walk-in closet in the bedroom is considered 8 feet. This is applicable for both single and double-sided walk-in closets.

Even for reach-in bedroom closets, 8 feet is the perfect length since it goes well with the ceiling height.

Depending on the rod and shelf height the length of a closet can vary to a few inches.


The depth of a closet can ruin the whole Closet experience as well as your clothes if not maintained properly. The least depth for a walk-in closet is 4 feet whether it’s single or double-sided.

To build an island walk-in closet in the bedroom the ideal depth would be 13 feet. A reach-in closets’ standard depth is 24 inches which can be 22 inches for the smallest space.

What are the standard dimensions of these types of bedroom closets?

Now let’s know the dimensions of the different types of bedroom closets mentioned below:

Island walk-in:

The standard measurement for an island walk-in closet is 36 inches by 24 inches in width and depth. An island walk-in closet should be 8 feet long to maintain the standard.

Double-sided walk-in:

Depending on the room size the width of a double-sided walk-in closet can be 6 to 7 feet. The ideal height for this type of closet is 8 feet and depth is no less than 4 feet·

Single-sided walk-in:

If you have a small space and want to use it as a single-sided walk-in bedroom closet, you must ensure 4 feet width and depth while keeping the height of the closet 8 feet.

Narrow walk-in closet:

To build a narrow walk-in closet the ideal dimension to follow is 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep. This measurement includes a few rails, shelves, and storage.

Smallest walk-in:

If you want to own a walk-in closet in a small area, building it without maintaining the standard might not satisfy you. No matter how small the area is, a walk-in closet must have 4 feet width and depth. 

Reach-in closet: 

The dimension for a standard reach-in closet requires a depth of 24 inches at least. To store them large cloths properly putting 28-inch depth is a wise move. Usually, a reach-in closet is 30 to 36 inches wide and 8 feet long.

What is the standard bedroom closet shelf height?

A closet is never a hundred percent useful without having shelves in it. But putting shelves in the wrong way such as on a random height or size can lower the chances to fulfill your closet demands.

Especially the height of a bedroom closet shelf should be taken care of strictly.

The ideal closet shelf height allows you to store and pick items from the closet without taking the help of a stool.

Keeping this in mind the standard height of a closet shelf is considered 84 inches to 87 inches starting from the ground. This measurement goes for the closets that are big and have no rail.

For closets that aren’t big enough and have a single rail, a shelf can be added below the rod. In this case, the rail should be placed at a 68-inch height from the ground.

What are the standard dimensions for bedroom closet hanging sections?

The hanging section of a closet needs to be in proper measurement so that the clothes can be kept hanging freely without making the closet look cramped. 

The hanging section of a closet should at least have a depth of 24 inches. This much depth allows almost every type of outfit to swing in the rail or hanger without any gathering. But for wide coats, 28 inches depth is encouraged.

The ideal height to install a rod or rail is usually between 84 inches to 87 inches from the floor. If the closet has a single rod, placing it 80 to 84-inch-high from the ground will work.

For double rail closets, installing one rod at 80-inch height and another on 40 inches is encouraged.  In this case, a minimum of 3 feet distance between the rods is needed.

What are the ADA closet requirements?

While building a walk-in closet for the commercial purpose one should adhere to the ADA rules. ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act is there to make sure people with wheelchairs get easy access to every item while using a walk-in closet.

According to ADA, a closet must be deeper than 48 inches to ensure a wheelchaired persons’ entry.

The pathway or aisle should have 36 inches of width so that the person can freely move. For reach-in closets,5 feet space outside the closet is suggested.

ADA-approved closet also should have a 5′-0″ turning space so that the person in a wheelchair can easily take turns.

As per ADA rules, shelves in a closet should not be installed higher than 54 inches from the ground. And the shelves must be built in a way so that they can be reached from the side.

How much space do you need in front of a closet?

Whether it’s a reach-in closet or walk-in one, the space in front of it should not be taken lightly. A walk-in closet must have enough space around, especially in front of it so that the user can get access to things easily.

A space of six to ten feet which is around 100 square feet, can be considered as a perfect space for the front side of a walk-in closet. This much space can accommodate a moving area for two people as well as a stool to sit.

For smaller or narrow walk-in closets the space in front can be reduced to 25 square feet.

According to ADA, walk-in, and reach-in, both types of closets should have an area of 5 feet in front for easy wheelchair movement.

How to maximize storage space within a bedroom closet?

Applying a few tricks and tips, you can clear a lot of space in your closet. Here’s how to do that.

Build closet following standard measurement:

Your closet will not be able to provide much storage if not made maintaining the standard measurement.

Make sure you’re sticking to the minimum depth of 24 inches while building a closet. Also, concentrate on the height when installing a shelf or rail.

Use the bottom and upper shelf:

A lot of people don’t think the floor of the closet can be used. By keeping items like shows or bags on the floor inside your closet, you can maximize the space.

Similarly, using the shelf on the top as storage can make room for many other items in your closet without making it confined.

Utilize the doors:

The doors of reach-in closets can be used to hang different accessories such as bags, belts placing hooks or hangers on them.

If your closet is built marinating a standard depth, the items on the door hook will save much space from the closet.

Double the hangers:

Using double hangers can create double space in your closet. Whether it’s a walk-in or reach-in closet, you can install two hangers keeping a space between and hanging more items in one place.

Final Thoughts

A reach-in bedroom closets’ standard dimension is 3 feet wide by 8 feet long with a minimum depth of 24 inches. For a walk-in closet, the measurement is 4 feet wide by 4 feet depth at least. However, depending on the variety of closets, the standard dimension may change.