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Should You Paint a Shed Floor? What Paint Should You Use?

Painting a shed floor is not a regular task. But sometimes you might want to paint the shed floor if required. However, a shed floor is entirely different from other surfaces. That’s why people ask whether they should paint their shed floors.

You must have some reasons to paint a shed floor. Otherwise, it’s not a good practice. However, you must know about the requirements and other factors before starting a shed floor.

On the other hand, you have to get the best paint to paint your shed floors. If you search for the best paint, you will get hundreds of different brands and options. It is not easy to choose the best one.

We have found real solutions for your shed floor to make things easier. We will show you whether you should paint a shed floor and what paint you should use.

Should you paint a shed floor?

You should paint a shed floor. You can paint both old and new shed floors after a certain time. It will make the surface durable and shiny. If you find your shed floor becomes messy and gets stains for long-time use, you should paint it. It will be a good thing, and it’s an essential thing to do.

Shed floors have different types. And, the painting will vary depending on its type. In that case, wooden shed floors are the most popular ones. And, users want to know how they should paint their shed floors.

Wooden shed floor:

Wooden shed floor is the most popular surface. You should paint your wooden shed floor. You don’t need to paint regularly as we said. But it would be better if you painted your wooden shed surface before it gets too old.

First, when you use the surface or floor for a long time without painting it, you will notice a lot of stains and dust. Then, it will take double effort to paint the aged wooden floors perfectly. 

It is possible to paint old wooden shed floors easily, but it will be better to paint regularly.

“4” reason why you should paint shed floor

You will find hundreds of reasons why you should paint shed floors. But we have come up with the 5 most important reasons. If you know these, you will no longer look for more reasons to paint your shed floors.

Old shed floor new:

Paint will make your old shed floor new. It’s the main reason why you should paint your shed floor. Let’s say you have used the shed floor for years; now you should paint it.

Disappear any holes and dents:

If your shed floor has any holes and dents, the paint will help them to disappear. It’s another crucial reason to paint the shed floor.

Stronger and durable:

To make your shed floor stronger and durable, you must paint it. Paint creates extra layers that protect the surface from damage.

Make the surface clean and shiny:

Another most important reason is to make the surface clean and shiny. Typically, we clean the shed floor once in a while. But, we forget to deep clean the surface.

Therefore, we should paint our shed floors. We have to deep clean the floors before applying paint.

When should I paint the inside of my shed? When is the best time to paint the shed inside?

You should paint the inside of your shed when it’s clean and empty. You can’t paint the shed if it is packed and dusty. Therefore, you must clean and make the floor empty, and then you can start painting the shed floors.

On the other hand, the best time to paint the shed inside is spring. You need to avoid the rain. It will take too much time to dry the surface if you paint in the rainy season. That’s why soring is the best time. 

What kind of paint to use on the shed floor?

Latex paint is an excellent kind of paint to use on the shed floor. It makes the shed floors durable and shiny. When you paint with latex, you will expect long-lasting sheds that will go years. On the other hand, you may go for oil-based latex paint instead of water-based.

Let’s walk through this section to know if you can use the following sorts of latex paints on your shed floor –  

Oil-based latex:

As we have said, oil-based paint is the best one for shed floors. It sticks to the floor and makes durable layers on it. Also, oil-based paint makes the shed floors easy to clean.

Water-based latex:

Water-based latex paint is also famous for shed floors. You can use it too. It will make the surface durable and shiny.

But sheds will soak up a lot of paint. Therefore, the layers will become weak. It’s a concern. 

Latex premier:

You can paint with latex premier. It’s a coating material. Experts suggest giving the shed floors a durable coat. Then paint over it.

What color can you paint on a shed floor? What do you coat a shed floor with?

You can paint on a shed floor with white color. It would be the best. It makes shed floors look beautiful.

On the other hand, you can apply any dark color if you think your shed floors will regularly get lots of dust and stain. White color is not an ideal surface for dust and stains. Therefore, you may consider other colors too.

In contrast, if you love to clean the floor regularly and the color is a significant concern for you, you should go with white. Nothing can beat this color. Keep in mind; it will require regular cleaning.

Apart from that, you coat your shed floor with epoxy coating. This is considered the best in entire the USA because of its outstanding shiny looks, and durability. Besides, the procedure is also pretty simple.

All you will need to do is, scrub the floor thoroughly and then apply the epoxy using a roller. Wait a while and let the epoxy dry up. And coating your shed floor with epoxy is done already.

How to prepare a shed for painting?

Preparing a shed for painting is tiresome work. You must do some pre-paint tasks to help the sheds get durable paint.

Deep clean:

Clean the whole shed floors. You must deep clean the surface to get better paint over it. It’s a must-do job before painting. That’s how you will ensure no dust and dirt on the floor.

If you paint the shed floors without cleaning, you will find lots of bubbles and uneven paint over them. You might not like it either. So, you must clean the surface and then apply paint over it.

Repair if needed:

If there is any broken part, you should repair it. Here you can apply tips. When you find a little broken part, you can consider using paint over it and covering the holes or dents.

What if the holes and dents are big? In that case, you need to get help from the local engineer or service center. You can also repair it with any wood.

Apply a coating:

You can apply a premier coating over the shed floors after doing these things. It will make the paint durable and shiny. You can directly paint the surface, but it would be best if you painted.

Dry the surface:

Make sure the surface is dry. You cannot apply paint or coat over a wet shed. It would be difficult and would be a mess. So, deep clean the floor, and dry it properly.

Mainly, you must dry the shed floor with care if you go for water-based paint. The same goes for oil-based paint. You should not make the surface wet before painting.

How do you paint a shed floor?

Here comes the final part. We will show you how to paint a shed floor by following some practical steps. Without any delay, let’s get started.

Prepare the shed floor:

Prepare the shed floor by following our previous steps. Then, dry it properly. Remember, you cannot paint over the wet floors.

Start painting from a corner:

Take a paintbrush and start painting. You should start from a corner or a particular side. Never start from the middle.

Cover the entire floor:

Cover the entire shed floors and ensure no holes and dents are visible. You can put some extra paint on the small holes and dents. It would be best if you repaired the big holes or broken parts.

Still, if you have some small parts, you can cover them with your paint. Don’t put too much color; it will be visible.

Complete in a single day:

You must paint the entire shed floors in a single day until it’s enormous. Then, let it be there and dry it properly. Depending on the paint quality, it might take 1 hour to 24 hours to dry.

Before purchasing the paint, look for the instructions and go for the paint that dries quickly.

Use the same color:

Try to use the same color for entire floors. Don’t try to use different colors; it will look awkward. Here, the recommended color is white.

But if you have any other requirements, you may go for any color you want.

Final Thoughts

You should paint the shed floors with oil-based latex. It would be best if you avoided using any water-based paint. However, painting a shed floor will not be easy unless you follow some steps. In other words, the paint will create an extra layer that turns the shed floors durable and shiny.