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Should Gutters Match Trim, Roof, House or Siding? (Answered)

Gutters are like extensions of a house. Well, you can not ignore putting it on either. You can always match the color of the gutter with your house. Mismatching will highlight the gutter and make it more visible in the eyes of the viewer. You shouldn’t compromise to make your house look attractive.

Following below tips and information regarding gutters matching trim, roof, house or siding would give you new ideas to recreate your own house.

Should gutters match trim, roof, house or siding?

Matching the gutter color with trim will make the color more suitable. Moreover, matching with the siding would be soothing to eyes. The same roof and gutter color would make the gutter look like a part of the roof. In any case, trim color should be given priority while choosing the gutter color.

Gutters are indeed a necessary part of a house. You need to put the gutter in order to let the rainwater flow out of the roof and also in a sequence. You do not want the rainwater to fall everywhere abruptly and not the dirty water as well. As you are already putting in gutters, you should choose the color of the gutter properly. without highlighting it.


Many may prefer to color the gutter according to the trim. Well, it is appropriate as well. Trim highlights the extensions of a house. You can color the trim according to the door or window color. The trim around the door or window looks like a highlighter. This looks like a frame.

If you put the gutter color matching with the trim, the gutter would look like an extension of a house. Even a part of the trim. Even if the trim and roof color doesn’t match, the color of the gutter will highlight itself. Making it more attractive rather than a normal extension.


Well, coloring the gutter while matching it with the roof color would not make the gutter look exceptional. On the other hand, the gutter would blend up with the roof color. Rather, the gutter would appear as a part of the roof. It may look more convenient.

A lot of people consider the gutter as an eyesore. That’s why they prefer to choose the gutter color the same as the roof color. By doing this, the gutter appearance will not catch the eye of the viewer. Well, coloring the gutter color according to the trim even if that differs from the roof, may increase the beauty of the house.

Modern houses are also decorated externally by doing these small changes. Using the gutter of the roof color will completely change the appearance. Depending on the color of the house, the gutter may either look too highlighting or blended.


Choosing the gutter color by matching with the house color would rather blend the trim with the house itself. It will not be highlighted at all. Rather the gutter won’t be as much as visible as trims or sidings. Well, there is no harm in choosing the gutter color the same as the house color.

Yet the appearance of the house would look a bit dull rather than being attractive. You certainly do not want to give the house a dull appearance. If you are choosing to color the house with some eye-catching colors, the gutter won’t look bad in that case. Do choose a color considering the trim and roof color.

Should gutters match these?

Gutters are important parts of a house. Choosing a good gutter color can make your house look better. You can match the color with other parts of the house as well.


Matching the gutter color with the siding color is indeed a good choice. Sidings are the most visible part of a house. The color of the sidings can be too light or dark. You can choose the gutter color by considering that.

If you match the gutter color with the siding, the gutter will become less visible. The more blended the gutter color is the more it will be highlighted. Matching with siding would make the gutter a part of the construction and you can not differentiate the siding and the gutter. It is also a dull idea.

Well, siding colors are to be kept in mind here. If the house is too dark in color, you might not want to choose a dark color gutter. In that case, you can match it with the roof or the trim. It will give a better outcome.


You do not have to match the gutter color with windows. It is not necessary at all. Windows can be colored while matching with the siding. But matching the gutter with the windows won’t do any good. Instead, match it with the trim.

Trim color should be considered as it is the external part of the house. And a window is matched with the internal color of the house. That’s why window color doesn’t have to be considered while choosing the gutter color. It won’t have any impact. Instead, it will make the appearance a bit imbalanced.


Shutter color is also unnecessary to look at while choosing a gutter color. A gutter color should either be matched with the trim or siding. If the gutter color matches with the trim, it would look like a part of the trim and trendy.

The shutter color can be of any. It can be dark or warm. But coloring the gutter according to the shutter can make the gutter look odd and give the house an unpleasant appearance.


Matching the gutter with the fascia is actually a great idea. Apart from trim, you can also match the gutter with the fascia. The final look may come out as the gutter and fascia are one part. It would highlight the gutter as an exceptional part.

The appearance will necessarily have an impact on this. The gutter would blend with the fascia and it would look like a highlighting part. Using warm color fascia would light up the external appearance.

What to consider when choosing a gutter color?

The gutter is also a part of the house. You definitely do not want to leave the gutter without matching the house. An imbalance in color use can have an impact on the final look of the house. Instead, choose an appropriate color for the gutter as well.

Certain things which should be considered while choosing gutter color are listed below. You can choose gutter color while keeping these things in mind. Later the outcome will be beautiful.

Color code:

Some areas have their own color code. If you look around, you will find that too. Some areas prefer to keep a vintage look. In that case, following the color code is better. 

Trim color:

The gutter should be chosen by keeping the trim color in mind. Matching with the trim color always gives the best outcome. The gutter rather looks like a design on the house exterior. Otherwise, you can also choose colors that are compatible with the roof.

Overall exterior color:

The gutter color shouldn’t look too different from the overall exterior. Do not make it like an extra part. Instead, blend the color and add it as a part of the house.

Final thoughts

Overall, you can match the gutter color with the trim, house, or even the roof. Matching the color of the gutter with the trim gives the best outcome. If you want to blend the color of the gutter, choose the color of either roof or house. Better if the color looks like an extension on the house.