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Should Bathroom Walls Be Semi-Gloss? (Explained)

Bathrooms are the places where water is mostly used and sunlight cannot pass. So, as a matter of fact, bathroom walls stay moist most of the time. Hence, the wall paint or the material to cover the base wall should be shiny, glossy, and waterproof so that any kind of moisture cannot dampen the wall.

Also, the shinier the walls are, the easier they are to clean. Shiny walls are mostly water-impermeable and they don’t allow any water or moisturizer to dampen the inside of the wall.

Should Bathroom Walls Be Semi-Gloss?

Yes. Bathroom walls should be shiny. Semi-gloss walls are tough, glossy, and shiny. The gloss is the extra layer on the walls.

So, moisture cannot get in and dampen the inside of the walls. However,  the semi-gloss walls will not let the moisture of the bathroom get in and do the damage.

Semi-gloss paints do not let the moisture inside the bathroom and cause damage to the walls. In most cases, blemishes on the walls including the ceiling become visible if the paints are any less in quality. According to a study, there have been several complaints against semi-gloss walls.

Nonetheless, walls with semi-gloss paints aren’t so easy to get through for the moisture. They are smooth enough to let you clean through without causing any permanent damage to the walls.

If there are however blemishes or any watermarks and you need to clean the walls, the spots will come off easily if the walls have glossy paint coating on them. On the other hand, spots on the walls with lesser quality paints on them will barely come off.

Is Semi-Gloss Good For Bathrooms?

Semi-gloss is definitely good for rooms where the water passing is constant. However, low quality or water permeable paints are not good for places like bathrooms because in such places water movement is consistent. This actually dampens the walls while letting mildews grow occasionally as dampened walls are suitable for the growth of mildews.

Semi-gloss walls are preferred in most cases. However, according to some, it’s okay to use any kind of color and this case is exceptional in situations where there’s enough sunlight in the bathroom and the fungal infection isn’t possible. Also, the water in bathrooms like such dries up and leaves barely any watermark.

In most cases, sunlight barely has access to the bathrooms, so you should be wise while choosing the proper color type for your bathroom.

Why Use Semi-gloss Paint In The Bathroom?

Although semi-gloss paints are anyway one hundred percent suitable for bathroom walls, the high gloss ones can also be used. Some people prefer high gloss paint on their bathroom walls. Semi-gloss paints save the walls from possible damages.

However, there are some reasons why you should use semi-gloss paints in the bathroom-

  • Semi-gloss paints give the walls extra layers of coating helping the walls to stay damage-free.
  • These paints are water repellent and do not allow moisture to get in.
  • The moisture inside the washroom will stay evaporated on the walls of the bathroom instead of damaging the base inside.
  • Semi-gloss-painted walls are tough to get through.
  • They’ll give your bathroom a nice shiny look.

Only if proper sunlight and good ventilation are assured, you can use any type of paint on the walls of your bathroom. Moisture will not affect much. Otherwise, stick to semi-gloss or high gloss paints.

Do I Need Special Paint For The Bathroom?

The special paints for bathrooms are the semi-gloss and the high gloss ones. The semi-gloss ones are perfect for your bathroom. However, high gloss ones are highly recommended in case the budget is not an issue and you want easy cleaning.

These paints are thick and fine. They also keep the moisture evaporated on the walls without letting them in.

What Paint Finish Is Best For Bathroom Walls And Ceiling?

There are different types of paints that are suitable for both bathroom walls and bathroom ceilings. All you need to do is see if sunlight has direct access to your bathroom and the bathroom has proper ventilation or not. Also, you need to think about your budget as well.

Here are the types of paint finishes that are good for bathroom walls and ceiling.

Satin Paint Finish:

Satin paint finish is often found in bathrooms of different home types. This is affordable compared to the other shiny paints. Also, this is durable.

Semi-gloss Paint Finish:

Semi-gloss paint is the most suitable in the budget also in the application and the farther experience is also positive. They are semi-shiny and are easy to clean.

High-gloss Paint Finish:

This is the best so far in the market you can go find for your bathroom. High gloss paints are more smooth and shiny than any other. They are also a bit more expensive than the other paints.

This is the reason why if you don’t have any budget concerns or limits, we recommend you to go for a high-gloss paint finish. This will only last you long but also, the cleaning will become easier.

Is Satin Or Semi-Gloss Better For Bathroom Walls?

There is a paint sheen chart that will help you to understand the level of the sheen of each different color type. The levels are-

  • Flat/Matt
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss
  • High-gloss

Among all these types of paints, the Satin, Semi-gloss, and High-gloss ones are used in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Satin is definitely durable and easy to clean but not more than the semi-gloss paint finish. Semi-gloss paint is shinier and easier to clean. Such paint doesn’t let the moisture in rather the moisture stays evaporated on the walls. Thus, the walls don’t get dampened easily and no mildew growth becomes visible.

Semi-gloss Vs Eggshell, Which Paint To Choose For The Bathroom?

According to the paint sheen chart, the Eggshell is the second-lowest paint sheen and the Satin is the third while the Semi-gloss is the fourth being the second-shiniest paint. It is well known that the shinier your bathroom paint is, the easier the cleaning is going to be. So, you should definitely go for the paint that is shinier, durable, and most suitable for your bathroom.

The eggshell paint is not much shiny. It is best for your living room, dining room because these rooms don’t need regular cleaning.

On the other hand, semi-gloss paints are best within an affordable range. They have a smooth surface allowing you to clean easily and comfortably.

Flat Paint Or Semi-gloss In A Bathroom?

Flat paint is also called matt paint. Meaning, this type of paint does not shine. A paint that does not shine is the last paint you want for your bathroom.

This is so because such paints don’t allow you to clean easily. Also, they get stains from water and moisture. These paints are not water-impermeable and they allow the moisture to dampen your walls.

Always go for the semi-gloss paint in case you are not so sure to choose between flat paint, eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss. Semi-gloss is such a paint that will never really disappoint you if applied carefully and perfectly.

Semi-gloss Or High Gloss For The Bathroom?

Semi-gloss and high-gloss paints both are highly recommended paint types for bathrooms. As the word goes, shinier walls are easier to clean. And both of these paint types are shiny and easy to clean.

However, semi-gloss paints usually stay within an affordable range. On the contrary, high-gloss paints are usually a bit out of budget but they are very much highly qualified, smooth and they don’t let the watermark sustain. Hence, they are easy to clean.

So, if you can go out of your budget and want a longer-lasting paint coat for your bathroom, go for the high-gloss paint finish. It will not only make your cleaning easy but also will bring luxury to your washroom.

Can You Use Latex Paint In The Bathroom?

Latex paint is similar to acrylic painting but the only difference is latex paint is used on bigger surfaces. It is completely water-based and water-resistant. The latex coating doesn’t allow moisture to get in and cause damage to the walls.

Latex paint can be called one of the most suitable paints for bathroom walls as it resists moisture and keeps your bathroom walls damage-free. Latex paints will also give your bathroom walls shine and durability. So, yes! You can definitely use latex paint in the bathroom.

Satin Or Semi-gloss For Bathroom Cabinets?

Bathroom cabinets need a stronger, durable, and fine coating of paints. A semi-gloss coating will give you exactly what you want. However, a satin coating will not disappoint you in any way.

Both of them go for your bathroom cabinets. Otherwise, suit your taste.

In case you want not too shiny-not too matt cabinets, you can pick the satin paint. Or, want a bit more shine? Gp for the semi-gloss paint finish.

What Paint To Use In The Bathroom To Prevent Mold?

Mold growth in bathrooms is a common case where the paints on the walls are not water-resistant. Moisture is suitable for mold, mildews, or any other fungal growth. So paints like semi-gloss, high-gloss, or even latex paint will keep your bathroom free of such infestation.

Best Paint For A Steamy Bathroom Ceiling? 

Bathroom ceilings may get steamy often. In such a case, both satin and semi-gloss work fine. This is so because bathroom ceilings don’t get water splashes often. So far the steaminess, as well as the moisture is the concern, both the satin and semi-gloss are moisture resistant so they’ll protect the ceiling from any moisture-based damage.

Therefore, you can just pick one and apply. It won’t be much of a concern to you.

Bathroom walls often have the risk of being dampened, the growth of microorganisms, molds, mildews, fungal infestation, and many more. So, it’s always necessary to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of shiny and glossy paints for your bathroom walls to prevent such.