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Oversized Garage Dimensions (2, 3, 4 Cars)

Your garages are not perfect, just as you are. It needs to be measured and properly built according to the number of cars you want to keep. Of course, the garage for 2 cars never fits for 4 cars. Rather than trying those, it’s better to learn the dimension details.

What are the Oversized garage dimensions for 2, 3, and 4 cars?

The standard value of the dimension of a garage of two cars is 20×30, 25×25, or 24×26 feet at least. Alternatively, the garages for 3 and 4 cars have dimensions of 36×28 and 24×45 respectively. Though these values might vary a lot, you change the width and length values keeping the overall same.

Well, this is just the overview of their measurements. To land with the accurate size of the garage, you need to have a clear concept of this.

2 car:

First of all, the two-car garage is one of the most common types of garages. The rules to be followed are that their width and length must be greater than 20 feet. Don’t compromise and take the lowest size – 20×20 feet. It would only cramp your cars.

Thus, a wider size is always recommended. Even 22 feet and 24 feet are more comfortable for your cars. However, putting all this into account the standard sizes providing adequate space are 20×30, 25×25, and 24×26 feet.

3 car:

Then, don’t jump into three-car ones. You also might need to bother with the space needed for the two-and-a-half-car garage.

The general size for this would be 26×20 feet. This is the ideal size for keeping two cars plus other stuff like motorcycles. Also, 26×25 and 28×30 feet are the available solutions for homeowners.

Next, the three-cars garage took at least 9 feet for one door, and 16 feet for both doors. For this reason, the architects prefer a size of 36×28 feet for a perfect garage for three cars.

However, if your one is not that perfect size, look for the sizes 32×24 and 36×24. They are widely available as well as fulfill your every need.

4 car:

Things become a bit tough for the one who has 4 cars or more. The dimension of the garage needs to be exceptionally large. Furthermore, it also might need to be renovated sometimes to fit the requirement.

Most people suggest having a garage of 40×20 feet for four cars. Fair assumption, indeed! But, having a bigger one than this like 45×20 is way more spacious and makes the work easier.

As this type of garage is less common and people often use this for workshops, you will find no popular size for this. Nonetheless, if you want to keep the cars parallelly in two rows then this is the best one.

Besides, you can always renovate or rebuild the garage according to your necessity. In that way keeping the cars there becomes easier and better.

Well, that’s kind of the inside-out of the measurements one can maintain in order to come up with the perfect garage dimension. But how about the door size?

To be precise the door size matters a lot. And varying with the number of cars the dimension of the door can change vastly.

For instance, for one car you can use a door with a width of 8 to 10 feet. But, if you want to drive two cars at the same time from a single door, it is better to have a width of 16 to 19 feet.

Luckily, the lengths of the door do not exhibit such differences as most of the cars have the same heights. Regardless, if it is an RV one, you might need to adjust the door length.

What is the code for oversized garage dimensions?

The code for the oversized garage dimension is made to help the users get the right and appropriate values for their homes. But the point is sometimes it is hard to follow them due to a lack of knowledge.

Keeping in mind all these variations, trying to follow the codes really does help the users to understand what they are going to face in the future. And, of course, this tells us how many problems can arise.

According to the placement code, the width and length will be 12 and 20 respectively. And the door width should be between eight to ten feet. Remember it is for only one car garage.

For the two cars, the dimension will be greater. Yes, as the placement codes suggest, the width should be between 18 to 20 feet and the length would be 20 to 24 feet. Don’t worry about the door width – it would be double.

The three-car garages tend to have more dimension, for sure. Mostly, they have 26×20 or 28×24 feet to provide the most spacious areas.

However, the door width can vary according to your wish. If you want a single-door garage, the code suggests the width of the door of the one-car garage. And for double, the two-car garage door dimensions.

Lastly, for the four cars, the width can be as highest as 36 and the lengths can be 38 according to the placement codes. Suggestions from there would help you to get a perfect-sized garage.

5 factors that affect the oversized garage dimensions

Though there are myriad placement codes for the garage dimensions, there still remains a lot of confusion. Due to several factors, the dimensions might change, leaving people in utter hassle.

Thus, the experts take all factors into consideration and come up with the best solution. To do that, you, at first, need to have a clearer idea of those criteria and how they affect the oversized garage dimensions.

Quantity of Vehicles:

The number of vehicles is the main factor to come up with an accurate measurement. If the quantity of vehicles is greater, you just need to have more widths and lengths for your garage and vice versa.

Type of vehicles:

The type of vehicle is also crucial as this determines its size of it. As the vehicle may be anything from a bicycle or motorcycle to cars and trucks, you need to have the proper idea of how much length and breadth it would cover.

Type of garage:

The garage can be of two types – attached and detached. Therefore, you know the pros and cons of both garages. Neither can be your match.

Storage capacity:

Most homeowners use garages to store other essential stuff rather than just the car. For them, a bigger garage with lots of capacity is needed. Therefore, the code might have to bend to fulfill such wishes.

Extra Usage:

A lot of the time, garages are used as a workshop. They are used for doing DIY projects, and personal projects. So, if you are someone having such passion, you should take a greater room for the garage.

How to build an oversized garage?

Building an oversized garage is not so easy to deal with. But the work can be easily completed without any professional help. You just need a detailed overview of the steps to build it.

Plan the structure:

Unleash your creative mind and find one of the best structures that you want in your house. Plus, you can also use software to generate a mind-blowing idea.

Build a foundation:

Pour the appropriate amount of concrete into the area you want to apply. Don’t move according to your wish. Follow the placement codes and form the base of the garage as per the requirement.

Basic framing:

After the base, you need to worry about the framing. Obviously, you need a handful of tools for this.

Measure each wall, and space for the windows and accurately mark those areas. After the framing, you can actually move to the application part.

Give Roofing:

Now it is time for the roofing. You need to gather the perfect materials that you will be needing for this. Use all the tools you will need to come up with the perfect one.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, if you are planning to build a garage, try to follow the codes for an oversized garage. For two cars take up to 24×26 feet; no more is needed. Otherwise, for 3 and 4 cars, you can take up to 36×28 or 45×24 feet. Although these codes are recommended, you can change them as your needs.